Jade: Chapter 4


Last time, the house moved to the mainland, the kids got makeovers and constantly begged for stories.  Taffeta also had it in for Great-Grandpa Tyr and the two are pretty close to enemy territory.  The three fails for last time all belonged to Taffeta.


Jade: “Hello?  Hello?  I said that I want to get rid of my kids!”
Well, that’s a great way to end the last update and start this one.  Geez.
Jade: “It’s only boarding school and it will only be for a few days.  I just wanted to get a ton of happy points.”


Taffeta: “Grandpa, you are mean!  I want a story!”






Tyr: “I have never, ever seen a more horrid little brat in my entire life.  I will never read you a story.  Get away from me!”


Taffeta: “You dare speak to me that way?”


Tyr: “Yes, I do dare.  Now go work on more skills.  Preferably ones that take you a million miles away.”


Taffeta: “Fine, but fishing isn’t my thing.  I will go hone my murderous rampage skills.  I am sure there are small animals somewhere for me to experiment on.”


Jez: “Silk, your dancing skills are superb!  You will definitely have to teach me your latest moves.”
Silk: “Okay, Grandma!  I’m sure someone your age can get the hang of it.”


I don’t think grandpa Tyr meant for you to hone your dancing skills, but at least no animals were harmed in the meantime.
Taffeta: “Only because I couldn’t find any.” Devil

screenshot-119.3 Screenshot-119.4

And no one ever believes my sims are allowed to be happy…Proof that I allowed at least one couple!


I needed more excitement in my day, so I let the IF’s out of the inventories.  Only Taffeta’s remained still.  Hateful little girl.


Tyr: “I would have bet cash that Silk was the sane one.  Please don’t let it be Taffeta.”


Damask: “You have got to leave!  I can’t pee with you watching!  Eww!”


Taffeta: “Hi, Grandpa!  How is your day?”
Tyr: “Is this a trick question?”


Jade: “Okay, Emit.  Here’s the deal.  My kids will be gone soon and now it’s time to go forth and explore the future.”
Emit: “You’re absolutely stunning.  Are you single?”


Jade: “Why yes, yes I am.  I was married but that asshole died of starvation even though we had a houseful of food.”


Emit: “Come back!  I want to know your sign!”
Jade: *collects power cells*


Emit: “Please stop running!  I need to know your sign!”


Silk:  “Food!”
Taffeta: “Story!”
Jades: *hides*


Jade: “Fine, now that you know my sign, can you go away?  My kids just refuse to leave and I need to hide before I get stuck in a rut of bedtime stories.”


Winter comes to Isla Paradiso.


Jade had wished for a butler.  So, she got one.


Jade: “You’re fired!”
Nameless Butler: “What?  You can’t do that!”
Jade: “Watch me!  I have 3 starving kids and all you have done is left uncooked food all over my house!  Get out!”


Nameless Butler: “I can’t cook under these conditions!  The stress of 7 people demanding food is too much for me!”
Jade: “Then just leave!  I will make sure you never work in this town again!”


Nameless Butler: “Please, don’t do that!”


Later, Jade went to a party and all she did was drink.  I don’t blame her one bit.


Jez: “It’s like I am seeing you for the first time, Tyr.  You really are one hot old man!”
Tyr: “If I wasn’t so tired, I’d show you what this old man could do.”


Jade: “Haven’t you brats left yet?”
Taffeta: “Mom!  Stop calling us names!”


Damask: “Are you ever going to feed us?”


Damask: “Screw it.  I am booking myself into the nearest resort.”


Taffeta: “Grandpa, now that I have my story, I might let you live.  Your voice is music to my ears.”
Tyr: “…and the evil little girl was never heard from again.  The End.”


Taffeta: “Hahaha!  Grandpa  you’re so funny!  Everyone knows that evil little girls come back and kill the people that were mean to her!”


Taffeta: “I mean seriously, there is nowhere in the world that you could hide from me.. um.  I mean evil little girls.
Try: “Boy, I sure am tired.  Scoot along, Taff.  I want my bed.”


Silk: “Why does Taffeta get awesome books, but you read me baby ones.”
Jade: “Taffeta is a disturbed individual.  I shall shelter you from all that is bad in the world even if we both have to suffer through this baby drivel.”


Jade: “Now look at the damn pictures and then go to bed.”


Full moon bloom still sucks ass, but at least they are all asleep in their own beds for once.


Jade: “Albert!  So nice of you to finally haunt!”
Albert: “You starved me.”  *sobs*
Jade: “Actually, you starved yourself.”


Albert: “Honey! C’mere!”




Jade: “That was great fun, babe.  I say we do this all the time.”


Albert: “Sounds like a plan to me!”


Albert: “What the hell happened to the kitchen?”
Jade: “The butler did it.  I am slowly trying to cook all her left out shit.”


Albert: “I feel like I am going to re-die of starvation.  I better help out and cook something too.”
Jade: “Re-die?  Is that even a word?”
Albert: “It is now.”


Albert may really want to re-die if he chose to eat outside in the dead of winter.


Albert is eating outside.   So, let’s see what ghost couple pops out of here.


Well, that was unexpected.


Jade went out to feed the chickens and play with the chicks.


Then fed Bessie and got some chocolate milk.


After getting a chocolate fix, she was able to tackle the dead trash compactor.


With the kids now gone, Jez was left to her own devices.  No bedtime stories to read means that she can spend more time playing Need for Speed.


Caramel’s first appearance is at the science lab.  He mostly worked and played guitar at work.


Jez killed the laptop.  Jade had to fix it.
Jade: “I have to say this.  With the kids gone, this place is boring as hell.”
I couldn’t agree more.


Jade: “Let’s get out of here guys!”

Next time, we will see them head off to the future and the EPIC surprise that is in store for us there.  I had to cut this off here, because the family is sort of stuck in the future.  The game freezes up when they try to come home.   I am sure it has to do with going to the future with three people and trying to return with 20.

No fails means no updated scoring.  The latest one on the scoring page still stands for now.


7 thoughts on “Jade: Chapter 4

    1. Hahaha! I wish I didn’t know either. Although, the way things are going with the return trip, I might have to go the save prior. I have tried several times and it just hangs on the return screen. I saved when they got to the future and right before they left, so I will keep trying.

  1. How nice to see Albert again—he took the easy way out by dying of starvation though, lol Any ghost babies in the future? =D
    Taffeta is quite a kid! Haha—read her a book or ELSE. I have found it is quite boring without a ton of kids running around too. I have to have lots of sims in the household, and lots going on, or…I get bored and move on something else!
    Yay for no fails, boo for getting stuck in the future! Only one of your sims would try to come back with twenty more sims, lol 😛

    1. Damn that Albert! Ghost babies – You’ll have to wait and see!
      Taffeta is a mess! I love her!
      Yes, I get bored so easily and I lose my way. The split really shook things up and I have given it a lot of attention this month. Sage’s generation will end on Tuesday already..as long as it posts on schedule.
      My sims are idiots. Who goes to the future with 3 people and tries to bring back their own baseball team? My sims. That’s who!. Ugh!

  2. Lol. You come back with 20 sims? I’m not sure if I’m scared or excited.

    And I completely understand getting bored without the kids. That’s one of the reasons I like challenges that involve lots of sims. the fun doubles when you can’t control the sims.

    To give this desired effect, I recently started a ISBI 100 Baby challenge morph. Considering how bad things get with the toddlers in you game, I’m scared.

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