Chapter 0


Let’s start with re-introductions.  This is Jezebel Tart, spouse to the Generation 4 Heir, Tyrian Twilight.


This is the Generation 5 Heiress, Fruit Parfait.  If you recall, she took over as a teen when Tyrian died.


The save I found on a back-up DVD was at this point in the game.  Technically, Sage and Jade took over that next chapter and that was posted over a year ago.


Steps taken: Jez and Tyrian were aged to full adult.  Fruit Parfait was aged up like 80 days.  Sage and Jade were aged up to YA.


Cola Fizz was aged up to YA also, but since he was the oldest, I made him around 4 days older than the twins.


Cookie and Gummi are either just about to hit elder, or are elder already.  The cat heir is Pixel.


Blizzard was added as a mate.


They moved to Aelview using a berry save..


Caramel Tart was tracked down and added back into the family tree.


Susie Sackholme and Albert Lozano were tracked down in Dragon Valley and Isla Paradiso.  Whether Sage and Jade remarry them or not is up to them.  The goal is not to copy lost generation, but also give them a chance to be happy with or without their last spouses.  Albert does prove to be elusive on a very small island.  It was several days before he was spotted.

In case you forgot, a long time ago, Jez, Fruit Parfait, Cola Fizz, Sage and Jade were all fairies.  When Generation 6 started the first time, I got rid of their occult status (and resurrected Tyrian).  This time I am not, going to bother.


They started off in a different house, but ended up evicting the household that lived here and took it over.  It ended up being completely empty anyway.  The previous owners were moved into a fully furnished house.


With the loss of all the skin for the purple haired ones, Cola Fizz went from icky to hot in 2.2 seconds.  That does not stop him from hunting down his mom and complaining about everything in the world.


Decorating is not even undertaken yet, so just ignore it.   My biggest problem right now is that everyone is hungry, but will not wait until Jade finishes cooking.  With only one stove, everyone starts to prepare something, but then wanders off seconds later.  Poor Jade will have to cook it all.


Blizzard is settling in.  It’s almost time for him to meet Pixel.


Sage: “Who needs a woman when I can love this chair.”

o.O Moving right along.


Blizzard tackled Pixel.  Good first impression…I guess.


Pixel is smiling!  So cute.

I also realized that no one put food in the dishes.  Poor Blizzard was starving.


Aha, apparently Cookie is an elder.  She and Gummi pretty much are inseparable and stay out of the limelight.


Cola has no intention of moving out.  Or so he thinks.


The save file creator never put in the Stadium, so poor Sage wanted to be a fireman instead.  He will switch jobs as soon as I switch out the school for a combo version.


Cola’s one YA interaction was to get a job in Science.  As soon as he was hired, it was time for graduation.


The women of the family decided to hang out outside and starve.


While everyone was trapped at City Hall, I took a gander around town.  I did not download all the custom skins, so half the town got reskinned.  This girl is adorable.  Sage might just have to greet her one day.


Cola Fizz was (I think) named Most Likely to Never Leave the House.    LOL


FP: “Quit looking at me!   I’ll kick your ass!”


Tree: *stares silently*


Jade: “Oh hotdog, I love you.”
I sent Jade to the park in the hopes of finding Albert.  All she found was a hotdog and a snake.
Snake: “Sssss”


Sage: “This job is awesome!  I sit around for 8 hours and play video games and eat ice cream!”


Person with no name: “Oh simgods, I would love to have skin!”


Eek, she’s adorable!  I wonder how Sage would like to start a harem.  So many cute girls in this town.


FP!  Go home!  You have already died of starvation once and I would prefer to not have a repeat.
FP: “But he’s so cute!”


Man: “Wow, you’re really hot, but maybe you should go eat or something.”

Hey! Wait! Stop!


It’s Albert!  I finally found you!
Albert: “Weirdo, leave me alone!”  *runs away*


Jade is pretty boring.  She is left to freewill since she has no interest in anything.  Do you even have a job?
Jade: “Yep.  I still have my music.”


Hey, Jez!  Tyrian finally let you up for air?
Tyrian and Jez have been making out in every room of the house.  Gummi and Cookie proving to be inseparable too.


Well, look what the cat dragged in.  Hurry up and find food!


Hard day sitting on your ass playing video games?
Sage: “Back off.  It was very stressful tuning up the fire engine that whole 1%.”

Sage then proceeded to drink for the rest of the evening.


Aww, my poor baby!  Did you get lost on the way to the litter box?
Blizzard: “Merow!”
Oh.  Apparently I have one litter box for four cats.  There was a line for it.


Sage: “Blizzard did it!”

First official human fail.  -5


Sage: *grumbles* “I don’t want to mop up the pee!”



Cute, but can you two please find something to do besides each other?


Cola: *sings and dances* “I’m still here and I ain’t ever leavin’”


Sage: “Water on!”
Sanitizer: “watches in glee*
Sage: “Um.  Cleanse me, oh God of cleanliness.”
Sanitizer: *waits*


Tyrian: “BOOOOO!”
Sages: *stabs Tyr*
Sanitizer: *howls in laughter*


Sanitizer: *full blast”
Tyr: “Hurry everyone!  It’s jump rope time!  You don’t mind being the rope, right?”
Sage: “Do I have a choice?”


Jez and Tyr, still making out everywhere.
The focus is actually the cakes.  I found 23 cakes in the family inventory.  I also found enough crap to sell to make $500 million trillion dollars.


FP got this and I died.  I clicked yes, so I hope it goes well.


I did not stick around.  At least he actually showed up though.  They seemed to chat for a bit.


Everyone has fleas.  Good thing this was one of the items stashed in the inventory.

Blizzard: “Dude, that was shocking and awesome!”


*dies of shock*  Jade acutally did something!
Jade: “Nope.  Grandma did.”
Seriously?  How did Jez keep Tyrian off her long enough to do that?”
Jade: *shrugs*


Oh c’mon!  There has got to be something else that you want to do!
Jade: “No, now go away.”


Apparently the date failed.
FP: “I am so glad I divorced you!  I am touring the Vault of Antiquity.  Begone!”


At around the same time, Pixel and Blizzard got the playful trait.  These two play all day long all the time.


He’s not as awesome of a fireman as Fudge was, but then Twinbrook was 4 times the size of this town.  Still no fires.


The first offspring of Generation 6 will not be humans.


Gummi spends his days yowling to the music while the fleas dance.


Sage snuck out of work to meet some girls.


*dies*  So, Sage swings both ways in this version.  Too bad that one is a Paparazzi.


Sage flirts with Christal for quite a while and she was pretty receptive.  Then she took off.

Then I had to get work done, so I stopped here.  Stay tuned for the exciting next chapter.

Score (Taken from Gen. 5, Chapter 11):
Torch Holders: 6
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 56
Self-Urination: 56
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 1
Births: 35
Twin Births: 4
Triplet Births: 2
Quads: 1
Fulfilling LTW: 5
Achieving Honor Roll: 8
Times Cheated: 3
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 5
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 5
Every 100,000 dollars: 15
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


3 thoughts on “Chapter 0

  1. Alright! It’s fun to see them get re-established! I ADORE that Sim who was asking the Sim God for a skin. She’s my favorite one I’ve seen in ages! I hope she makes it around 🙂

  2. You’re right, there are a lot of pretty girls in that town! I’m so wary of CC towns and saves, but maybe I should check out some of the berry saves around.

    Let’s get some berry colouring back into the Tarts!

    1. I run all my cc and cc towns through custard. Towns are the only thing allowed in sim3pack too. I use .package files for everything, including sims, which cc cannot attach to,

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