Chapter 5

Screenshot-22 - Copy

Last time, Peanut Brittle did a lot more adventuring in Egypt.  Vanilla and Apple Pie both became pregnant and had boys.  Vanilla had Glacier and Apple Pie had an unnamed boy now identified as Wasabi.  Oleander learned all of his toddler skills.  We said goodbye to Jelly.  At the end, PB escapes the household and heads back to Egypt.

*Post has 140+ pics.  Whoops!*


Peanut Brittle is still in Egypt and has to convince 5 people that MorcuCorp isn’t bad (or something like that).


He was successful, but that still did not bring him up to Visa level 3.


He got lucky with an easy trip around the country, which went nicely with the help of the Motive Mobile.


Peanut Brittle reports back to Tahiya and she requests several pieces of Turquoise.  Luckily, he had a ton in his backpack.


I finally do a quick peek.  This is taking way too long!


PB:  C’mon gimme something big so I can get home to my babies.


PB ends up with some cheap turn in object/metal adventures and gets to 97%.


His next adventure requires him to get past all the traps in a basement.









He did it!  And only got almost dead twice!


He heads back up to report to the nice lady.


PB immediately shows off his Level 3 Visa by wanting another vacation home.


PB:  Now what?
*shrug*  What do you want to do?
PB:  I guess go home.


It’s birthday time back home!  Glacier went first.


Wasabi went next.


Later on, Apple Pie was found rock climbing.


The boys are doing pretty good on the latest check.


Someone shoved Glacier in the playpen, but he chose not to learn anything.   PB has potty trained Wasabi and starts teaching him to talk.


Fruit Parfait (PB’s maternal grandmother) is now gay apparently.  She has adopted two boys.  Here is the newest one.


Sapphire is doing well even though she has just aged up to elder.


Vanilla sneaks upstairs and starts teaching Wasabi to walk while Oleander continues to get in his last days as a toddler in.  Glacier is still in the playpen dirty, hungry and lonely while not skilling.


We finally see the last person in the house.  Jade doesn’t do much.  She works and dances.


Kitties are on the way!


Vanilla only interacts with toddlers and cats anymore.



Vanilla made a difficult decision, one she regretted immediately, but it was too late by then.


She got about three feet away from the house and realized that she gets a free house and $50,000.  I do believe that Van will be okay!


I waited and waited, but PB never got any skilling wants for Glacier.  I finally had to just bite the bullet and get them done anyway.  Sapphire shows up and lets me know that Vanilla never did finish teaching Wasabi to walk.  Oops.


With so many sims to keep track of, there is inevitably one that gets ignored.  Good thing Jade was able to get too Oleander before we had to worry about the social worker.


Operation Skill a Kid is still underway, which is probably why Oleander was being ignored.


…and here is why Vanilla wanted to move out.  PB and Apple Pie have been sneaking off and woohooing together for days.  He has made his choice obvious.



This led to an impromptu proposal right after watching the stars.

*ugh everything is so gray and boring!*


Well, we are finding out how badly things go when you lose an adult.


PB drops what he was doing and feeds Oleander and Glacier.  (Is it just me or has Oleander been a toddler for like 30 years?)  After his bottle, Glacier learns to walk.


PB and Apple Pie have a quick date across town in the Motive Mobile before PB invited Cassia over.

Apple:  Hey, Cass!  What are you doing here?
Cassia:  I have no idea.  PB said to hurry up and get over here.


PB:  Thanks for coming on such short notice.
Cassia:  No problem.  Now why am I here?
Apple:  I’m watching you, PB!


PB:  Starburst!  Stop that!
Cassia:  OWWW!


By the time PB had a free moment, he could not scold Starburst for attacking Cassia.


Cassia:  Hello boy child that I have not seen since birth.
Oleander:  Food!

His cake glitched, so no one got any.


Everyone in one shot.  Oleander is on the trampoline, Jade is going to sleep, Sapphire is in the kitchen with Cassia and Apple Pie and PB are addicted to woohoo.


Ollie   Weee!


The littlest ones are all skilled up and just hanging out to put some days between them and Ollie.


She finished the painting!  I think she completes two more little ones before the update is over.


Cassia has now been here for almost 24 hours.

Peanut Butter:  *shamed*
You’re outside, so it’s no big deal to me.


Ollie brings a girl home who is very unattractive (and I think an SP Tart immigrant), so I did not write down her name.  The important fact is that he is doing his homework.


Starburst aged up to elder out of nowhere.  I have not messed with cat aging (except to lower kitten down to 2 days), so this was a shock.



Attention then shifts over to Peanut Butter.  I started the “Please only have one kitten” chant at this point.


Eek.  The kitten is actually really ugly and he ran around for an hour with his eyes closed.  Cassia got a new kitty named Igor.  Oh and it’s the reoccurring theme this generation too.  Another male.




Well, okay.


Peanut Butter wants you to know that “she” is pregnant again.


Not many ghostly visitors lately, but I thought it was cute when Jez and PButter watched tv together while Ingot explored under the couch with them.


Glacier is going to rain the Social Workers down on us, or die trying.  He never plays with his IF.


Here is me:  Aww how sweet.  Apple came to play with Gla-
WTF are you wearing!?  I guess now we know why PB wants to read a preg book and get married.   IT BETTER BE A GIRL!


Oh crap!  I could have sworn that I changed that back.  It is now!


PB:  We should really get married soon.
Apple:  I agree.


PB:  Never mind.  I need to go graduate first.


At graduation, we find out that Pearl Dust is married/dating PB’s grandpa, Caramel.  They have one (boy) child together and she is newly pregnant with their second.  Caramel has just died too.


Apparently Caramel had his own harem going and Delilah Woods was mourning his passing too.


Even Jade noted the loss even though she had not seen him in years.


Skills are maxed!


Caught these to having their wedding.  I thought it was cute that they chose to be near the babies.


Sapphire still has an opportunity to work out for 4 hours.  She finally does get it this time.  Ollie is a dancing fool like his dad and grandma Jade.  He’s pretty boring.


You’re about to pass out, Jade.  Go to bed!
Jade:  I am totally going to eat first.
She does make it into the nearest sarcophagus.


PB goes out and gets his daily love letters, gifts and the wedding presents.


Ollie?  What are you doing?
Ollie:  Sniffing my plate.
Are you sure?


First fail of the update!  -5


Ollie does love the cats.  PButter always gets treats from him.


FP called up wanting to know if Ollie wanted to play with her kids.  Of course we said yes!

FP:  Hey!  You’re insane like me!
PB:  Yes, Grandma.  It runs in the family!



PB’s two nameless uncles.


Yay! Finally!  The last baby of the generation!


Don’t come home if it’s not a girl!


PB:  *grumbles*  I’m going home anyway.


I don’t care that you have pretty coloring!  You’re supposed to be a girl!


We get called away for more kitties.


You have to be kidding me!  Both are boys.  They both got Starburst’s wonderful green eyes and we keep the fluffy one on the right.


With the addition of babies and kitties, it is time to get some birthdays out of the way.


Remember when I got sidetracked for kitties?  Well, we forgot about the other one.  One is Spearmint and the other is Cinnaburst.   As you can see, Spearmint failed to be green.  Although, Cinnaburst came out awesome.  -5 for the toddler fail.


Wasabi:  Haha! Grandma is going to pee herself!


Dammit Sapphire!  -5






Peanut Brittle misses the majority of the birthdays to get the toddlers to bed.


Holy shit!  They’re all in one spot minus PB and the twins.


Oh no!  Run, boy!


Wasabi:  Too late!


PB is upstairs having a moment.

PB:  Apple still has a locked want for a girl.


The house was not big enough for the 900 of them, so they moved next door.  Ollie made sure to be our first fail in this house. -5


Glacier:  Someone forgot the kitty and I really have to pee.


Shouldn’t you have gone pee before heading to bed?
Glacier:  I forgot.


Are you serious?  She is even still nasty from peeing herself the night before.  Eww.  -5



They are just too cute.



Potty training gets done fairly quickly.


Peanut Brittle saw that they would be tired soon, so he just shoved them into bed around 9pm.

Screenshot-142 - Copy

What’s the matter, Ollie?
Ollie:  It’s dying!  Save it!


Everyone came running when a stray died on the lot.


As soon as it was over, PB wished to chat with Ollie.  Poor Ollie was not up to it, but he listened to his dad anyway.


What’s up?
PB:  I want to leave soon.
You and me both!


Who took the baby out of bed?  Geeez!  Sapphire was not even going to help.  She was trying to escape to eat.


Apple:  Get the kid, put him to bed and meet me in the bathroom in an hour.
PB:  Deal!
Paparazzi:  Nasty!


Of course we head upstairs to check on the kids.
Sapphire:  Baby is crying and you’re blocking the door!
Kitty:  I want pets!
Wasabi:  Can I have a bedtime story?
Jade:  Yes, let me just block the door for another hour first.


Sapphire:  Now that the door is open, I’m just going to leave this child screaming and go get dinner.


PB gets there in time to spare us another fail.  I then watched Jade walk up to the other one and try to wake him up.  I had PB distract her real quick.


Apple Pie has issues.  She is always pouting in her sleep and thinking of PB.  So weird.


In case you were wondering, Jade and Sapphire are still in love.


You two can go at it all you want.


Glacier missed the bus, but he luckily still had go to school in his queue.  Even luckier, his bladder bar seemed to pause while he rode his bike and went pee just fine at school.


Woohoo #4.  They compound it by heading downstairs and seeing if Jade and Sapphire’s bed has a bypass for fertility.


Triple spontaneous combustion!  I wish I knew which Nraas mod resets them.  I wanted to watch them burn.


These two are going to drive me nuts!


PB:  Sorry, kid.  Hopefully someone shows you attention soon.


Soon enough, Apple runs up and gets him.  PB got sidetracked though.



We soon find out why when it was time to say goodbye to Ingot.  *cries*


PB:  You better not come back anytime soon, Grim!


Jesus Christ.  Not again.  I really dislike that brat.



He gets lucky that no one hates him like I do.


PB:  Get me out of here!


PB arrives safely in France just a few short hours later.


He immediately wants Visa level 1, so off he goes to find the baseball.


What’s wrong?
PB:  Remember when you were cleaning out my inventory?
PB:  You forgot to put Pangu’s Axe back in there.
Oh crap!  I guess we do things the normal way until the next trip.


I get so dizzy watching him navigate through this maze.


We ignore our goal in favor of finding all the hidden stuff.


PB:  I have no clue why you think a baseball is a relic, but here it is.


Since we will have to meet people for further adventures, PB gets on the good side of the special merchant.


Fighting?  In France?  Without SP on?  Wow.  Who’d a thunk it.

True story.  I don’t do SP while traveling because lag.


Some nasty tourist attacked one of PB’s best friends from Egypt!

PB:  How dare she!




PB makes her pay for what she did.

Then it was time for me to put an end to this chapter.  Next time, more France, more birthdays and I hate to say it, but probably more deaths.

Self-Wetting: (73 (+4)) -385
Passing Out: (79 (+3)) -410
Failing School: 0
Game-Forced visit from Police, Firefighters or Babysitters: NEW, starting in Generation 7
Accidental Deaths: (1) -10
Social Worker Visit: (1) -15
Cheat Penalty: (3) -30

Torch Holders: 7
Births: (43 (+2)) +215
Twin Births: (5) +50
Triplet Births: (2) +30
Quads: (2) +40
Fulfilling LTW: (7) +70
Achieving Honor Roll: (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: (6) +60
Every 100,000 dollars: (13 (-3)) +260
Having an NP Spouse reach the top of their career: (1) +5

Total Score: -15


10 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. I found Egypt was the quickest to get to L3 Visa – maybe we just got lucky with the adventures. France took forever.

    LMAO, so many boys! Even if the new twins are gorgeous. You could do a Heather and name him NotGirl.

    Wasabi is so cute. Love the blue eyes. And the name. Such a cool freaking name. Spearmint (I think? Non-orange one) has very similar colouring to Oleander. But they are still adorable. Toddlers always are. Surprises me that so little of Apple’s colouring came through. though I guess we’ll see about the facial features.

    nraas Overwatch is the one that reset sims if they get stuck – it reset a sim I was trying to starve a couple times before I figure it out. Not sure about the spontaneous combustion, though.

    No SP during travelling, that’s a great idea. I clicked yes out of habit, but I should switch it off.

    • Oh, I will have to go into my Overwatch setting and turn search through, or just head over to the site and ask what I should turn off since I will not play without it. I normally only run SP in three day bursts. That way the town moves, but the lag is fleeting.

      Wasabi is adorable! Apple wants a girl and it’s locked in. I might try for another after Sapphire kicks the bucket. I am so happy that PB’s coloring took a hike, but I was surprised at how many kids have been born across all saves with Sapphire’s coloring. Tart AU is full of that coloring and Jade/Sage’s coloring. I’m so sick of it.

      Egypt and then China for quickness to me. I have only done one adventure in France with PB, so I will see if it seems to take as long. The other two countries seemed to take about 10 days, iirc.

      • There’s a setting in Immediate about stuck sims – I turned that off on mine. Then it will find the stuck ones at the normal 3am check, but not straight away. How do you turn SP on and off like that? I’m always looking for ways to reduce lag, but I couldn’t play with EA SP anymore, so short bursts of the mod should help.

        I know what you mean about colouring sticking around; I chose a redheaded Rourke founded thinking that it would die out quickly, but the gen 4 heir is a redhead! Hopefully we all get some new colours soon. Apple Pie’s green wouldn’t go astray.

      • I’m actually moving the Parker’s to Midnight Hollow, so I am right there in SP. SP/General Option/Enable Progression – False. It’s the second option listed.

        I wonder why some colors are more dominant than others. I just had a throwback to Tyrian’s black hair earlier today..I think that was a delay of three generations?

        Some neat stuff in OW! I am trying to see if the StopCheck auto reset is the one by setting a paparazzi on fire with Debugenabler as soon as one spawns.

  2. Dude, the toddlers are so beautiful! Even the one you hate so much, ha ha ha. PB’s adventures are very entertaining to read about! The first time you mentioned Tahiya I was like Squee! But then the woman in the photo is NOT Tahiya! The picture three images down has Tahiya! It was nice to see her alive and well in your Egypt, since she’s been a deceased Zale for quite some time!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the kids age up!

    • You know, I thought I had gotten her name mixed up on the wrong sim, but I couldn’t remember which one was which. i do think the toddlers are cute…I just want a girl. Is it sad that I keep hoping that Sapph drops dead to make room for another baby?

      I sure hope to get them aged up this week. Been recreating Touch of Evil and working on Holly Berry’s updates along with the Parker’s….I might have too much sim junk going on. Or I just need a life.

      • We are all guilty of hoping a Sim or two, would just DIE ALREADY, since there’s babies to be made – at least from time to time.

        I didn’t even get to turn my computer on this weekend… I really wanted to play my Lightnings. I guess you and I could both use a little balance!

  3. Well, bother. I kept thinking there was a chapter 7–and so there must be a chapter 6–except there isn’t (a chapter 6 or 7!)–I think I got the Gen 7 mixed up with the Chapter 5, switched them in my brain, lol 😛

    SP is what rescues non-playables from death, because that was an annoying feature of EAs—I had so many sims die from drowning before I used Twallan’s SP it wasn’t even funny!

    Instead of shutting SP off—have you tried slowing it down? SP/General/Adjust Speed I like to run it at snail speed, you still get an active town–it’s just not as active, lol

    As always—you have the cutest little toddlers! I haven’t done much with the adventuring (other than little bits here and there) since that EP came out. I finished them all, and then I was bored with them. PB looks like he’s enjoying his little adventures though. =)

    • I actually want sims to die off by random stuff. I have only had on sim die by drowning and then I had an active marry him later on after her mom summoned him with a reward object. Is there a way to shut of that feature so sims will just die?

      I will definitely try slowing it down. That would be so ideal for me. Thanks!

      It does seem a bit confusing. I don’t think it helped that my chapters page was all screwy. I have it fixed now!

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