Family Update and Poll Results

Since there really was no more votes in the past 24 hours, I closed it up.  The tie is basically going to be allowed.  I will restart Generation 6 for the first part of the tie.

I went to Dragon Valley and extracted Susie what’s her face and then to Isla Paradiso and extracted the homeless sim, Albert Lozano. Because I am not repeating or even trying to recreate the generation, but basically just pretend we never went through this, both Susie and Albert were altered (a little bit genetically, but mostly colorized).  They will be added to the town, but Sage and Jade will have to woo them all over again (or find someone new).  Also, the twins will both be back to their original fairy status as will everyone else (except Tyr).

I will be going in game to age up the rest of the family (I used YA Sage and Jade from my studio) so that Cola Fizz is the older sibling again as he is still a teen in game.

I will be deleting Generation 6’s scoring and starting over from scratch. There will not be a split town generation this time around, but Jade and Sage will still be the heirs.  I will control both sims, but not their respective families.

The original Generation 6 will be split off, but left for anyone interested in reading how it went on.  The New Generation 6 will start within the week…well that’s the goal anyway.  I have lost all CC, so I have to make everyone over.


2 thoughts on “Family Update and Poll Results

  1. Well, I’m glad you have an action plan and that it’s going to work out! I’m so sorry so much is lost, but at least it’s documented! Simmers who blog have never lost it all 🙂 Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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