Two Year Tartiversary

I can’t believe that the Tart’s turn 2 today and they are still only in Generation 6 (well the last chapter of it anyway).  I know a lot of you have big productions for your anniversaries, but I am definitely not creative enough for that crap.

Instead, I built a small home for you all, which is pretty impressive since I don’t build for that well.

It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and an unfinished second floor, which could easily have a bedroom and another bath built in or even just have it as a skilling room.   It is on a 20×30 lot built next door to the Frio house in Sunset Valley.  It costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $80,000.

No CC is involved, but I did use a ton of store items, which will be replaced if you do not have the same items.  I will list the items at the end.



The house is set up so that there is no set front or back.  It was built with the top pic as the front though.


Master Bed


Which leads into the master bath.


Across the hall is a kid/nursery.


The second bathroom could only be seen from the window…a window which should be white.  Darn it.


The living room area.


The kitchen.



Night view.


The upper sundeck is using the Tiki Outdoor set.  The unfinished room is fairly large.


Overhead view of the main house.


Close up of the bath and laundry.

This is very sparsely decorated.  I leave all that good stuff up to you.

I own all SP’s, EP’s, Worlds, Venues, and almost 90% of the store.

EmpireLine Larder, dishwasher, microwave.
Excessinator Stove.
Ultra Lounge Trash Compactor
Bayside Washer and Dryer.
Mid-Century Modern sinkomatic
Aurora Lushstyle Wall Mirror
Williams Sconce
On the Up and Up Ceiling Light
MonoModerne Toilet
Beach Party Bar
Popsicle Ceiling Light
Nantucket Fence
The Sims Classic Forever Potted Plant
Duke’s Dining Table
Of the Sea Wall Shelf
Ceiling Torchiere
Romantique Dining Chair
Fantasy Activity Table
Descend from Above Staircase
Overachieving Counter
City Never Sleeps
Beach Party Barstool
Potted Orchids Divine
Little Princess Dresser
Hydrocombo Spa
Hydrocombo sink
Final Moments Lounge from Nothing Atoll
Vorn Sink
Porterman Glass Door
Sun, Surf and Sand Dresser
Blue Treasure Toy Box
Relative Clock
Franny Bunny Light
Animal Friends Wall Mirror
Hoisted Terra Vineyard Vase
India Dreams Light

Beachcomber – Sims3pack
Beachcomber – Library file.

Thanks for reading for the past two years.  Now let’s hope it does not take another two to get them the rest of the way.


6 thoughts on “Two Year Tartiversary

    • Yay! I have snow outside on the ground too! More tomorrow. Here, I found out that the snow moves in the direction of your mouse. That kept me occupied for about 2 minutes..haha!

      Thank you! Let’s hope it doesn’t take 2 more to get them 10 generations!

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