Chapter 6

TS3W 2016-04-18 19-37-56-09

Long time, no see.  Last time, Apple escaped to her death, fails happened left and right, girl and boy got named and two more brats were born.

TS3W 2016-04-18 12-55-26-92

Sim check!

Jade and Moonie are off to put food in the cats bowls of their new house.

TS3W 2016-04-18 12-55-44-22

Peanut Brittle wanted to feed the cats too, but realized halfway there that it was already being done.

TS3W 2016-04-18 12-29-00-34

Eggplant found the basement filled with every wonderful thing a sim could want.  He chose the bass.

TS3W 2016-04-18 12-28-24-81

The oldest of Moonie and Eggplant’s SIX children is Boysenberry.

TS3W 2016-04-18 13-26-29-65

Next is Thistle, who is sitting outside in the dark.

TS3W 2016-04-18 14-03-25-53

Tutti Fruiti aka “Girl” is excited about something on the wall.

TS3W 2016-04-18 14-21-32-33

Tamarind aka “Boy” is enjoying a seat in front of the fire.

TS3W 2016-04-18 14-21-54-74

The newest additions consist of Wintergreen

TS3W 2016-04-18 14-23-58-04

and last is Ivy Berry.

We can’t forget our four legged friends!

TS3W 2016-04-18 14-25-16-32


TS3W 2016-04-18 14-25-29-82

Lifesaver’s mate, Berry

TS3W 2016-04-18 14-26-09-50

and one of their offspring, Jam.  Berry and Lifesaver will probably leave us this update (I’m play-updating for once, so this is just a guess).

I really want to try and get a sense of the kids this update.  It’s almost time for an heir to be found.

TS3W 2016-04-18 14-23-45-12

Thistle gets bored outside and comes up to tickle Wintergreen.  Everyone got makeovers in their favorite color except for Jade, PB and the toddlers.

TS3W 2016-04-18 14-54-13-65

There are two wine cellars in this house.  I deleted one and converted the other to a mausoleum.

TS3W 2016-04-18 15-57-44-50

The nursery is pretty spacious and the twins love it.  I am so glad they are doing something useful.

TS3W 2016-04-18 16-00-58-94

Gotta love a house that thoughtfully has a shower and a smoke alarm in all the rooms with a fire danger.

TS3W 2016-04-18 16-01-28-34

Get out of the sprinklers and go to school!  The garden was then cleared out because everything was horrifying quality.

TS3W 2016-04-18 16-09-31-71

Ivy:  I find the potty!
Wintergreen:  Me too!

TS3W 2016-04-18 16-47-46-42

Tuttie Fruiti:  No, Lifesaver, you cannot go to school with us.

TS3W 2016-04-18 16-53-40-06

The chances of Moonie completing her LTW is slim to none, but at least she will have completed one skill.

TS3W 2016-04-18 16-57-54-24

Everyone was gone when I heard screaming.  It took a while to find out that Ivy was left in the high chair without food because Grandpa PB is an asshole.

TS3W 2016-04-18 16-58-53-72

Moonie takes a break from sculpting to feed the two and then heads off to record a commercial.

TS3W 2016-04-18 17-02-44-64

You could be at home saving us from a babysitter, but noooo, you’d rather sit out in front of work screaming at the sidewalk.

TS3W 2016-04-18 17-34-03-17

The babysitter took two hours to get up to the tots.  He got Wintergreen, changed his clothes and stood at the crib for a while.  Then everyone came home, so he set him on the ground and left.


TS3W 2016-04-18 17-35-32-11

Hahaha.  Everyone is upset because there is no light in the entry.

TS3W 2016-04-18 17-58-21-21

Jade was directed to her bed for the first time.  She gets her own “apartment” which is actually the butler room.  I did take the liberty of removing the 2nd kitchen, because that is just begging for people to prepare food upstairs and walk it downstairs to cook it.

TS3W 2016-04-18 17-58-55-33

Okay, I take it back.  The babysitter isn’t so bad after all.

TS3W 2016-04-18 18-04-35-21

TF got to Ivy just in time.

TS3W 2016-04-18 18-05-00-26

Boysenberry found out he can do laundry.  Yay.

TS3W 2016-04-18 18-07-38-58

Huh?  Someone is learning a skill?

TS3W 2016-04-18 18-07-54-13

Well isn’t that interesting.  Tamarind finds the potion table.

TS3W 2016-04-18 18-09-33-76

PB had all the spoiled food in his inventory from being Portered.  Thistle is the one cleaning it up.  Also, cousin Dmitri came home with the kids today.

TS3W 2016-04-18 18-11-33-41

PB:  This place is disgusting!
Then do something about it!

TS3W 2016-04-18 18-12-47-41

PB:  Fine, but I’m not happy about it!

TS3W 2016-04-18 18-15-27-95

Dmitri:  Omg, your house is disgusting and you haven’t even lived in it for a full day.
Thistle:  No one invited you over, so feel free to leave.

TS3W 2016-04-18 18-17-36-76

PB:  That bowl of brains is gross.
Boysenberry:  What stinks?
Dmitri:  Pigsty!
Thistle:  Omg, shut up.  I’m getting to it.  Damn.

TS3W 2016-04-18 19-40-00-56

If you were wondering about Moonie, she went to Glacier’s house for a party.

TS3W 2016-04-18 19-38-27-93

Vanilla was seen very, very pregnant.  I know her husband was killed off to make the town run without lag (along with a lot of other Tart relatives).

TS3W 2016-04-18 19-38-43-83

This is what gets me.  How the hell did that happen?!?  I know they went on a date, but I don’t recall any hanky panky!  It was seven months ago though, but still.  You would think I would remember this.

TS3W 2016-04-18 19-40-21-08

I got called away when I got the pop up that Tamarind blew himself up.

TS3W 2016-04-18 19-45-47-81

With the mess in the kitchen all clean, nothing much is going on now.  Most are just standing around except Eggplant, who is playing games.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-04-27-12

Dmitri:  Now that I have my appetite back, where’s the food?
Good luck with that, Moonie isn’t home dude.  No one else seems hungry, so he might be waiting awhile.

Tutti:  Good, maybe that will make him leave and I can finish my book without having to listen to his stomach growl.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-06-52-10

Tamarind is not a favorite, but man he is really impressing me with his skilling attempts.  He has one logic point, one martial arts point and he almost has an athletic point.  All in one day.

Oh, you were wondering about the other three?  They have a combined ZERO skill points.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-11-09-30

Moonie bought the inventing skill books on her way home from the party.  It’s her only chance at this point.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-12-45-08

Eggplant must have gotten bored with video games.  Now he just blocks the doorway so that PB can’t get in.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-14-24-21

Thistle:  Whatcha doin’?
Tamarind:  Impressing Jenn.
Thistle:  Oh.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-16-13-00

Thistle:  What are you doing, Tut?
Tutti:  You heard Tam, right?  I’m hoping to impress Jenn too.
Thistle:  Sell out!

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-17-44-03

Tutti:  Are you impressed yet?
Nope, keep going.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-19-25-32

Eggplant found the way to the pool.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-25-45-55

Thistle: C’mere, brat.  I’ll impress Jenn in my own way.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-26-25-51

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-28-45-64

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-29-38-81

Thistle:  There.  Are you impressed?
Sure.  Next time, can you do it under 5 hours?

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-29-17-59

Thistle:  That’s not moving in with us is it?
Hell no.  Your great-grandpa should be grateful that I’m not kicking his ass out to go raise it.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-30-09-34

That moment when you go to click on “Continue sculpture” but instead you scrap it.  Poor Moonie had to start over.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-33-26-76

Oh no!  Another fridge!

Tutti:  Hurry up, grandma!  I’m going to die of starvation!

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-34-50-08

Ivy:  So am I!

Omg.  I forgot about her!  The house is just a bit too big for an ISBI family, I think.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-40-06-85

Sapphire and Peach join us tonight.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-40-44-10

Plum!  It’s always a treat when the founder comes to visit.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-42-56-88

Ivy:  For the love of God, FEED ME!

Tyr!  I will love you forever if you feed her.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-43-07-08

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-43-18-90

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-43-36-25

Are you serious?  Poor baby.  I did go around and put in the baby monitors while she was trapped in the crib, but she couldn’t use them until she was taken out.  So, thanks for that Tyr, at least.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-44-11-01

Remember when Jade was at the fridge?  Yeah, Tutti never got food and now she is starving and about to pass out.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-44-44-08

Yay for taking a shower after exercising.  Boo for getting distracted on the way to bed by your famous distant relative.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-44-57-51

Thistle is making food!  Yes!

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-49-05-60

You can’t do this to me.  There are 35 bathrooms in this house and 5 other starving people to cook.  Go!

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-49-39-80

Damn it, Thistle!  -5

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-50-41-09

Tutti, you have failed this ISBI.  -5

Does anyone else think of the Facts of Life when I call her that (albeit Tootie spelled her name different back then).  Or am I just dating myself?  Is it sad that I remember being in love with George Clooney wayyyy back then when I was a little kid?

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-51-50-92

Still crying, although she has been fed.  By who is anyone’s guess.  Now she just crapped herself and needs a change.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-52-21-23

You’re not going to escape that easy, Mister can’t keep it in his pants.

TS3W 2016-04-18 20-57-55-51

Tam, Eggplant and Boysenberry found there beds at some point.

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-06-13-88

Omg, they finally stopped crying.

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-07-13-62

You’re damn right you should!  Tamarind is being naughty and never woke up this morning.

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-08-38-09

It was only a matter of time.  Takes from one fridge and walks 30 miles to the counter next to the kitchen fridge.  Said fridge outside is deleted right now.

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-19-04-07

She wasn’t even to the counter when it happened.  RIP Berry, I’ll miss you (along with everyone else).

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-21-34-45

It was a field trip day, so no one ate at school.  Moonie called everyone to eat before getting out the moodlet manager for the mourning moodlets.

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-23-33-98

Thistle:  Please, please hit me with that next.  Look, I’m cleaning!

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-25-31-73

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-25-53-64

Moonie:  You’re last, failpants.  (-5)

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-25-43-62

Eggplant got a promotion!  Woo!  Only 7 more to go, loser!

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-29-42-13

How long have you been stuck there?

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-30-20-05

Ivy:  Bless you, strange old lady.
Jade:  I’m not old.  No wrinkles here, brat.

Yeah, Jade won’t even be a full adult for another 37 days.  THIRTY-SEVEN!   Omg.  PB.  He has 70 days.

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-30-32-69

Ah shit.  (-5).  The baby monitor doesn’t have a “PUT ME TO BED, ASSHOLES’S” option.

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-31-18-33

Moonie:  Hold on a sec.  I foresee a fail.
Tamarind:  Just standing here because I am a dumbass.

TS3W 2016-04-18 21-31-36-61

Moonie:  You need to talk to your son, Eggplant.  First he skips school on a field trip day and now he forgets he’s been potty trained for 13 years.


TS3W 2016-04-18 21-35-14-09

Tamarind:  Why the hell didn’t you tell me to go pee?
Not my job.  Seriously.  It’s your damn bladder, you take care of it.

TS3W 2016-04-19 08-35-26-32

Oh dear God, visitors.  Let’s see
Sims:  Fruit Parfait, Blackberry , Caramel, Fudge and Apple
Cats: Elmer, Pixel, Ingot, Cookie, Gummie, Igor, and Peanut Butter.

Ai yai yai.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-09-19-32

It’s cat central station!  There was no space for pets, so I converted the garage for them.  I might have mentioned that already, but I’m old and that was yesterday.  Sometimes I even forget what I ate five minutes after eating.  Don’t get old, people. It sucks.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-13-01-14

Well at least one of them got put to bed.

*This is the same fail, not a new one.  In fact,  his energy bar is maxed, so he’s been there all night*

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-14-57-36

Tamarind:  I think someone should buy a chess table.
Jade:  I think you should worry more about the fact that you’ll be passing out in 27 minutes and it’s time for school.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-20-35-91

If you go to bed right now and miss school, I think you’ll be the first sim in 9 generations to fail.  You will definitely not be in the running for heir on top of that.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-22-15-03

What in the world are you doing?
Tutti:  Dancing.
Why?  Damn you.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-22-58-98
TS3W 2016-04-19 09-24-01-65

You teens suck.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-25-21-85

Well, at least one of you is doing fairly well.
Thistle:  I finally impressed you?
No, not really.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-27-22-41

Dammit. I hope he likes his nap and makes it to school.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-28-24-36 TS3W 2016-04-19 09-28-27-30

YES!!  Finally.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-30-32-61

I’m glad you won’t starve, but you do realize that you’re going to pass out when you finish.
Boysenberry:  Not before Tutti pees all over the place.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-31-35-44

Boysenberry:  Told you so.  (-5)

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-33-25-89

Tutti:  I keep failing.  I FAIL at life.  I will never be heiress at this point.
Crying about it doesn’t help, sissy.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-35-37-58

Boysenberry:  I think that bed is calling my name.
I think you mean school bus.
Boysenberry: Nope!  I’m going to bed.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-36-37-92

The whole lot of you got really lucky that it is the summer holiday.

TS3W 2016-04-19 09-39-40-53

Since it’s a holiday, you two can have your birthday early!

And this is a great place to stop for today.


Self wetting (3): -60
Passing out (3): -110

Points: -170

The lovely house was built by Firestarr for Loralie.  Loralie generously shared the house with everyone and I snapped it up.  I think it would make a wonderful legacy house, baby challenge house, but not an ISBI house.  I will probably copy the basement plan and move them to a house that doesn’t have as much room to get lost in.  You’ll see in the next update that we almost lost the kids to the social worker because I never remember to check the nursery.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. LMAO, that simcheck pic of Ivy Berry, she looks like she’s got a sassy hand on her hip. I kind of love her already, just for that. But also love Wintergreen’s colouring.

    Did I count the green bubbles right, are there 12 sims in the house (including cats)? No wonder they fail all over the place! But at least they’re pretty 🙂

    • It’s a lot of sims, I know that much. I do believe you counted right. It was 13 then Berry left us.
      I saw Wintergreen all grown up. Wow. I did not peek at Ivy yet though. I’m not too happy with Ivy, through no fault of her own. She got stuck in her crib and never really recovered from that.

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