Chapter 8


Welcome back to the Tart ISBI, where if the sims don’t bug you, the cats will.

Hey! Guess what?


Holly is working out again.  When she moves out, she will have reached level 5.


Oh and remember when Cinnamon was boinking some dude at her fall pool party?  Well said guy finally knocked her up.


No one else is actually doing anything.  Chai Tea stares off into space over her hotdog and Candy Cane is blocking the fridge.


It’s the home stretch kids!


Bwahahahahaha.  I laughed until I pissed myself…well not really, but it was close.

Inner Beauty 1/12


Peanut Brittle:  WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE, WOMAN!  Can’t you see I’m starving?


Hahahaha.  Omg.  It’s so funny, it hurts.

Inner beauty 2/12


Jade:  Hey, want to chat?
Taro Winter-Taffy:  Sure.
At this point, Jade only has to do a Charming introduction and then she can grant them inner beauty.




Jade:  Hey, come back!  It will only hurt for a second!
Straw Hummingbird:  Get away from me, woman!




Jade:  We’re enemies, so I can’t grant you inner beauty, but I can give you a tummy twister.   Bitch.


#5 goes to Spearmint Vinson-Meadow


Jade:  Hello, nephew!
Banana:  I saw what you tried to do to my wife.
Jade:  Well, I apparently can’t grant inner beauty to pregnant sims, so get ready for your turn.
Banana:  How about no?
Jade:  Oh please?  I’ll tell you a secret after.


Banana:  I’m gonna make the biggest snowball ever and lob it right at her head!
Jade:  *runs for her life*  I thought you wanted to hear a secret?
Banana:  Just run auntie.



Jade: You’re kinda cute, want to dump Banana and marry my boy?
Nettie Lune-Tart:  Not particularly.  I do want to know this secret you have though.
Jade:  I predict that you will have a mixed set of twins named Rudy and Tami.
Nettie:  Twins?

True story.  Oh and Cinnamon had a girl named Heidi.  Mochaccino has a daughter name Juliet.


Jade: I have a cure for that weak chin of yours.
Marigold:  Oh really?  Great!


Marzipan:  Mother, what are you doing?
Jade:  You’ll find out when it’s your turn, son.  Just don’t run off.


Marigold:  MY NOSE!
Jade:  Yes, but your chin is better!



Marigold:  I bet I can finally get a man and have babies now.
Jade:  Next!


#8 Azalea Hummingbird


Chip Riggins:  What have you done?
Jade:  You’ll love it, I promise!
Marizpan:  Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!




Jade: If you insist in following me around, I insist you have a hot head.
Coral Periwinkle-Steel:  Stop!  I’m not rendered.
Jade:  I have a cure for that!


Coral:   You call this a cure?
Jade:  I call it a work of art.



Shamrock Periwinkle-Steel:  Wtf?
Jade:  You needed to match your wife.




….and we’re done!  Yay!


At the same exact time across town, we have Ninja Cat!


Oh never mind.  It’s just kitty birthdays.  Here is the only one that matters, Peanut Butter.


Are you actually doing something?
Sapphire:  No.  I’m not.


PB:  Hasn’t it been two weeks yet?
No, not yet.  It’s almost here, I promise.


How did you get across town?
Holly:  Remember?  You sent the three of us girls to find a new school in the hopes of us growing up good?
Oh, yeah.  That was like 6 hours ago though.



What?  Is everyone tired?  Hit ’em, Jade.
Jade used her last points for the moodlet manager.


Peanut Brittle is straight, so the rest of the week is spent looking for women.  This one is flirting with Chauncey Grimm while holding another man’s baby.  Next!


Well..hi.  You’re not spouse material, although you are quite adorable, Turbo.
Turbo:  Meow?
Turbo is a male.


Socks is a girl.


Peanut Butter:  *snore*  Yes, more treats.  I love treats, hoomin.
Peanut Butter is quite the lazy boy.


This might be Georgie, but it also might be Jelly.  I’m going with Georgie, another boy.


Wow.  You two actually did something together?  Interesting.


Double edited pic is doubled….oops.  Anyway, Jade must have been super bored to do her wife.  They hardly even talk to each other because of her mad rush to get her LTW.




Jade:  Hmm…I wonder who booby trapped this sink and drenched me?
Candy Cane:  Wasn’t me.  I’m cleaning.
Jade:  … Voice?
She’s telling the truth.


Chai Tea:  I’m cleaning!  I didn’t do it!
Jade:  I don’t believe you.
Good.  She is the culprit.
Jade:  Why is she farting bubbles?
*giggle*  I have no clue


Georgie:  Hey, look over there, dad!
Ingot:  *looks*
Georgie:  *tackle*


Ingot:  *tackles back*
Georgie:  Can’t. Breathe.


Socks:  Kill. Kill. Kill.
Why?  The snowman was just standing there minding his own business!
Socks:  Hate. Snow.


Jade:  Bad Kitty!
Socks:  *pouts* meow.
Jade:  Good girl for peeing outside and being neat though.

I won’t let her scold unless she can back it up with a positive reinforcement.


I don’t remember names, but the spouse check continues.  This one gets a boyfriend.


This one gets knocked up or married…maybe both.


Just no.


Marries someone.  A Tart maybe.


Wut?  But it’s late….


I was peeking in this guys house when I got the pop up.

Man:  GTFO!
Damn.  jerk.


PB?  It’s late, go home.
PB:  I have just a few more problems and I’ll be done.

Don’t laugh, but that’s the school.  I was hoping that a new one would help the girls.  It didn’t.


PB?  You have been sitting here doing homework for 8.5 hours?  Really?
PB:  It’s hard stuff!
At this point, I’m more worried about your tired moodlet.


It’s just a little while until birthdays, so I start cleaning out Jade’s inventory and abandon all of her kids’ IF’s at  the park.


PB:  Who’s the badass that completed their homework by midnight?  Yep, that would me!


Jade:  Get home now!


..and he arrives safely just a little while later.

Now go to bed.  We have birthdays tomorrow.
PB:  *bats eyelashes*  Can’t we do it tonight?
PB:  You suck!
I would try to remember that you will be under my thumb starting tomorrow.
PB:  I luv you!


Candy Cane:  No.  I refuse to date married men.


Chai Tea:  I’m still surrounded by filthy pigs.
Holly:  Omg.  This grilled cheese is amazing.  I want to marry it.


Candy Cane:  We can’t start without Peanut Brittle!
Yes, you can.  If he wants to dawdle after school and age up in the dark, then let him.


By the time Candy Cane aged up, PB had made it to his cake.
PB: *pouts*  Why do I have to be wayyy back here?
Because you dawdled.


PB:  Hey!  C’mon guys!  Don’t leave me!
Poor baby.  Jade needs to stop what she was doing to deal with the recycling.  Holly and Candy Cane are shoveling in cake.  Sapphire is confused, like always…and Chai Tea glitched and can’t age up.


Candy Cane


Holly Berry


After some fiddling, Chai Tea.

And lastly, PB.

PB:  No!  I want you to leave me alone.  *cries because no one celebrated his birthday*
You big baby!  Fine.

See you all next time.

Jade:  HEY!


Jade:  I want to thank you for sticking with us for the generation that never ended.  We love you!

Family Announcements: 

Sage and Christal:

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11

Went on to have twins, Davis and Amber.  I will add them to the Family Tree right now.


Sage:  Farewell everyone.  Hopefully they remember to invite us to parties in the future.


Mochaccino has a daughter named Juliet that they leave outside in the snow naked.


Gotta love Tart parenting.  Here is Cinnamon’s daughter with that Razzleberry dude.

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15

We finally make it to the house with Good parenting, Banana and Nettie’s house!  Rudi is the boy  being held and Tami is right at his feet and she is adorable!  She got the Tart purple hair and her mom’s beautiful purple eyes.  I will be keeping an eye on this one…because sadly her mom is kinda gross.

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-7

Lastly, seven girls were added to town.


And one Starburst for Peanut Butter from InsaneInTheBrain.

Points:  Do we even want to do this?  I sure as hell don’t…but at least this last chapter no one failed. Yay!

Score is also found on its new page!

Self-Wetting: (71) -355
Passing Out: (78) -390
Failing School: 0
Game-Forced visit from Police, Firefighters or Babysitters:  NEW, starting in Generation 7
Accidental Deaths: (1) -10
Social Worker Visit: (1) -15
Cheat Penalty: (3) -30

Torch Holders: 6
Births: (40) +200
Twin Births: (4) +40
Triplet Births: (2) +30
Quads: (2) +40
Fulfilling LTW: (7) +70
Achieving Honor Roll: (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: (6) +60
Every 100,000 dollars: (16) +320 
Having an NP Spouse reach the top of their career: (1) +5

Total Score: +70


7 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. OMG, I love the “inner beauty” do they stay that way, or does it wear off? So funny!!! All the kids are so beautiful. And the kitties too. Oh, I love the one heart left on the floor in the “Wow. You two actually did something together? Interesting.” Super cute.

    • I was in hysterics! It lasts 24 hours and she did not suffer as much hits on the relationships, but I tried to do most of it without involving too much family.

      That one heart is what alerted me that something had happened..LOL I’m already up to Chapter 3 for PB. So fun being with someone new!!

  2. LMAO, inner beauty is a brilliant spell! I shall have to play with supernaturals some more myself. Any of those guys could make a great prettacy founder.

    As always, the kids are gorgeous; will definitely be considering a Tart for a future Rourke spouse.

  3. Look at you cranking out the chapters! I’m glad. 🙂

    The inner beauty spells are THE BEST! That made me laugh so hard.

    Look at all those cute babies! Juliet in the snow was just too much. So sweet. And new cat Starburst too! Can’t wait for the cats to meet. I’m not usually cat crazy but I love pixel cats.

    • I was in hysterics. I had the whole house (non-simmers) looking at me like was a dimwit.

      I feel bad about leaving the babies behind, but I do have that save on hand so I can go through and see who they age up in my spare time.

      I have a cat, but I’m not a cat person by any means. I love pixel cats though for some reason. My actual cat is more like a human/cat/dog hybrid. She’s pretty awesome.

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