Chapter 5


Last time, Marzipan and Banana aged up to teen, Jade gave birth to quads, and Sapphire and Christal aged up while on vacation.


We start off with a warning of the repo man.  I think this is the first time in a million years that no one has the no bills reward.  I made sure that Sage bought it right then and there.


Jade then went to clean up cat puke and then pay the $2000 in bills.  I almost did not recognize her now that she is finally out of maternity wear after what seemed like years in it.


Mochaccino is dancing.  Again.  It’s always to Chinese music too.  His favorite is Beach party, so I have no clue who changes the station.

Are you ready for some much needed introductions?  Good!
Note:  All makeovers were done later that weekend, so they will still be in their age up stuff for a few pics later on.




The only boy is Peanut Brittle.  He was asleep during his makeover, so you get one from later on (please ignore the STILL dancing Mochaccino).


Next up, in no particular order, is the girls.



The middle girl, Chai Tea.



The one sitting front is Holly Berry, who does indeed become Jade’s clone (I peeked).



The one sitting in the back is Candy Cane.   Note:  IF’s do get confiscated the second she put it away.


Marzipan:  Four more that will want stories?  Can I move out?


Luckily there will be two less kids now that Cinnamon and Mochaccino are having their birthdays.



Cinnamon look a lot like Jade.



Mochaccino is an early favorite for heir, but those traits!  I’m not sure how that will be with his YA trait of Insane.



I didn’t want Banana and Marzipan to feel left out.  Banana is another heir contender.  Marzipan and Cinnamon are questionable at this point.  So there is still a chance to bring back the purple.  I have no idea about the kids because they are at the annoying stage of bedtime stories.


So much cake.  The ages are current in the stats pics.  That means Marzipan and Banana have no real chance to bring up their grades.


I heard the music and thought for sure someone had passed out.  Dammit, Candy Cane.   How did so much pee come out of such a little girl? -5


I was sort of grossed out that her bath water had stink clouds.  She is also the last one awake in the house.  There’s always that one.


Candy Cane:  It says we are only acquaintances, but I know you’re family.  I want a story.
Fudge:  Yeah, sure kid.  I’ll go get a book and you can be stuck right here for the next 3 hours and then I will return to my grave.
CC:  Okay.


Marzipan was dreaming of Elmer and chicken legs.  I hope the kitty wasn’t choking on one!


Jade does nothing.  She eats cake and once in a while she takes off for an opportunity.  No one has gone to work still.  I think it’s Sunday, so school check will be soon.


Cinnamon:  I deserve a chance to be Queen heir.  I think there should be a competition.
Oh really?
Cinnamon:  Yes.  The one with the most skill points wins.


Mochaccino:  Did someone say skill points?
Suck up.


Any thoughts on the plan your daughter came up with?
Jade:  Nope.  I am just sort of wondering why I sent my wife a note about being too shy to tell her I love her.
You did what?
Jade:  Don’t ask me.  I didn’t write her anything.


So, what are you thoughts?
Sage: On what?
On how to decide who becomes heir.
Sage:  Oh.  That.  I don’t really care.  Can you go away now.  I’m watching the pool.
Watching it do what?
Sage:  Wait.  It’s supposed to do something?


Hummus and the others were getting lonely.  Jade did her best to get them all back green.


Are you ever gonna go to work?
Sage:  Eventually.
I swear he will be level 3 for the rest of his life.


Chai Tea:  Can I have a story, auntie?
Christal (who I can never figure out how to spell her name): Sure, kid.  Let’s go.


Marzipan and Candy Cane chat about something random.  At least everyone seems to get along!


Can’t believe how close it is for these two to skill up or get out.  I cleaned out their inventories and hung up their prom photos.


Jade:  You’re not really considering one of Sage’s spawn as heir are you?
I sure am.  Now either talk your brats into being awesome or back off.


Sage:  Told you our kids were still in the running.
Chrystal:  It’s going to be hard only having two to their six kids.
Sage:  Yeah, but we’ll be done raising them sooner.
Chrystal:  Good point.


Elmer and Hummus were being adorable.


Candy Cane:  If you’re going to clean out inventories, I demand that  you put stuff away.
I already cleaned my house.  I am not cleaning yours too.
Candy Cane:  You’re fired.



Mochaccino has a new dance companion.  Cinnamon is smustling!  It’s been awhile since I have had a smustler.
Jade Jr.:  I am so turning this crappy music off.


I thought you were turning it off.
Jade Jr.:  The tune is so catchy!  I must dance.
Sapphire:  Will my two kids please stop dancing and go skill something.  NOW!



I made it easy for everyone to find something to enjoy.  Game on!

Starting lineup:
Marzipan: 13 skill points
Banana: 10 skill points
Cinnamon:  10 skill points
Mochaccino: 13 skill points
Peanut Brittle: 5 skill points
Candy Cane: 6 skill points
Chai Tea: 5 skill points
Jade Jr.: 5 skill points


Candy Cane:  What moron decided we needed this crap!?
Mochaccino:  Woah!  There is more to life than dancing?


Peanut Brittle:  Must. Keep. Dancing.


Jade is helping Banana skill.  Oh well.  They both have to pee, get warm and get out of the rain anyway.


Inside, Hummus becomes an elder.


Elmer becomes an elder outside seconds later.


Don’t just stand there, GO!
Banana:  I’m thinking about it.  Don’t rush me.

I did see him a little while later run by.


Mochaccino is trying to rack up some points.


Cinnamon is doing her big sister duties.


Everyone else is basically standing around and either gossiping, staring off into space or yelling at someone on the phone.


Sage:  Stop it.
Marzipan:  Stop what?
Marzipan:  *stares harder*


Peanut Brittle:  Jerk!  You peed on my feet!
Banana:  Icky!
Dammit!  How did you not make it to the bathroom?  You ran by like 2 hours ago!  -5


PB:  Great.  I will now smell like Banana pee forever.
Banana:  *pew!*


Caught Marzipan out skiling.  I also dislike the Frozen themed lighting mod, so I will be changing that out.  I’m not a big fan of the super pink and red sunsets at all.


I quickly got pulled away from my sky issues.
Cinnamon:  What is that ruckus?
PB:  I have no clue.  I’m too worried about my peepee feet.


What the hell?
Sage:  She started it.
Sapphire:  Did not!
Cinnamon:  Bed time, kid.  Let’s go.


Jade: Go to bed!


Knock it off!  Sage, go tell your kids to go to bed.



Then these two actually went to bed.


PB:  Will you get up!  That’s my spot.  -5


Candy Cane:  Great.  Now we’re both on the shit list.


Thanks a lot, dumbass.  -5


The next morning, the game dies.  Not only do we get our first bus in Moonlight Falls, we get two.


Even better, only the quads are able to go to school.  The teens are back to having to wait 24 hours again.


I think it’s only fitting that we have one more fail before I head off to fix this game.   Thanks, Marzipan.  -5

Torch Holders: 6
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 69 (+3)
Self-Urination: 63 (+3)
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 1
Births: 40
Twin Births: 4
Triplet Births: 2
Quads: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 5
Achieving Honor Roll: 8
Times Cheated: 3
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 5
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 5
Every 100,000 dollars: 15
Having an NP Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


6 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. Sage: I’m watching the pool.
    Watching it do what?
    Sage: Wait. It’s supposed to do something?
    PMSL, I love the voices you give to your simmies. So much funny!

    And also so much fail. I think your game hates you, sometimes. Though at least you get uber cute simmies. I’m loving Moccachino, dancing sims are always fun! And he’s not even a party animal.

  2. Hmm, I think Marzipan is my favorite so far! So many cute kids though, hmm definitely going to be a hard decision. Oh the fails! I think the bedtime story epidemic is the major cause of my fails now lol

  3. Rereading this, and realising that I just moved my BISBI family into this exact house in MF! It has lots of room, and I love the modern look. And my simmies are hating on me with auto TFBs also…possibly they’re turning into the Tarts.

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