Sage: Chapter 5


I should be able to get a Chapter 6 out as well this week as well.  We’ll see how it goes with Jade.  As of right now, Sage’s generation is completely done/at a standstill.

Last time, Sage went to the future and brought home a plumbot, IT-89, had his twins taken by the social worker and three kittens were born.  Gummi passed on to the big cat jungle in the sky too.  Milk Dud aged up to teen and might be Sage’s heir be default.


Speaking of Dud, he is addicted to the sandbox.  He’s always in it.


Susie: “I’m so old now.”


She is so intent on checking out her wrinkles, that she forgot to pee while she was in there.  She remembered too late to do anything about it.  -5.


The tourist went to the same exact spot and did the same thing.  That’s probably why he wants to flirt with her.


He gets it done and moves on to the next Midlife Crisis wish.


Susie still embarrassed about her little accident was ill prepared for Sage’s next move.


Sage: “I can’t handle public displays of peeing!  I’m through with you!”


Susie: “I’m supposed to care?”


Meanwhile, IT is proving that plumbots are a huge upgrade to simbots.  These guys love water.


Sage: “I am so upset with myself.”

Not my problem.  You are the one that wanted a divorce.


Susie: “I am ready to move out.  Find me a house for me and two kittens.  Thanks.”

I found out that she was having a midlife crisis too and also had a want for a divorce.   Apparently they took a relationship hit with the kid removal.  They were well into the pink.


Sage randomly wanted to become enemies with Sarah Dolan.  So he did.


He hates his job, but he loves to work out.  Go figure.


I caught Dud doing dishes!


It’s prom night, so he got himself all minty fresh for his date with Tory.


Who I felt needed to look his best for Dud.


They seemed a bit awkward on the ride in, but at least Dud went.  I was worried.









While at prom, the kitten we kept became an adult.  This is Flask.  His siblings were Jug and Carton.  He is Clueless and Non-Destructive.





Some more random Prom stuffs.


Sage basically just worked out the whole night.


IT is addicted to the computer.


While IT recharges for more computer gaming time, Dud shows off a recent athletic trait, I think for Teen birthday.



As a late birthday present, Sage takes Dud to the future.


Milk Dud’s descendants remind me of Tory.  I am left to ponder that.  Up til now the Tart’s were my only full hetero legacy/challenge.  I guess Dud is breaking that down for us.


I was sort of bummed that he came all this way just to read books.


..and sleep.


…and work out.


Then I noticed he wanted attention from dad, so I had Sage chat with him for a bit.


Sage wanted to up his Kama Simtra skill, so we scoped out the bedmate options and found Sophie Dwyer.


He met up with her and chatted her up a bit.


But then she ran off.  Sage had to chase her down.


She was very receptive to his charms.


Also on his radar was Fiona O’Reilly.


He found out her sign before the Bot Invasion destroyed the land…


Poor Dud was left to play video games and chat with Emit.


I lol’d at her shirt, but she proves it to be a true story.



They then spent the night in a shared dream.


The next day, it was Sophie’s turn on her back.



They too had a shared dream.


Later that night, concerned for Dud’s social life, Sage accepted an invite to a party.  Sadly, Dud chose to go off by himself to play chess.


I do have it so that both of them use the hoverboard wherever they go.


Dud got back in time for his hunger to kick in.  He hunted for three levels for an unoccupied seat.   Dud hates public housing.


Sage decided to write both of his lady friends love letters.  He’s such a slut.


Dud is constantly working out.  I have never seen anything like it.


Sage: “Father-son time?  Why are you making us do this?”
Because you both are driving me to boredom.  Do something together dammit.


The toured around town for a while then hit up the restaurant for dinner.


After dinner, Sage decided that community living was too much for his loner son and bought them a house.


Dud was super excited about not having to fight for a bed anymore.


The only ones not happy about this development were the Botarazzi’s.


It was another banner day of father-son time.  This time they were on a mission of great importance.


Sage: “You saw that I wanted to look at it, jerk.  Get out of my way!”


Sage ended up at the next station over.  Boy, was he glad of it too.  Dial-Up then joins the family.


Batul: “Omg!  It’s a Tart!  Yay!”

Sage briefly thought of adding her to his stable of women, but she was happily married with kids.


After that party, they all flew home.


Sage: “JERKS!”

First Dial-up ran over Sage and knocked him over, then Dud came up and did the same thing.  I was lol’ing all over the place.


Later on, all three collided and Dud had a really bad time of it.


Dammit, Dud.  You are obsessed.


So, I sent them for a family picture.


I finally had enough and sent them all home.

Then all my programs all up and shut down.  I hate to end this here, but I have to investigate.  I have a bad feeling that I will be reformatting this week…again.  Just did it a couple of months ago.  This sucks.

Next time, Sage gets a shock and we find out that everyone in town aged up while they were gone. D:<

Self-wettings: 6
Pass outs: 7
Failing school:
Accidental Death: 1
Social Worker Visit:  1

Birth: 2
Twin Birth: 1
Triplet Birth:
LTW Completion:
School Honor Roll:
Every $100k: 3

7 thoughts on “Sage: Chapter 5

  1. weird…that is some glitch as no one is supposed to age

    The descendents are very … fluid. If Dud were to break up with Tony now and find someone else his decedents would look like them. It’s really more of a sneak peek of what one gen away would look like if it stays on the current path. And that is the key phrase: the current path.

    Still, even if the concept doesn’t quite work as realistic so to speak, its a neat idea. I think they should randomly generate one or two more sims’ genetics for the mix so it looks more than one generation away but I still like it.

    • Jade’s glitch is even worse! I tried to get her home from the future last night and succeeded. Silk was YA. Taffeta and Damask were teens. I had to replay it from the future. Two were YA and one was a teen. I did have a save tucked away from before the future, so I might have to revert to that and either take the whole family to the future or just not go at all.

      Yes, I figured it was a sneak peek. My sims never usually have descendants anyway. Tyrian and Jezebel’s are clones of Tyrian and Charlie…it was strange! Jade’s descendants looked adorable, so I binned them.

  2. Haha, I doubt I could give up any of the EPs either, though I like them all for different reasons. Milk Dud is a cutie, he’s not much of a partier though!

    That shirt was perfect, lol At least she’s at peace with who she is! I’m worried about that ominous shock Sage receives…

  3. I love ITF! Considering actually taking some sims and staying there for longer than a few days. It’s boring when I only take one, though they can get a *lot* of stuff done.

    I’m not sure about the ‘no aging’ thing for the future; my WYDC mother was able to have a proper pregnancy with no issues, so maybe time still passes in the future?

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