Chapter 1

WE MADE IT!  Weee!


Ahem.  Welcome to Generation 7 peeps!


First things first, our 7th TH checks the mail.

Peanut Brittle:  But it’s booby trapped!
How bad could it possibly be?


Oh no!  Oops.
PB:  What if I’m allegic!  MEDIC!


PB: I’m going to kill her.
Noo! There will be no matricide in this generation!



I’m starting to wonder if he is going to survive.


PB:  When will it stop?
Hold on.  Only like 3 minutes to go.


When the fun ends, PB hits himself with the moodlet manager, hard.
PB:  Fun?  You call that fun?
Hey, at least you survived.


First things fir- What the hell are you wearing?
PB:  Jammies.  I like to be comfy when I travel.
Oh geez.


As I was saying, first we need to chat about our TH, Peanut Brittle.

Traits:  Hopeless Romantic, Easily Impressed, Adventurous, Brave and Insane.
LTW:  Seasoned Traveler, the first on the list provided.
He likes Geek Rock, Falafel and Irish Green.
I had no color scheme on his makeover.  I sat there just thinking about it in CAS for like 30 minutes.  I finally decided he could be grey/blue.

Of note:  I am a horrible travel documenter.  I will be playing and updating at the same time…I hope.



First adventure sends us off to meet up with Liu Pei.


One of my favorite things is WA and adventuring.  I LOVE it.  We are off the the Halls of the Lost Army.


The plaque on the wall reminds us to be well supplied.  Well, PB comes with his mom’s $50,000 car and a moodlet manager.  I say we are well prepared.

*Please note:  While adventuring, I have my walls down.  A lot.  I apologize if that bothers anyone…. oh and I play aerially.*


This is almost what my screen looks like, it’s a bit closer to PB when I actually play…I just hit my mouse and it scrolled out while taking the pic.



He eventually gets the relic and returns it to the guy.


One down, two to go.


Next up!  The Dragon Cave, Part 1

Screenshot-29 Screenshot-30 Screenshot-31 Screenshot-35 Screenshot-36

Except for a brief stop to use the moodlet manager and being eaten by a sarcophagus, Peanut Brittle gets the first part done and returns to the guy.


Bah.  I hate the collection ones.  It will take the rest of the stay to find even one I bet.

TS3W 2015-02-05 00-09-00-01

Then the game did this just to prove me wrong.


PB ends up with 7 pieces of platinum, visits the Temple of Heaven and returns to the guy.


TS3W 2015-02-05 00-18-27-49

Jiang asks him to find 3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli.  An almost impossible task on the first trip.  He does have one from a tomb and he found one in the world.


PB earns his first Martial Arts skill while I scour the town for the last gem.


Bored with martial arts, PB reminisces about the 7 girls he met.  He decides to call one of them up.


The orange haired girl, Pearl Dust, is one of his favorites, but he is attracted to all of them.


In his free time, PB likes to listen to charisma tabcasts while imitating a dog.

TS3W 2015-02-05 00-40-32-69

I was going to have him buy random stuff to pass the time when I found them.  Not sure why I didn’t think of doing this sooner (or ever before).

Not only did he buy all the gems, he even found a Dropa stone! Yay.


PB waits for the synchronized giggles for seeing him, a celebrity.

TS3W 2015-02-05 00-43-04-77

Good thing he has tons in his backpack.


Jiang:  I’m totally going to get super juiced when this idiot finally hands me that relic I want.

TS3W 2015-02-05 00-48-10-93

PB’s next adventure is in hand.  I have never completed three on the first trip, so here goes nothing!


He heads to Sima’s house to introduce himself.  With only a level 1 martial arts skill, I was surprised that the option to spar was there.


PB decides to try and distract her by sparring half naked.

TS3W 2015-02-05 00-57-34-88


Realizing that being half naked was not helping, PB puts on a horrible athletic outfit and his “I mean business” face.  He is sad that the pop up came that his trip will be over in 24 hours.

TS3W 2015-02-05 01-01-45-26

Hey at least he wasn’t shut out this time!  He also got level 2 of Martial arts and level 3 athletic.


He wakes up Jiang to report in and gets his next mission.

TS3W 2015-02-05 01-05-01-69

So, I send him to the Scholar’s garden and let him train there in the background while I toodle around the net.

Screenshot-50 Screenshot-51

It really came down to the wire!


With one hour left, PB reported in to Jiang for the last time this trip.

TS3W 2015-02-05 01-19-23-37

Then we find out that we are not done yet.  So, back home he goes.  Maybe the moodlet manager will get rid of the travel wait time moodlet like it does the exhausted one.


PB: I don’t want to be here.
Me neither if you wanna know the truth.
PB:  It’s been snowing for like three years and it’s laggy.
*sigh*  I know.


Determined to escape Moonlight Falls, he tries to get rid of his vacation recuperation moodlet thingy.

It does not get removed.
PB:  Shit.


It took 6 hours for him to trudge home in defeat.


He moved to a new house, but even that did not perk up our TH.


So Peanut Brittle, packed up the three cats, two moms and seven hotties and left for a place that is always summer.


Jade:  I had a dream once that I lived here and had a husband that starved to death and a shit ton of kids.
Really?  How strange…..moving right along….  Yes, PB requested a place where it never snowed, so here we are in Isla Pardiso.  The weather has been changed to be always summer.

The house in the foreground is there’s.  I thought it would be too creepy to get the house Jade had previously.
Jade:  You mean it wasn’t a dream?


It feels weird saying this, but Jade’s first autonomous action was to play chase with Peanut Butter.

Peanut Brittle went off for a logic class and to present a check to somewhere for an opportunity.  Sapphire wanted an athletics class, so she used her one action for that.  Jade has nothing I can do for her.



I only added a basement for cats, relics and family members.  The rest of the house is how it came, I just upgraded everything to the most expensive options.

I should note that I did delete ALL of the residents, so there is no lag for now.  SP will generate new families as time goes on.  Also, PB’s travel stopping moodlet is gone, but since I felt moving was sort of like cheating, he still cannot travel for at least two days.



That’s basically the extent of the house.  There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, but nothing changed except the bathrooms got nicer shower, sink, and toilets.   Yes, this is very small for how I normally play, but well..PB doesn’t want a family yet.  He did use up a lot of points to be a nerd and earned a new trait.  I did not randomize so he got family oriented.

It has not kicked in yet.

Remember how PB was chatting with a girl you all had never met?  It was because the pics were horrid due to darkness/bad reflection of snow.


On the top is Pearl Dust, the girl PB called from China.
On the bottom is Apple Pie.


On the top is Vanilla Dust Honeydew.
On the bottom is Cassia Morning.


On the top is Lily Michelle (at the very bottom of the page), she is the only one who I downloaded as a toddler and aged up.  This is big for me because I never download under teen.  I randomized her traits and LTW, but I can’t even remember what it was.
On the bottom is Calliope (last on the page).


Last, but not least, is a non-berry named Delilah Woods.

Yes, I did go a bit crazy with her downloads, but she makes wonderful sims!  The only thing I ever change on other people’s sims is makeup and hair, but only if I don’t already have it.  I even try and leave clothes alone, but I don’t download CC very often, so it can be different that they uploaded.

Screenshot-78 - Copy

Since all seven girls were out and about, I figured PB should hurry up and get there and make friends.


Peanut Brittle spent the afternoon flirtatiously greeting each girl.  He had high compatibility for both Lily Michelle and Cassia Morning.  He did find out that Cassia is evil, so we were a bit leery and instead invited over Lily.  He is crying because he used the megahorn to declare his love for her and she (Lily) said, “EW!” and walked off.


Trying to be a stud, PB sent Cassia, a girl he barely knows, a woohooty text.  Needless to say, she said no.  He then hunts her down to recover the lost beginnings of their friendship.


Sensing a man nearby, Apple Pie swooped in and handed PB a bunch of flowers that he happily accepted.


Cassia:  Oh no you didn’t!
PB:  I hope she isn’t going to stab me.
Apple Pie:  Should I run? Or should I try to bag this rich hottie?


Cassia turns her back on the jerks and looks out over the ocean.

Cassia:  I wonder where I can dump the bodies?


As luck would have it, Apple Pie just wanted to piss off Cassia.  She wandered off soon after and PB got over to Cassia and got back on track.


Or not.  Apparently Cassia plans on making PB work for it…hard.  Nothing is going right.   He apologizes for whatever infraction he did this time and then does a smooth recovery.


And then it happened again.  This time Cassia gets so mad that she stormed off.
Vanilla:  Us fairies really need to stick together.  Just think of what happens when you mate a human.
PB:  *confused* What happens?
Vanilla:  They die and leave you to spend your life all alone.
PB:  That’s…depressing.


Starburst:  Will you hurry up and pick a girl already.  Geez.  I want to move in and have kitties!


PB and Vanilla make it to friends a lot quicker than he and Cassia did.  This did not make his HOTMK any more acceptable though.  He did quickly apologize.  Then he got out his megaphone and declared his love for her as she walked off.


PB gathers his tiny bit of leftover dignity and went home.

PB:  Get me the hell out of here!


And back to China he goes.

No score changes this time, but I should mention that both Jade and Sapphire went to work that day.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. I hope Isla Paradiso will be everything PB is dreaming of, and that it will be unlaggy, unbuggy and just generally behave itself.

    I would like adventuring with sims if it wasn’t for how buggy travelling is and how it bloats my saves terribly. It does look good in pictures though.

    All the girls are cute! I hope PB will find the right one for him.

    Congratulations on the beginning of your 7th generation! That’s impressive.

    • I love adventuring and it is rare for me to have any trouble. I use save cleaner after each adventure too.

      IP better be a nice time. I deleted everyone in the hopes of no lag and so far so good.

      He’s having a hard time making up his mind with the girls.

      Thanks I just hope it is not nearly as bad as gen, 6 was!

  2. OMG, that Applie Pie sim! She’s so freakin’ cute! I want her and PB to be together forever.

    PB did a great job his first adventure! I hope IP works wonders for you, I’ll have to give that town another try here, before too long.

    • Isn’t she adorable! I tried my best with those two, but he did go two different directions.

      IP is only working now because I deleted everyone and I keep them on the main island so they are not traveling by boat a lot. PB does not have a job, but the ladies in the house live pretty close to work.

  3. …dude, what is with Heather and I liking the same things? I typed almost exactly what she typed (with ‘gorgeous’ instead of ‘cute’), then looked up and saw what she’d written. We so need some more green in this legacy…though I may just grab some of those sims for my own games. So pretty!

    Cassia, Lily and whatsi, the white-haired one, they’d all make gorgeous babies. Just pick one, PB!

    Man, these adventures make me want WA… and I really really want to play with the martial arts skill, it looks so fun. Maybe when EA has a sale…but then, I also want TS4. Too many games!

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