Tart AU

So, my game is still acting up (big surprise) and I started to wonder what the other Tart’s get up to when left to their own devices.

It all started when Cola-Fizz split away from the family to start a failed backwards ISBI Perfect Genetics challenge last year.  Yes, this is still ongoing even though I haven’t updated in like 200 years…I promise.

I thought about it for a little while and soon came up with the idea of an alternate universe for the rest of Generation 7.  This alternate universe will just be where I go and throw out an update whenever I get a chance to play.

Marzipan taking on the Family Man Challenge.
Candy Cane takes on a Completion Challenge.
Cinnamon daringly hides the fact that she is a Black Widow.
Chai Tea becomes the Queen of her Hive.
Holly Berry takes on the Random Legacy.
Mochaccino takes on…..whatever someone throws at me because I am at a loss to figure out what to do with him.

To kick it off, Marzipan has a ton of kids already and Chai Tea has finished her first drone.  Holly Berry has started her legacy, but this has not been posted yet despite having 5 kids already.

The Tart Family Tree has been updated.  ()before the name shows what challenge they are a part of and will also have a link to their chapter listing on the biographical tab.


3 thoughts on “Tart AU

    • I have looked into that challenge, but I am not really interested in a 20 generation thing. Plus, I don’t have any teens and you are required to start with one.

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