Chapter 6



Colin:  Psst.  Why are we here?
Ivory:  *shrug*  I think she is forcing us to fornicate and populate this new copy of Moonlight Falls with offspring.


Colin and Ivory are my favoritist couple and I found them while doing a ton of work on the folder.  So fair warning, CC was deleted, mods were deleted and re-downloaded, the Tart’s were placed in 5 different worlds.  I completely emptied MF, so I had to plop these two in to check for lag.  It’s still there.  I am getting rid of SP and seeing if that works next.

Colin:  You’re so hot.
Ivory:  Yes.  Yes, I am.  Good thing you are too.


Bwahahaha.  Welcome to parenthood.  One pregnancy, three instant babies, one forced labor and another pregnancy.  Ivory will be surrounded by family and I don’t even have to raise the kids.

Now back to our regularly scheduled family:


Jade:  Food!
Cinnamon:  Food!
Marzipan:  HAIR!  Food.


Jade:  FOOD, you MORON!
Cinnamon:  *death glare*  FOOD!
Marzipan:  I haz hair!  Now gimme food!  Put the stove right here!

Note to self:  When building a house.  DON’T FORGET THE DAMNED KITCHEN.   Hahaha


Cinnamon:  See, I deserve food!  I tried to feed the cat.  Not my fault mom and Uncle Sage got there first.
Fine.  I gave you a kitchen.  Go eat.


Oh dear God.  WTF happened to you?  Put some clothes on!
Sapphire:  I glitched.  Debugenabler chose this as my new outfit.  AND I’M KEEPING IT!
No.  Not for a million simoleans.


Christal:  FOOD!
Yes, I get it.  Everyone is hungry.  Geez.  See Jade run to cook food too.


Here is the house that Jenn built.  Let the fails begin.


I forgot one bedroom, so I had to shove three beds in two rooms.  Otherwise, this has 5 bedrooms, four bathrooms and a faux garage.


There is also an arcade and party room.  I do need to put in a bathroom or two down here at some point.

Now that you got the penny tour, let’s check for lag.  I literally built the house and quit afterwards.  I have not even play tested it yet.  This should be fun.  Not!  The main goal is to see if the school bus comes in the morning.  I could care less if the adults go to work ever again at this point.


Sage:  Wow.  I forgot I had a brother!  I wish I could talk, Cola, but I fear that I may die of starvation soon.


Jade:  Okay.  I got the food.  Now what?


Banana:  *sobs uncontrollably in starvation*


So far these three haven’t started whining yet, but I have to wonder why Jade Jr. is in her undies.
Candy Cane:  Damn lint.  Kill it!

Jade and Sapphire have each decided they want to send two kids to boarding school.  LOL  No.


Mochaccino and Peanut Brittle at least made it to the music room/faux garage before they realized they were starving.

PB:  One day I will be big and strong and will be able to make my own food.
Oh right.  I forgot the kid stoves.  My bad.


Sage:  I’m too tired and hungry to chat anymore.
Cinnamon:  Huh.  So standing in the rain makes you wet.
Your powers of observation are astounding.  Now go inside.

At this point, the only ones in the green are the cats….LOL


Jade and Sage finally get their asses in gear, but are sidelined by the mass exodus to check out the new dish washer.


So, I finally caved and got them a fairy house.  I also decided their lives weren’t stupid enough and added two rocking chairs.


Sapphire:  Want to play catch and then watch tv together?
No.  She wants to eat dammit.   *Jade calls household to meal*
Cinnamon:  Maybe after I complete this forced desire to eat…and maybe after you put on some old lady clothes and take off your whore costume.


Note to self:  Calling household to meal is stupid.


I then tried moving things to a new table to see if that made grabbing food easier.  Too bad the retards can’t find the food now.  Well, except for Candy Cane.


Sage then holds his goopy carbonara hostage.


Great.  Now they will start dropping like flies.


Hey look!  Everyone except Christal has eaten!  Sadly, Christal is locked in the evil interaction repeatedly.

TS3W 2014-12-09 08-41-50-84

The question now becomes:  Will she pass out or drop dead first?   Probably pass out since that timer seems to be shorter.
Note:  Two seconds later I saw her head to the table with food.  Death is averted!


Dammit.  I blame you if Banana passes out, PB.  Why not use the fairy house and leave the non-fairies alone?
Peanut Brittle:  I am not sleeping in the same fairy house as my mom and uncle.  Eww.


PB:  Gimme story!  Gimme, gimme, gimme!
Will you stop and leave him alone!


Meanwhile, in another atrociously patterned room, Candy Cane also get a story.  A cookbook no less!


Chai Tea has Marzipan in her sights for a bedtime story.


The little brat finally gave up waiting for his story.   OH!  I got a pop up for Jade’s carpool.  The first one in three chapters!

TS3W 2014-12-09 08-54-27-47

Ewww!  Luckily they are not blood related, but still.  EW!


And there it is.  At 7:39 Monday morning, Chai Tea is our first fail of the new house and this update.  Thanks, kid.  -5


Chai Tea had barely gotten back up when down went Christal.  -5


Even the paparazzi are going down.  Candy Cane keeps resetting outside and Jade Jr. came running out.  Not sure what she is doing though.


Junior!  No!
Holly:  Can’t.  Help.  It.


And down she goes.  -5

Candy Cane:  Look what I found in my backpack!
I should get positive points for that!  If she actually sits down and does it, she will be the first kid of Generation 7 to not only get homework, but the first to do it.  Let’s not tell her that she might miss school (if the bus actually shows up in 5 minutes).

TS3W 2014-12-09 09-11-31-72

There it is!  Jade can go to work!  The house might actually get empty today!

TS3W 2014-12-09 09-13-27-96

I clicked on Banana to see if he could leave for school.  It failed again.  I’m not sure what to do at this point.

TS3W 2014-12-09 09-16-02-88

All of the interactions are there except being able to attend school.  I am not counting this as their interaction or as me cheating.  I am sending each kid out to join schools.  Cinnamon heads off to the business district and enrolls in Entrepreneur training.  Banana goes to Culinary School, Marzipan will be going to school with Cinnamon.  Mochaccino chose Science class.  Two of the quads head to military school and the other two head to music school.  I have to be glad I put the career mods in yesterday or they would all just have to stay home.

Note:  Jade cancelled work.  She now has to wait 24 hours to try again.


Great.  Incoming fails.  I maybe should have let them all wake up and pee before sending them off to find schools.


Great.  I swear Gen. 6 is just cursed.  I want my Milk Dud back.  We could be in Gen 8 by now if not for the computer issues.  *cries*


It was only a matter of time.  -5
Of note:  Sapphire made it to the bathroom!  Whew!


I quit.   -5


Candy Cane was the only one alive at this point, so I had Sage go out and join her.


I finally have two sims doing something other than crying or dying.  It is a really nice change.


Thanks, Peanut Brittle.   This is a -5 for passing out and -5 peeing…he has the embarrassed moodlet.


Cinnamon:  Damned toilet made me puke!
No.  Dumpster diving after joining school did.
Cinnamon:  Shut up.


Eek!  Photoshop gone wrong.  Oh well.  Mochaccino was spotted napping  by the science center.


Sage ran off to do laundry, so we followed Candy Cane to the swings.  So far she is the only one to have any fun.


I couldn’t find Christal, so a mad search went on.  She’s going to work!  I don’t know who’s happier, me or her.


Not sure how much more I can take, people.


While everyone else is being asshats, Mochaccino remembers there is skilling to be done.


Chai Tea talked Marzipan into a story.  Marzipan chose a cookbook and gained his 3rd cooking point.  More importantly, Chai Tea actually went to bed this time!


Candy Cane should be off to bed, but instead conned Banana into playing catch.  Her loves the outdoors trait is strong.


Fudge is our first visitor, now that I found the graves in Candy Cane’s inventory.


In other news, Cinnamon was the first to find the claw machine and the dance floor.


I found Christal home and asleep.


A few minutes later, Candy Cane and Marzipan were rocking the logic book.


Mochaccino:  Dammit, Banana!  I was asleep three rooms away and I could STILL HEAR YOUR STUPID DREAMS!  Dream quietly!


Did you even go to bed last night, Junior?
Holly:  Shut up, dumbass..but yes and I even got up and showered.


Things seem to be settling down now.  Lag is almost non-existent for once.  Cinnamon is skilling and it’s time for 6 birthdays!  We will just wait and see if anyone can go to school first.


Sage and PB get some play time in.  The school bus should show up in less than 5 minutes though.

Sigh.  School not in session.  With no conflicts or outdated mods, I am at a loss.  Be back after I remove everything.


Do you really want to piss me off?
Sage: No?


I miss my mods already.  I have more lag than I did 50 minutes ago now.  It was also too late to get anyone to attempt to attend school.  I am going to suffer through 7 sim hours and see if Sage and Christal go to work again.  It was too late for Jade, she already missed her chance and has to try again in 24 hours.

TS3W 2014-12-09 11-52-44-15

Candy Cane has become my new favorite.  She at least started her homework!  Marzipan is the only other one that has homework, but it’s his birthday so no reason for him to do his.


Mochaccino:  I can’t concentrate with all these fumes!


Sage still cannot go to work.  When in doubt, call the aliens.


I teleported Sage to the stadium.  He was able to put on his uniform before I changed the buildings out.

TS3W 2014-12-09 12-07-20-03

I am officially out of ideas.  I only have Error  Trap, Debugenabler, Overwatch and Master Controller in game.  I had the same issue even without them in.


Sapphire:  You dumbass.  She just got done saying you were a favorite too. -5


You ass.  I am done.  DONE DONE!  -5


Sorry.  I was just proving to everyone that you do have working toilets.  Also:  I need my mods back…asap!


I totally forgot that Banana was a witch!


TS3W 2014-12-09 12-21-29-45

TS3W 2014-12-09 12-22-48-02

Banana ages up first.  He had Schmoozer locked in.  For skills, he is pit against Marzipan (Marzipan is too cute in his new hair) in this round.  He has 14 points.
Banana is a witch and wants to be a Zombie Master.


TS3W 2014-12-09 12-26-22-00

TS3W 2014-12-09 12-27-21-06

Marzipan had coward locked in.  I don’t even need to count to say that Banana will be moving out.
Marzipan is (duh) a fairy.   He has 20 points to pit against Cinnamon and Mochaccino. Marzipan’s first option is Magic Makeover.

I tried to age the quads up, but they kept dropping the action out of the queue.  I finally got three aged up, but Chai Tea refused.  I had her move out with Banana, Hummus and Elmer, but they all disappeared before the even saw their new house.  They are no longer on the family tree either.  So, I saved and quit.  I will retrieve those two from the last save and put them where they belong.  I am now to the point that I never want to see this family again.

Torch Holders: 6
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 75 (+6)
Self-Urination: 67 (+4)
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 1
Births: 40
Twin Births: 4
Triplet Births: 2
Quads: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 5
Achieving Honor Roll: 8
Times Cheated: 3
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 5
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 5
Every 100,000 dollars: 15
Having an NP Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


8 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. Oh your poor points! They really had a lot of fails in these last two chapters but they are all growing up gorgeous at least! They could be stupid and ugly lol. Great chapters. I laughed so hard at so many things.

  2. Mochaccino: Dammit, Banana! I was asleep three rooms away and I could STILL HEAR YOUR STUPID DREAMS! Dream quietly!
    PMSL! Dream quiety? Random much, Mocha?

    I imagine you’ve already tried this, but does quitting and rejoining work help any with the career issue? I’ve only ever had the issue with one sim, and they had enough money that he didn’t have to work – the others were fine.

    • No, that does not work. They’re millionaires, but I like to get people out of the house for awhile and be able to concentrate on lower numbers. All those kids going to school would really make me happy.

      I have Marcy (Vinson) doing a challenge at Sims Asylum. So far her kids all can go to school, so I might copy that save and add the Tart’s in. If there is no school again, then I will know the family is corrupt.

    • Replied to soon: If the family is corrupt, I will have to save each sim individually and remake the family. I am not looking forward to even attempting that.

  3. nirar says:

    Sorry you are having such troubles with your game Jenn, but…Colin and Ivory! ❤ Haha, and all those kids you gave them, it couldn't have happened to a better couple! =D

    Short term solution to sending kids to school or adults to work, if you get that stupid not in session message—use MC on them. Click on the sim/MC/Intermediate/Career/Go to Work/School. It basically forces them to go, despite that stupid not in session message.

    • I did not know you could do that! I will try it next time I brave that save!.

      Poor Colin couldn’t hack it and moved out. The next day Ivory gave birth to their 5th child. They were engaged by the end of that day!

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