Chapter 4


Last time, Peanut Brittle became a father and then got caught cheating and then found out that two more bundles were on the way.  Soon after, he escaped to Egypt, which is where we head back to…now.

Quest:  Ancient Library
Vacation:  3/6 days.
Visa level: 1


I think the worst thing about adventuring is having to kiss people’s ass to get anything accomplished.  A quick greeting gives us entry into this guys’ house.


A quick shot with the moodlet manager to get us through.  I can’t wait until he has enough points for the Motive Mobile.




A quick little tomb and it was time to report in.

Race to Nowhere.  Ask about Relic of the sun with Farouk Rashid.


Farouk needs some encouragement into talking.  Ugh.  After like, 4 hours this is finally successful

Race to Copper, turn in 5 chunks of copper.  PB got lucky because he has six in his inventory.
On the Side of Good:  Give Relic to Ameen Moussa.


Ameen:  You do realize it’s 4:30 a.m., right?
PB:  Do you want this relic or not?
Ameen:  I wish I had a pool to drown this fool in.

Preparing the Bribe.  Collect 2 pieces of mummitomium.  Darn.  PB only has one.


PB finds two mummitomium’s, one Black-eyed Susan, a chipmunk and some silver before heading back to Ameen.


Aziz:  That wackjob with wings is back, Ma.


Nabila;  Ohh really?  Does my hair look okay?
Aziz:  Eww.  Just catch the ball, Ma.

HQ Infiltration:  Deposit bribe in the MorcuCorp headquarters.


Omg.  PB!  I am so sorry.
PB:  *Zrrpppt*
I have never gotten past that trap.  I even checked for traps, but I guess I didn’t go far enough.  He lived and the Moodlet manager got rid of the moodlets.


*crosses fingers that he can disarm the trap singed*


He did and then I had him change into his everyday wear and that got rid of his singed look.


PB:  I don’t want to go through the door.
Me neither!
We found out that there are no traps down that corridor.  Whew!


Will you just put the bribe in the box and collect the loot?
PB:  No. You almost killed me.  I’m playing on the computer.

Hacker:  Hack the main computer of MorcuCorp.


TS3W 2015-02-12 20-56-59-14

I was hoping to get to Visa level 2 before leaving.  …Well, he does have almost 30 hours left, so I guess we will hit that tomb after all.


PB:  Nope.


Find the Relic of Life.

TS3W 2015-02-12 21-03-02-73

Oooh.  Nice job!

This tomb is huge!

TS3W 2015-02-12 21-56-46-74

So huge, that I got this midway through.


PB:  No, not again!



Halfway done.


He gathered up the key to the other side and decides there is enough time to get it done.


Oh that was easy… He opened the door and there is the Relic of Life.  Cool.


Too many hidden rooms left though.


PB:  Yay, money tree room!
You don’t actually need the money though.
PB:  So?


Almost done.  Peanut Brittle has a want to find $5,000 worth of relics for 10,000 points, the exact amount he needs for the Motive Mobile.


Whew!  He got it with the very last relic in the whole tomb.  Perfect!


PB:  Instead of giving you the Relic of Life, how about I take it home to Cletus.
PB:  Whatever.
Ameen:  Gimme haz it.

Trading Shawarma for Information – Nooo!  I thought we were done.  Bah!
Discuss relic with Nepthy.  At least we charmed her already…or not.  We did charm her and went shopping.  Brought her a serving of Shawarma and that did not end the quest.

TS3W 2015-02-12 22-28-58-67

Bah.  There is definitely not enough time for this, but we got started.


The Pyramid was located and entered.


Not much got done because I was too entertained by him “attempting to cross” the traps.


PB managed to find one more treasure and then it was done.

TS3W 2015-02-12 22-37-41-27

Good thing because I was way past exhausted from doing this…in fact, I am going to bed.



Sapphire:  So is it my turn to be handcuffed?
*slowly backs out of the room*


In the next room, Apple Pie is showing off her first bump.




It was a busy first day back, but Oleander got his major skills completed.


Sapphire was downstairs cooking and got skill level 4 for her troubles.


Starburst was on his way to eat when he got stopped by Jade who thought treats were better than catfood.


Ingot then went ahead and became an elder on me.


While the ladies were inside eating, PB was outside getting rid of a tiberium that had been making him sick for a few days.




PB really had nothing else to do, so it was getting rid of all of the cat wishes.


Then it was inventory clean out time.  He made one sarcophagus of the kings, two other regular sarcophagi, and a dive pool.


All Jade seems to do is dance now.  A sim check shows that everyone else in the house is fast asleep.


I found these two finally talking together.  It was fairly positive too.


Downstairs, Sapphire cleaned up the dishes, but busted the dishwasher in the process.  PB route failed every time I tried to have him mop.  He ended up electrocuted, so he took a shower while I moved furniture around so he could mop.


He’s dirty, so change him.
Van:  No.  I’m just going to stand here.
Then put him back in the playpen.
Van:  Nah.  We’re good here.


PB:  Well, son, in just a few minutes my time will run out and I can go back to Egypt.
Ol:  Bye-bye?
PB:  Yes, but only for a little while.


Ollie didn’t get an IF because he was born outside the household, so PB had bought him a mummy bear in Egypt.


Aha, so this is where you tried to fix the dishwasher.  More importantly, Apple Pie is painting!  Her LTW is to max painting and I think the guitar.


Eep!  Trip delay!


It’s a boy named Glacier.


Van just stood there holding him even though he was born hungry.  PB finally went upstairs to feed him so she just dropped him on the floor for him.


The next little bit was PB and Van chatting about everything under the sun.  The green bar steadily grew and they were both so engrossed in their chat that they did not see Apple Pie in the other room.


My intentions to having a small amount of kids fails when Apple Pie produces another boy.  I was so annoyed that I didn’t even write down his name.  Oops.



No!  Find potties, both of you!
Apple:  The one I want is in use!
Find another!


Why are you choosing now to pick up your kid?  Get out!


Apple Pie did not make it.  -5


Van:  Ewww!  He stinks *drops him on the floor again*


PB:  You just peed on the baby.  Eww.
Ewww.  -5


I was seriously upset when Grim came for Jelly just seconds after Van peed herself.


Sapphire returned from work to join everyone else in sending her off.  Well, except for Jade who never came home form work.


As soon as she was able, Sapphire ran upstairs to show off her grandma skills.  Elsewhere, PB was hitting everyone with the moodlet manager.


Ugh.  Thanks PB. -5 for the moodlet manager backfire.


PB:  You finally came home!  I got you covered, Mom.


Sapphire and one other has an opportunity to workout for four hours.  PB gets on their ass to get it done.


Sapphire ran off when PB got distracted by Van who decided she need to flirt right that very second.


Apple Pie has the same opportunity, but she jumps off to answer her phone before she really even got started.


I have no clue who it is.


Well, now we know.  It was a plain woohoo at least.  I hope she makes it to the toilet this time.

She does and I was bored waiting for babies to grow up.


So, PB went back to Egypt to get that out of the way.







This place is massive and confusing.  There was a lot of going one way and finding out we skipped a room and having to backtrack to open it up.



It’s so bright and pretty up here for a change!  I do love PB’s face when he sees something new adventuring.  He currently has two major wishes.  Max Charisma and gain another $10,000 in relics.  The last charisma tab cast is like 24 hours.  A mummy did pop out of the middle section, but it poofed before PB could fight him.




You have got to be kidding me.  I don’t remember her name, but PB won.


I don’t know if this is the biggest tomb or just the most annoying.  You complete one half, go all the way the other direction and then have to backtrack all the way elsewhere gathering keystones.  I had a migraine by this point.



Oh goodie.  The end of the tomb and the chest is not shining.  PB does murder both mummies with fire though.


I had no clue what to do, so I had PB wandering and he found this room.  He of course caught on fire on the way, glitched, reset himself all the way to base camp on fire.  He was able to get in the shower.  He pops out of the shower and we get the “The opportunity cannot be completed because the person is no longer around” or whatever it says.

I had him hit the adventure board and we got so lucky that it was the Eternity tomb again.


I was so happy that nothing else reset besides him.  He walked straight to the end and it was finally shining.

Total time for tomb completion:  5 days…with only one time using a tent to get rid of a sleep in a tomb wish.  I wonder how long it would take without the moodlet manager.  Probably like a month.


We both needed a vacation from the vacation, so he bought the Tear of Horus and went around excavating for a day or two.

There was a quick copper quest.
Black Bag Job – Infiltrate the Henchman HQ


The puzzle sucked.  That is all.  I think the second level literally took me 45 minutes to figure out.  For the first time ever, I have done all of these quests without using this.  Except that I couldn’t remember what this quest was called, so I went there so I didn’t have to open my game.


He did hack the computer, but by this time I was pretty sick.  I saved and crawled in bed where I watched movies for the rest of the day and night without moving.

So, I hope you don’t mind that I am ending this here.  I am just out of bed to write up this last part and then back I go before I die.  Apparently, that migraine was not adventure related and everything sickness related.

Scoring changes are in bold:

Self-Wetting: (73 (+2)) -365
Passing Out: (79 (+1)) -395
Failing School: 0
Game-Forced visit from Police, Firefighters or Babysitters: NEW, starting in Generation 7
Accidental Deaths: (1) -10
Social Worker Visit: (1) -15
Cheat Penalty: (3) -30

Torch Holders: 7
Births: (43 (+2)) +215
Twin Births: (4) +40
Triplet Births: (2) +30
Quads: (2) +40
Fulfilling LTW: (7) +70
Achieving Honor Roll: (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: (6) +60
Every 100,000 dollars: (13 (-3)) +260
Having an NP Spouse reach the top of their career: (1) +5

Total Score: +10


10 thoughts on “Chapter 4

    1. Thanks Loralie! I have not played since this update, so they are still babies. I am eager to see them age up too.

      I am having a blast adventuring, although I cannot say the same for PB. Haha!

    1. OMG. I laughed so hard at that. Normally my sims do not go for the rancid bandage wrappings, but of course PB has to be different. I hope I can get the kids aged up soon. Between the illness and finishing up Dragon Age: Inquisition (for the second time), I just have not opened my game lately.

      1. I’ve never seem such heart farting, lol. It makes me want to reinstall World Adventures. PB seems like he is such a character and I guess the mummy felt sorry for the loveless stange he had, hehehe. Here is hoping for a good mix of genetics for the kiddos (my luck sucks for it). I hope you get better soon but in the mean time enjoy the other.

  1. Ugh, I hate that particular tomb where you met the love-sick mummy. (LOL at the hearts!) It’s so freaking time consuming and I always end up missing a trap and get singed. I didn’t have a moodlet manager, but I might have cheated the mood up on occasion. But the henchman HQ is even worse because of that puzzle. I always cheat on that one, I hate puzzles.

    Oh well, it was fun to watch! I hope you feel better soon.

    1. I hate that tomb too! I always get singed at least twice in that one. We won’t even get into how much I hated that henchman puzzle. I do love puzzles, but that was unreal.

      Thanks, I’m feeling better off and on. The issues with having school aged spawn.

  2. I have spent most of the weekend playing with WA, so much fun! I can see why so many people love it. My sim heartfarted with a couple mummies too, very funny. We didn’t have the moodlet manager (or motive mobile), but I bought him the Meditative Trance Sleep and a sleeping bag, so he can sleep pretty much anywhere, and only needs about 5 hours to max his bar.

    I’m sad that Apple Pie’s baby isn’t green. But hopefully he has some of her looks. It is so like PB to live with two women and woo them both.

    Sorry you’re feeling crappy, hope you get better soon!

    1. It is really fun. I normally only use the Motive Mobile and let him suffer through the tombs, but I think Jade bought the Moodlet Manager for him as an heir gift. I thought the heartfarting mummy was hysterical. I was hoping for a curse, but it did not work out that way.

      I swear Apple Pie’s baby came out pink. I wonder if she is on the rainbow slider. I want a girl, so at some point someone will have to get knocked up again. I just wish he would hurry up and choose one. He flirts with them both equally and is not dating either one. So, hopefully soon.

      Thanks! The kid brought something home and then spent the week on snow days, so we just keep passing it back and forth. I’m feeling pretty good now for once, Fingers crossed that the boy goes to school tomorrow!

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