Generation 6: Scoring, Decisions and the Merge…Finally


My simself is on hand for the official announcement.

Although Angel Food rolled Insane, which would normally lock her in for heiress, Sage’s side of the Generation won in the points department.  I stated at the beginning that the best score at the end wins.   All points for Sage and Jade were tabulated and added into the official scoring for the first 5 generations.





Overall Score:

End of Gen. 6 score
These are now showing on the scoring page.

Milk Dud will be heir and start with negative points.


Jade: “This is a load of bull!  My daughter defaulted into that position with a trait roll!”
Jen: “Please wait until later to submit any complaints to the ‘I don’t give a damn’ department.”


Sage: “Maybe if you had not had so many fails, you would have an heiress.  My side did a great job and Milk Dud has earned the heirdom!”


Fiona: “My child should have a chance to be born and chosen too!”
Milk Dud: “Be quiet, evil cow.  I gladly accept the heirship!”


Tyr: “I am really glad we will be able to finish out our lives in the active house. I sure hope we can earn our family points by topping our careers and getting our LTW.”
Jez: “Speak for yourself.  I am done with my LTW and my education career is stuck at level 4.”
Caramel: “I am not sure I want to be in the active household anymore.  I still can’t believe that Sage let his mother die.  He should be in jail!”


Jez: “Don’t forget the babies!  He lost two of his babies!  The Horror!”
Sage: “Hey!  Not only did Jade watch her husband die, she lost all the cats!”
Jez: “This is why neither of you are invited into the new active household.  You are both pathetic excuses for grandchildren!”  “I sure hope you do a better job, Duds.  Great-Grandpa and I will haunt you forever if you don’t.”


Sim!Me: “Need I remind you that you watched not only Peach die, but also your own husband?  How about the fact that you had to bring Tyrian back because you watched your own child lose her kids!  You really have no room to talk.  This is one screwed up family!”


Sim!Me: “That’s enough, everyone!  Milk Dud, the heirship and responsibility of the family is yours. Along with all the combined money, graves and cats.  It is up to you to bring the family name out of the mud of the past two generations and restore it to a glory it has never before seen.”
Dud: “Um.  Okay?”
Sim!Me: “Now we must find a place for you all to live.”

*Note: This sadly has been ready and waiting to post since February.  The scheduler failed and I just now noticed.  Also, my sims 3 game is sick and I have not played it in months.  Generation 7 will be on hiatus until I can fix the stupid game.*


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