Chapter 11

TS3W 2015-09-05 09-48-48-70

Welcome back to what I hope will be the very last chapter of Generation 7.  Last time, we came back from a long break and watched the girls become teens, Starburst said his goodbyes, and followed with a double birthday and move out for Wasabi and Glacier.  This happily leaves me with seven sims and two cats.  I am so excited to see the household getting smaller and smaller!

TS3W 2015-09-05 09-46-22-06

It’s midnight and the only one awake is Apple, who is happily painting away.  She got a hold of the motive mobile when she got off work (with a promotion, no less).

TS3W 2015-09-05 09-48-48-70

You definitely won’t find Grumpy Cat in this house!  Lifesaver (who is female, but who I thought was male) is playing in the tub and smiling adorably.  As a recap:  She is a playful hunter and at some point gained non-destructive .

TS3W 2015-09-05 09-50-56-55

Peanut Butter is our cat TH.  She started out as a male, but had a swap for breeding purposes.  She is nearing the end of her life, which is going to kill me.  She is definitely a favorite of mine.

I now need to take some time and locate a mate for Lifesaver.  Fun times.

TS3W 2015-09-05 10-44-32-56

Speaking of Lifesaver, she got another trait.

TS3W 2015-09-05 11-12-23-53

I then went looking around town at all the childless couples and forced them to have babies.  It took about 24 in game hours and I came back to this.  Poor PB got struck by lightning and thankfully survived.

TS3W 2015-09-05 11-18-23-11

Spooky day arrives.  Peanut Brittle takes the family to the plaza thingy in the center of town and then heads to the bistro for a late dinner.

TS3W 2015-09-05 11-37-01-33

While they were eating, this popped up.  I find it kind of gross even though they are not really related by blood (She is Glacier’s mother).

TS3W 2015-09-05 11-38-23-77

Times roll on and the next morning, Beignet celebrates her fairy prank even though it pissed off Moonie.  They are pretty close to hating each other now.

TS3W 2015-09-05 11-39-22-28

Fifty fairy pranks later, Mooncake has had enough and they finally dip into the red.

TS3W 2015-09-05 11-46-14-41

Three of the kids cannot go to school, so I have had to use MC to force them to go when Spearmint leaves.  The morning after Spooky day, Spearmint comes out of the house and the cops were waiting for him.

TS3W 2015-09-05 11-46-52-89

He apparently set a prank during the outing at the park and never got caught until now.  Apple ends up grounding him, but I had already set him up to go to school for that morning and it stuck.

TS3W 2015-09-05 11-57-55-02

Apple paints her way to level 6!

TS3W 2015-09-05 12-00-52-41

I was so sure that Apple was going to scold him for sneaking out to school, but instead she let him off the hook!  Good mom!  I still cannot believe that the “good” twin was the prankster!

TS3W 2015-09-05 12-26-12-58

Friday night finds Wasabi and his almost step-mom getting hitched.

TS3W 2015-09-05 12-28-22-50

Even better was that six hours later, we got the birthday pop ups.

TS3W 2015-09-05 12-29-39-42

Time is dwindling down for PB.  He runs around and sets off all of Cinnaburst’s traps.

TS3W 2015-09-05 12-32-17-44

Meanwhile, Cinnaburst wakes up and starts his homework.  I noticed that he actually has a wish to do it, so I decided to have cake after that is done.

TS3W 2015-09-05 12-33-28-11

I had to debug Cinnaburst, Mooncake and Beignet the night before.  I couldn’t find Mooncake’s hair, so she got a new one.  Hopefully on Monday her and Beignet will be able to go to school on their own.   Anyway, it’s been 400 fairy pranks in two days.  On rare occasions, it is accepted and they have giggles over it.

TS3W 2015-09-05 12-36-54-13

It is finally cake time!  I am pretty excited to see the official age up for the boys.

TS3W 2015-09-05 12-39-59-63TS3W 2015-09-05 12-37-14-88

Although his head is a bit thinner and his coloring is different, Spearmint is a face clone of PB, who is a face clone of Sage/Jade.  He is the second one to have this trait locked in and then chose to be a Hit Movie Composer and got  job in music.


Spearmint surprised me by getting 3 votes.  he is a favorite, so I was so happy that he did.

TS3W 2015-09-05 13-15-39-92TS3W 2015-09-05 12-42-05-93

Cinnaburst turned out just as good as I thought he would.  That trait and his Emperor of Evil ltw is probably going to be a hysterical combo.  He does run out to join the criminal career.


The fact that he only got two votes was a complete and utter shock to me.  He is my absolute favorite of the boys.

Since I want this to be the last chapter, let’s continue on.

TS3W 2015-09-05 13-26-29-09

The twins were given the customary $50k and a house since the family has more money than they can spend.

TS3W 2015-09-05 14-55-41-47 TS3W 2015-09-05 13-45-53-97

Glacier and an immigrant named Lara are now engaged and living together.

TS3W 2015-09-05 14-59-51-03

Now that the family has gotten so much smaller, it was time to move to a smaller house.  This is one that I built forever ago, but never have used.

Jade:  Wooo! New house!
Beignet:  Woo!  Stereo!

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-00-49-76

It took less than 30 minutes for Apple to find the easel.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-01-32-99

Beignet:  Dad, stop that!  Eww!

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-02-05-03

PB:  Wooo!  Smustle!
Jade:  Woo!  Weight machine!

Omg.  Just stop.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-02-22-15

Even Mooncake found something to do for once.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-03-31-69

Jade:  It burns so good!

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-03-47-50

Beignet talks to her dad for the first time since she was a toddler.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-04-08-41

Apple finds a computer after her painting was finished.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-25-27-19

Stop eating and go pee!
Mooncake:  Starving!

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-26-03-83

Moon:  Move!  I gotta pee and I can’t until the dishes are done.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-26-37-54

Moon gives us our first fail in a while.  -5

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-27-12-35

Jade:  So, should we have “The Talk”?
Moon:  Eww, grandma!  No.  I need a shower and it’s really late and tomorrow is a school day and that’ s gross and we have a health class for that stuff.
Jade:  A simple “no” would have worked.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-29-58-24

Beignet:  So, it’s okay for Moon to fairy prank you, but not me?
PB:  Moon is my best friend.  You are a stranger.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-31-52-91

Instead of going to bed, Moon heads out to the trampoline and promptly falls on her face.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-32-08-70

Apple finally finds the sketchpad that she has had for half her life.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-32-53-09

Hey, go to bed!

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-34-15-35

I finally figured out how all the cats became non-destructive.  Apple only praises them after they use the scratchy post.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-35-00-31

Moon is still dancing.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-35-36-24

Several decades later, she finally heads to bed.  Too bad it’s just about time to get up for school.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-38-16-86

Why yes, 3am is the perfect time to announce your marriage.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-39-17-70

Apple gets up early to make breakfast.  Too bad it got burnt.  I think it’s supposed to be waffles.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-40-06-45

I went looking for everyone and came back to her making new food

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-40-44-49

The pancakes end up being decent at least.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-43-53-62

Monday morning proves that the girls being fixed now lets them go to school without my help.  Yay!

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-49-18-63

Moon went to the Capp house after school.  Goneril ended up doing her homework too for the first time…then she aged up.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-54-35-49

Beignet is boring.  She pretty much came home from school and went to bed.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-55-45-62

Apple paints, as usual.  The half done sculpture belongs to Moon.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-56-54-12

Moon shows up later that evening and goes straight to dancing.

TS3W 2015-09-05 15-58-19-44

Apple, praise them for other stuff too, please.

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-01-07-78

The newest paparazzi lady loves cats enough that their social never dips below the 3/4 full mark for once.

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-04-27-01

Omg.  PB is going to be a grandpa!

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-05-43-54

Do you have a hollow leg or something?
Apple:  Starving!

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-09-02-51

Omg…guess who has A’s in school?  Both!

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-10-54-46

PB:  If your homeowrk is done, then go to bed.
Moon:  Okay, dad.  Good night.

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-14-15-83

If you thought it was horrible that Beignet barely knows her father, be happy that she is besties with her mom.  Apple and Moon have never met.  LOL

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-21-02-34

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-22-36-18

It’s 3 am and everyone except Jade is asleep.

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-24-29-58 TS3W 2015-09-05 16-29-31-84

What is it with the Tart boys and the women his dad flirted with and had kids with earlier in life?  They are all the same age as Apple, so they are staring down elderhood.

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-26-33-91

Can you believe what day it is?  I can’t!

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-31-04-40

Apple is the only one home so I triple sped through the day.  All she did was paint and play football.

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-37-43-97

It pissed me off that Moon did not get honor roll, but yay for Beignet!  Wooo!  +5

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-38-42-74

Moon!  Cake is at home.  Go home now!
Moon:  Got to do my homework first.

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-39-53-92

Beignet:  Wooo birthday!
Moon:  Birthday?  Why didn’t you warn me?  I want cake!
I did, dumbass.  Now it’s too late.

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-40-25-08

Beignet gets to roll her last trait.  She chose to master the guitar and charisma for her LTW.  She got a job in music.

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-43-11-56

Beignet:  Hurry up before the zombies get us!

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-51-19-42

Finally home, Beignet is gorgeous.  I just love her look.


Unfortunately, only two agreed with me.

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-51-38-19

TS3W 2015-09-05 16-44-12-09

Moonie gets home around the same time and we show off her new trait.  That damn adventurous trait!  I can’t stand it!  She has have a Private Museum.  I am not looking forward to yet another traveling sim.  I might save up her points and redo her traits and ltw.  I don’t know for sure yet though.


And there you have it guys.  Moonie got 50% of the votes and becomes our 8th TH.

Self-Wetting: (86 (+1)) -430
Passing Out: (92) -460
Failing School: 0
Accidental butt dialing of the cops (aka, Service calls either accidental or game forced): -5
Accidental Deaths: (1) -10
Social Worker Visit: (1) -15
Cheat Penalty: (3) -30

Torch Holders: 7
Births: (43) +215
Twin Births: (6) +60
Triplet Births: (2) +30
Quads: (2) +40
Fulfilling LTW: (8) +320
Achieving Honor Roll: (10 (+1)) +50
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: (6) +60
Every 100,000 dollars: (1,409,087 (-300k)) +280
Having an NP Spouse reach the top of their career: (1) +10

Bad:  -950
Good: +1,125
Total score: +175

That concludes Generation 7, guys!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. Lol, with all the dancing, I thought for sure that Moonie has Party Animal somewhere. Did PB keep his relics – might help go towards Moonie’s LTW? Otherwise yes, I’d vote to change at least one of traits and/or LTW. I love WA, but all the travelling does make for monotonous playing.

    Beignet and Cinnaburst are so gorgeous, definitely going to grab them up!

    • I think dancing is a hidden of hers. I also think it’s a fairy thing. For some reason, all of PB’s relics had to be sold off. They were no longer giving the completed set bonus and when you hovered over them it would list 0/6 collected. I also could not place them outside of the family inventory, so I dumped them off. I am definitely going to use MC to change some traits, but delete 10,000 reward points per trait changed as a penalty, I think.

      • I ran out of room…LOL I like WA, but not two generations in a row. It just causes so many issues. if anything, I might have her go and get it out of the way really fast and hopefully only need to hit one place. Also, Beignet and Cinnaburst were my faves! Have fun with them.

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