Jade: Chapter 2


Previously, Jade took half the family and moved to Island Paradise.  She then had her YA birthday, met and married the super childish Albert.  Boobies were seen, kitties were born and there was a lot of woohoo…and fails.  We left off with a just barely pregnant Jade.

Then life, Midnight Hollow, patch 1.63 and ITF happened.   Some shots are missing due to who knows what, so we missed a lot of stuff.  It’s been so long (Sept. 9 to be exact), that I actually need to open the game to figure out who is doing what and why.


I feel bad that you missed the boring segment of her pregnancy.  Nothing major happened except the birth of triplets, Jade unlocked a hidden island and then moved the family on to it.


Jez plays mom to the three fairy babies.  They are Taffeta, Silk and only boy, Damask.


And Bessie.


Nothing happens except the babies constantly crying and upsetting the whole house.


Which doesn’t change one bit when they age up.  This is Taffeta Swirl.


Brother (sporting girl hair) Damask.


And Silk Velveteen.


Jade: “Woohoo!  Skilling aides!”


Jade: “Just give me the milk, Bess!”


It’s pretty bad when you have to fight your dad for the toys.


Jade: “Would it kill you to help?”
Albert: “Sorry, no auto potty.”


One by one the tots learn to potty.  (dark blue wings are Taffeta and Damask).


That is definitely an “I peed myself” animation.



This is not going to go well, is it?


Jade, go feed your kids!
Jade: “Eating.  Come back later.”


Tyr!  They are hungry, not tired!
Tyr: “It’s after 9.  They just go to bed without eating then.”


Tyr than goes and gets all great-grandfatherly.



I have to imagine that Jez is locked in a closet and Jade and Caramel are at work.


Or not.


They finally got them all fed and put to bed, only for the poops to hit the kids.  Now they won’t go to sleep because they stink.


Oh, I remember.  Jade is too depressed, tired, hungry and lonely to deal with her kids.


Then they all line up to wake the kids to play with them, which reminds them that it’s time for breakfast.


Albert: “Just hold on.  I’ll feed you when I remember that you’re there.”


Albert, Tyr, Jade: “Stop screaming!”
Damask: “FEED ME!”
Taffeta: “Pway wif me!”


I can’t even tell who passed out!   -5 for them though.


Dammit!  Taffeta – 5


Blue wings is Silk – 5


Jade starts screaming at the walls to entertain herself while her kids pass out everywhere except their beds.


Jade -5


I hate these kids.


Your kids are screaming!
Albert: “He shoots!  He scores!  The Llamas win the championship!”


Jade is pretty much the only one going to work (takes 900 hours by boat), and takes care of the kids.  She is basically a mess all the time.


Even the cats are having issues.


I can’t wait until they age up.  Jade is about near death at this point.  Tyr and Jez are in their own little love fest elsewhere.  Albert is useless.  Caramel is an ass.


Social worker!  We lost the cats Sad smile


I think Albert got woken up, so after screaming at them, he fed at least one.

-5 Jade.


Jade *dreams of a  new house without kids*

At least she found her bed.


Hello plumbob!

Albert: “So damned hungry”
Well go eat!  There is a ton of food in the fridge!


Albert: “I’m too stupid to go downstairs and find lifesaving nourishment!”


You have got to be shitting me!



I hate this chapter.  No wonder I never got around to posting it.


Let’s all gather in the bathroom and watch Caramel play guitar.

Tyr: “This is way too fun stop and go eat!”
Jez and Jade: “Don’t you dare die!”


Triplets: “Put us to bed before we cause more negative points!”


Taffeta: “Or not”   -5


Jade: “Let them pass out.  My fun bar died.  Leave me alone.”


Jade: “Oh this is even more fun!”
Tyr: “Albert!  (sob)”
Jez: *yawn* “This is way better than sleep.”


Damn you!  I see those Z’s.  -5


Times 2!


You’re not crying!  Are you broken?
Triplets: “Shut up!”


That’s better.


Yes!  The music of screams is back flowing through the house and ruining everyone’s life.


Taff!  -5




Tyr: *sob* “Albert!”
Jez: “Damn you!  I finally found my bed!”
Taff: “I hungwy again.”


Taffeta: “And now I seepy!”


So I chopped them all in half!


Okay not really!  Triple fail!


Triple fail?  I wonder if that puts us in triple digits yet.  Have I mentioned that I hate these kids yet?




I have no clue what Tyr is doing, but he’s about to rain down a social worker on our heads again.


Jade refuses to do anything until she has some fun.


Two more fails and more hunger.



Add another fail, but at least she ate!



Triple potty time for the triple assholes.


Fucktard.  -5


I hate you too.



Jez is completely useless lately.  Clean or something!


Last toddler shot before I kill them off.


Okay, not really.





I assigned them beds and they figured it out on their own.  I also realize that Silk has no pic.


I really don’t care if you live or die at this point.  Fix it at your own risk.


Paparazzi death.


Grim!  Glad to see you again…not.

I can’t wait to tally up this mess!

Self-wettings: 4 (2)
Pass outs: 20 (Surprised smile in one update!)
Failing school:
Fires: 1
Accidental Death: 1
Social Worker Visit: 1 (tallied per cat)

Birth: 1
Twin Birth:
Triplet Birth: 1
LTW Completion:
School Honor Roll:
Every $100k:  3

Next, we head back to Sage in Dragon Valley.  His pics were taken in August!  Hope it’s not as bas as this one!  (not sure I handle 24 fails in one go again).

18 thoughts on “Jade: Chapter 2

  1. That was a train wreck of amazing proportions. You get an ISBI gold star for surviving it. When I saw the passed-out toddler impaled on the potty, I nearly lost it. When I saw all three toddlers passed out through the wall I did lose it.

    BTW: Black Hole is FINALLY going to make an entrance in the Wonderlands — well, when I post, but not yet.

    • Ha! I forgot how bad that play session was until I started going through the pics.

      I’m not sure I can ever play them again. I detest those evil little brats. I think that’s why I haven’t updated in months. I did Sage’s chapter last night too and it was pretty decent. It posts next week, so hopefully I can get back to Jade without killing them all.

      • I find toddlers boring as hell when I can control all the adults in the house. I did OK with twins with my ISBI but live in fear of triplets. I’d think that once they are children and can go to bed and feed themselves, they’ll be OK. And it looks like Jade won’t be having any more kids soon. Poor Albert. Died of his own self-destructive idiocy.

      • I was so mad. Albert was dreaming of food!

        Yes, I am glad the kids are older now. I am hoping that means less problems when I actually load the game up to play.

        I do fine with toddlers when I can control the adults, but with Jade having a 5 hour commute to work, I couldn’t do anything. I am probably going to have to move them off that damn island.

      • Routine Machine would do it. What’s wrong with LLAMAs and subways? Seems like if you want to live in a remote place without a long commute, that’s the way to go.

  2. O.o Wowsers! Those are some high maintenance triplets! lol I hear you on not wanting more mods in the game, maybe you could get them all hover boards, and then count the death tally as they crash into the ground, lol 😛
    Hopefully things will get better for them now that the triplets are older! =)

  3. Oh dear – I officially am grateful for having survived my triplets without this kind of failtastrophe. And Albert! Dead! :-O
    I must admit I laughed! Damask is awesome looking. I’m still getting caught up, but I love it!

  4. I just finished reading and love this ISBI. I laughed so hard at this hold chapter, I’d never be able to handle triplets at least not that act that bad and failfilled. I give you kudos for doing it! Can’t wait to see more from this family!

  5. OMG, I cannot believe an idiot sim was, well, such an idiot. Dying of hunger? It takes multiple days without food for that! I blame Jez. Jez is responsible for everything bad that happened in that house *nod*

  6. memi35 says:

    No! Not the kittehs!

    Don’t think I’ve ever had a sim accidentally die of hunger. I mean really, it takes like 2 or 3 days without food for that.

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