Chapter 7


Since the last update was around two months ago, let’s recap.

Sage and Jade (twins), their spouses (Christal and Sapphire), their kids (Banana and Mochaccino (Sage), Marzipan, Cinnamon, Holly Berry, Chai Tea, Peanut Brittle, and Candy Cane (quads) all screwed the pooch and became horribly corrupt.  I still have no clue who the direct culprit was, so whatever.  I aged up the qualifying kids and had an heir poll.  Peanut Brittle won by like 4 votes.

Not sure how I was going to proceed, Tart AU was started.  Each spare got their own challenge and I have been working on that for a couple of weeks.  I went looking for a sim on my external and found a save where the quads were new children.  I aged them up to the last birthday they had in my current game and now we get two more chapters of Generation 6 before Peanut Brittle officially ages up and takes over.  Currently in game, Peanut Brittle is ready for a spouse search and everyone is posted on the download page.


In the house we have Candy Cane


Peanut Brittle, the next TH.


Holly Berry


And Chai Te-

Holly, get out of the way!
Holly:  But I’m ready for my close up!
No, you are being a dork.


And the last of the quads, Chai Tea, who is looking quite washed out with the bad lighting.

Holly:  See, my photobomb almost saved everyone from being blinded.


Mom Sapphire


and lastly, other mom and current TH, Jade.

Everyone else has moved out to the land of freewill and Story Progression….well except for the cats that I don’t have good pics of yet.  The cats consist of Humus and his mate Elmer (yes, both male because I thought Humus was a girl…lol) and their offspring Ingot.


After unpausing the game, everyone scattered.  As predicted, PB ran to dance.


Holly started working out.


Chai Tea does the unexpected and cleans.


Chai Tea:  I’m surrounded by filthy pigs!
I think you mean imbeciles, but whatever.  You’re also surrounded by horrible lighting…some lazy ass should probably fix that.


and lastly, Candy Cane (and the one who I wanted to win the heir poll) does her homework…which greatly amuses me.  Why?  Because NONE of the girls can go to school.  Peanut Brittle goes just fine.


Jade fixes pb&j’s for the family while Humus (front) and Ingot watch.  Of note, Jade used to want to be a star news anchor, but I spent all her points to change that.  She was only level 1 in her career and I knew there was no way to top that career before PB took over.  She is going to tackle the Magic Makeover ltw – Max Charisma and grant 12 sims inner beauty.

Sapphire got her ltw already, which was Swimming in Cash.


Sapphire:  FOOD!  Food Food Food.
Holly:  Mom!  Quit shoving!


Candy Cane: Food!
Chai Tea:  Hurry up, Holly!
Sapphire:  How did I get shoved all the way to the back?

They’re like a bunch of vultures!


Look at the happy family.  Then I realized that PB was missing.


A quick look around and he was found asleep.  In a bed!


No sooner was I done checking on PB, that I heard the fateful sounds of a fail in progress.  Sapphire peed right in front of the toilets.   Good job!  -5


There’s no way in hell you peed yourself again!   oh and ewww, that toilet is disgusting!
Sapphire:  No, I broke the tub.


The next morning, PB heads off to school, which was super exciting.  The main corruption started when none of the kids could go to school and no adults could work.  I quick check shows that none of the girls can go to school.  Gahh!


But they do get up and do homework.  Really?
Holly:  It’s better than popping out babies when I grow up.
Think again, Hol.  You have five in the alternate universe.
Holly:  Huh?


Time passes by and I notice that Humus (who thinks the house is a garbage pit) and Elmer only have a couple of days left.  While the tired Ingot is almost an elder.


Jelly Oasis lived nearby and is a product of a few cats in my bin, so we catnapped her.  Only to find out that she is almost as old as Ingot.


Sapphire takes a break from destroying the house to make lunch.


By now, Jade has the charisma tabcast on constant loop and she is always projecting some aura or another while fairy trapping the house.


At other times, she is out making friends so that she can advance said charisma skill.


At other times, she is pulling pranks on anyone who crosses her path.


You two better hurry up and then make me kitties!


Chai Tea continues to work around the house.  We won’t tell her that raking leaves in the cold fall morning in your swimsuit is a bad idea.


Sapphire is hellbent on pissing me the hell off.  Everything she touches breaks…and then she smirks about it and walks away.


I might be a bit harsh, but it pissed me off that she jumped in the leaves right as I was telling Jade to head out and burn them.


Did you just pee yourself?
Chai:  Maybe or maybe I broke the toilet.
Walls:  Hey!  You idiot, we’re down!
Yes, wall, I know.  I couldn’t see in.  I did find out that she peed herself.  -5


Jade:  It’s time to do your homework, Peanut.
PB:  Why am I the only one?
Jade:  Because no one cares if they stay stupid.  The fate of the family rests on your shoulders now.


PB:  I think it’s pretty crappy that they can stay home and I have to do all this crap.
Jade:  Quit whining.  At least you don’t have to read charisma books.


Jade gets in a quick game with Fudge, while projecting yet another aura and listening to her tabcast.  It’s almost (but not really) like a sims 4 moment.

Speaking of!  Did you see the leaked video for the expansion for April?  OMG!  It’s like awesome with a dash of WOW!  I wasn’t even this excited for Sims 4 before it came out (and we all know how much I hate Sims 4!).  Sadly the only two video links are now taken down, but it should be released officially soon.


Aww first TH in the same pic with the next one!

Plum:  I liked the version of me as a YA ghost that you made.
Me too, but this save only had you all as crusty old timers.


Plum: This is not the time for sleeping!
Plum, it is the middle of the night, leave the girls’ room and find someone else to bug.


Hey!  Get out of here.  This area is for family members only!
Paparazzi:  Then maybe you should add a fence.
No.  Just leave.


Ingot was getting bored, so he is learning some hunting skills.


Yay!  We have kitties on the way.


Not much goes on in the house.  Lots of dancing and Jade pulling pranks.


Holly is addicted to the ballet barre.  I believe she learned three moves.


Finally something new happens!  Cinnamon invited everyone to a fall pool party with no pool…


Everyone actually made it including a hairless Sage and Marcy Vinson, who somehow is now a vampire.


Cinnamon and some guy went at it the whole party, so I had Jade leave and call everyone home.


Grandkids for Sage and Christal!


Oh no.  No, no no!  Sapphire, find a bathroom and PB find your bed!  Now!


I then watched Sapphire head directly away from any room that leads to a bathroom and start making food.


Sapphire:  Eww.  I think the veggies are rotten!
I’m totally not falling for it…especially not with a brand new green cloud surrounding you.
Sapphire:  It’s the veggies and my flight of felicity from my sweet, darling wife.
Considering you both want a divorce for no fucking reason at all, I call bullshit.


Oh and we have visual proof….and then I saw the other one.


What are you doing?  This is not the way to your room!
PB:  I thought I would go for a quick swim.
No.  It’s bedtime, not swim time.


Oh, nice of you to come home.  You do realize Jade called you like 3 hours ago, right?
Holly:  No one can really make me do anything at this point.


Chai, just go to bed.  Right now.


Jade:  You don’t want to piss that voice of boy.  Next time, just do what it says.
PB -5


Omg.  Just go to bed.  Starving doesn’t cost points…well unless you die, but you are not going to die yet.


Someone kick her in the head!
Chai Tea -5


Sapphire:  Oh, bed.  I love you and I wish I could crawl between your nice warm sheets…but I have to go to work now.
No!  Why do you choose this moment to decide to go to your first day of work?
Sapphire:  Because I feel compelled to go.
But you haven’t gone the last five days!!

Jelly Spam!


Jelly:  The Great Huntress sneaks upon her prey.  *sneak sneak stalk*


Jelly:  The ugly rodent stops and does a spin, narrowly seeing me as I continue to stalk closer.


Jelly:  I crouch down behind my target, I hunker ever lower….
Squirrel:  *squeeak!*
Jelly:  He senses me.  I must hurry!


Jelly:  I tackle my target and an epic battle ensues.  I will be victorious!


Jelly:  The Great Huntress seizes her prey….and realizes it was only a leaf.  I slink away in defeat to lick my butt and maybe take a nap.

/end Jelly spam.


Later that afternoon, all the cats started crying.  I hate when this happens.


Grim came for our dear Humus.  It’s a sad, sad day.  But, I never knew grim threw a cat toy!  I knew he threw a stick for dogs and rode off with the horses, but not the cat toy part.  That’s quite cute.


You dipstick!
Sapphire -5


A little while later…


It was an early bedtime for all.


WTF?  You just got out of bed!


Upon closer inspection…it is apparently what happens when a fairy trap fails.  Okay, go ahead and pass out with my full blessing.


Do you ever do anything except work out?
Holly:  No.


Jelly may be the most entertaining one in the house, but she is also the nastiest.  Jade has to scold her a bajillion times a day.


I swear Candy Cane does nothing except clean.  In fact, Jade was on her way to clean this tub, but Candy cane shoved her out of the way.


So Jade took off and made beds.


Jade:  What is that cat doing?

Jelly Spam #2


Jelly: The Great Huntress lumbers slowly up the steep staircase in search of her favorite hoomin.



Jelly:  The Great Huntress, belly full of kitties, moves too slow and the hoomin escapes.  The pains, they are taking their toll, but I will find my hoomin!


Jelly:  The Great Huntress takes note of the tasty morsel on the floor, but most importantly, she finds her favorite hoomin shoveling food in her face.


Jelly:  The Great Huntress tries to garner her favorite’s attention to no avail.  She knows there is only one thing to do now.


Jelly:  The Great Huntress falls dramatically to the floor and scrunches up her face and gets ready for her Academy Award winning performance.


Jelly:  The Great Huntress opens her mouth, hoping everyone notices her sharp white teeth, and “YOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLSSSSSS” really, really loudly until she is out of breath.  The Great Huntress peeks at her hoomin who is still shoveling food in her face.  The Great Huntress, “YOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLSSS” really, really loud again, but no one shows up.


Jelly:  The Great Huntress is now the Pawsome and Amazing parent to four widdle kitties.


Jelly:  The Great Huntress/Pawsome and Amazing mommy, see that her favorite hoomin finally showed up.  The hoomin cheers for my performance and I bask in her praise.  I bow down low and “Meow” to her.  I bet it gets me tasty treats.  I then remember that Humus is gone, and I mourn for the loss.

/end Jelly spam #2


I am only going to show off one kitty.  The fluffier one is Peanut Butter, the one we will keep.  There are two that are identical to Jelly (one thin, one fluffy) and the fourth one looks exactly like Peanut Butter, but not fluffy.


With just 12 hours until the mourning moodlet expires, Grim makes a return for Elmer.  Goodbye sweet precious!


Chai Tea:  The kitties blocked me!

The door is behind you…the kitties are in front of a wall… Just take your fail and own it like a woman.
Chai:  Damn!


What are you doing?
Jade:  Making an announcement.
Which is?
Jade: I maxed Charisma!

Prom!!  Oh and there are only two other teens in town…Dammit!

Screenshot-115.1 Screenshot-115.3

Screenshot-115.10 Screenshot-115.15

Screenshot-115.6 Screenshot-115.7

Screenshot-115.8 Screenshot-115.9

Screenshot-115.11 Screenshot-115.12

Screenshot-115.14 Screenshot-115.4

So of course, nothing wonderful happened, but at least they all got to go.


I guess we can end the update on a TH fail.  Thanks, Jade. -5

Torch Holders: 6
Sim Failing School: 0
Passing Out: 78 (+3
Self-Urination: 71 (+4)
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 1
Births: 40
Twin Births: 4
Triplet Births: 2
Quads: 2
Fulfilling LTW: 6
Achieving Honor Roll: 8
Times Cheated: 3
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 5
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 5
Every 100,000 dollars: 15
Having an NP Spouse reach the top of their career: 1


12 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. Methinks the Tarts are conspiring against you. Though at least you have one cleaning of free will atm; I have that in a challenge file, one Good teen and one Genius one constantly clean up. Tis good, leaves time for their older sister to make monies. Jade’s LTW sounds interesting, I haven’t done much with the SPN LTWs. But tabcasts are fabulous for learning skills while doing something else.

    Haha, I loved the Jelly spam! Even though I’m not a cat person, I have to agree he’s enormously cute, especially his squished up face. I loved it from his POV, reminds me of the Vinsons.

    • I think I found out about tabcasts from your blog, actually. I have had the tablet since it came out, but never used it except to either do homework or buy books. They were actually quite tame this time around *knock on wood* Chai exercised, Holly worked out and Candy Cane painted, I think. PB just went to school and danced. Bunch o’ losers, is what I call them.

      LOL Jelly is a girl, but yes she is adorable.

  2. Jelly is adorable! Its a good thing Peanut Brittle can got to school so you can at least pick his last trait. I take it the adult are now going to work? Anyway I cant wait to see him take over soon 🙂

    • I am already playing him. It’s so fun being with someone new again! His last trait is insane. If they don’t roll it earlier, they get it at YA. Since it is a rule that someone that rolls insane is (supposed to be) automatic heir, I tend to see who rolls it. So far, it’s pretty rare.

      Jade and Sapphire each went to work twice. That was it. I am so glad they have like 1.4 mill.

      Jelly is the best cat ever!

  3. Okay I just LOVE your kitties so flipping much. My face lit up seeing those kittens with the dark faces and purple bodies. And Jelly don’t get me started… Just to cute to handle! Anyways…. yey to getting a few more chapters before a new TH. To me it seems your Simmies are getting back at you for putting them in AU with all the fails, but at least it bring some good laughs.

    • I love them too! Jelly was pretty much the best part of the play session. I actually think they like it better in the AU. They don’t get nearly as many fails as they did in the last few chapters.

  4. Your sims are bjooooootiful! And Jelly and her kittens are so cute. 🙂 Good choice of kitten to keep, too. I’m sorry that Grim came for the elder cats and that the girls still can’t go to school though. 😦

    • That is really bugging me. I hope that when Peanut Brittle has kids, they can go to school. I am just glad that so far everyone is able to go to work…if they even bother going.

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