Chapter 8

TS3W 2016-05-22 01-12-11-28

Last time, we saw Boysenberry and Thistle age up and move out.  The house got rebuilt and recolored.  Then other than some fails, the family went boring.  Oh and my simself is now dating Boysenberry.  We also had an emergency heir poll and Ivy won.

TS3W 2016-05-21 20-46-46-40

Of course we start off with only one sim awake in the house.

Go to bed!
Ivy:  Okay.  I’ll just choke myself unconscious.
I don’t think so.

TS3W 2016-05-21 20-58-12-78

Ivy eventually heads up to bed and then I wake up Moonie to do laundry and get some painting in.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-04-05-89

Pretty desperate, if you ask me.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-08-15-79

Eggplant walks by and shows of a major stink trail.  I finally found the reason why everyone who has walked by has the disgusted moodlet.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-10-34-91

Then Jade walks by with her own stink trail.  Eww.  Luckily they are both headed for the bathroom.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-15-49-07

Tutti Fruitti and Eggplant sneak in and get some skilling in.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-20-07-75

Wintergreen is playing with his IF upstairs.  He knows his mom wants to send him away to boarding school, so he is keeping a low profile and hopes she forgets.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-28-20-34

Speaking of boarding school, Tutti Fruitti and Tamarind leave that morning.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-29-48-80

Everyone is running late for work and school this morning.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-37-58-53

Moonie had a quiet day painting and then taking a painting class.  As everyone was streaming in from work and school, Lifesaver said goodbye to everyone.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-38-35-28

Well hello cute kid with pretty hair!
Coconut:  Not now please.  This is traumatic and heartbreaking.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-41-20-76

I feel so dumb.  I looked at the girl with green hair in the pic with Coconut and come outside to find out it was Ivy.  I guess she gets new hair with her outerwear.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-43-51-37

Poor Lifesaver.  I’ll miss you!

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-51-54-08

Moonie:  Go do your homework, right now.
Wintergreen:  But Mom, it’s bedtime!
Moonie:  Too bad…unless you want to go to boarding school.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-53-09-78

Well, isn’t that interesting.   Moonie and Eggplant are going to be grandparents already.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-54-27-06

With the threat of boarding school hanging over their heads, Ivy and Wintergreen do homework.

TS3W 2016-05-21 21-57-37-70

Instead of going to bed, Ivy heads out to the sandbox (pre-colored in her favorite aqua).

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-00-04-56

Upstairs, Wintergreen is trying to get a story out of Jade.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-01-03-02

Meanwhile, Eggplant waits until he’s almost dead before figuring out how to feed himself.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-02-02-79

Jade, PB and Moonie all wanted a fairy house and since they are adults, I let them have one.  I find them a bit cheaty and don’t use them very often.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-04-19-34

Sweetie, don’t do it.  Please.
Ivy: I have to.  I just can’t help myself.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-06-04-98

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-06-27-64

Ivy:  That was a bust. No monsters here.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-09-58-06

There is no end in sight for Jade, who is tapped for another bedtime story.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-12-16-08

No one was doing anything, so I went in search of the dude that knocked up Thistle.  Eww.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-14-17-20

While off on our search, Moonie gets one skill point closer to her LTW.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-15-59-00

Hey, I thought you were getting a story?
Ivy:  I had to pee first and then grandma Jade disappeared.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-17-00-71

Jade:  She’ll never find me down here.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-17-55-69

Jade:  You better not have led Ivy down here.
Eggplant:  I don’t think so.

That’s Fudge in the background.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-19-34-65

Ivy was actually off to get food since she had not eaten for eons and was almost in the red.  I can’t figure out why my pictures are so bright around the face now.  It’s annoying.

Then about an hour after I wrote this I realize she’s a freaking vampire.  Thanks for ruining all the shots.


TS3W 2016-05-21 22-26-47-25

Ivy:  Daddy, can I have a story?
Eggplant:  I guess so, but you do realize that the bus will be here in an hour, right?

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-30-42-70

Poor thing never did get her story or head to bed.  I will have her sleep in class since I do allow tones to be set while they are at work and school.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-52-07-19

Yay, level 4!

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-59-03-68

You’ve already met Coconut (boy on right), but meet his brother Graham Cracker.

TS3W 2016-05-21 22-58-02-34

and Graphite.

TS3W 2016-05-21 23-05-40-03

The first fail goes to Ivy!  Good job.  -5

TS3W 2016-05-21 23-11-35-29

The kids finally found their beds and I gave Moonie a break from the easel so that she could make some dinner.

TS3W 2016-05-21 23-15-48-00

Well, if he makes you happy, then I guess I’m happy too.

TS3W 2016-05-21 23-16-49-30

Skittles was born at about the same time as Thistle getting married.  I may have laughed a bit too hard at him.  He looks like he stuck his face into a blood puddle.

TS3W 2016-05-21 23-19-14-25

TS3W 2016-05-21 23-19-24-72

He has some decent markings and I really don’t want more kittens, so he will carry on with Ivy.

TS3W 2016-05-21 23-21-05-54

I guess Sim!Me and Boysenberry didn’t want to be left out of the baby making.

TS3W 2016-05-21 23-28-23-73

The grilled cheese was done in the nick of time.  The whole family (except Eggplant) swarmed the platter.

Stink walked by and saw the kitten and is now singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  Skittles is now Rudolph.

TS3W 2016-05-22 00-11-58-09

If it wasn’t for the counters and barstools, they would eat as a family at the table.

TS3W 2016-05-22 00-19-36-26

TS3W 2016-05-22 00-19-50-57

Painting #30 is purple enough to make it onto the walls.

TS3W 2016-05-22 00-22-34-47 TS3W 2016-05-22 00-23-36-18

Later, her next painting was her 6th brilliant one and got her to level 9.

TS3W 2016-05-22 00-28-23-71

She ends the night with her first masterpiece.

Moonie:  Ending the night?  Really?  It’s only 7!
Okay, how about a small break.

TS3W 2016-05-22 00-36-25-66

Wintergreen ruined everything by not coming home after school.  Moonie painted her masterpiece again and made another masterpiece.

TS3W 2016-05-22 00-37-39-03

TS3W 2016-05-22 00-38-10-41

Moonie calls Wintergreen home at the exact minute that PB maxes his athletic skill.

TS3W 2016-05-22 00-40-54-56

Wintergreen makes it home before auto-aging kicks in!  Yay!

TS3W 2016-05-22 00-42-20-29

Wintergreen ages up nicely.  He sure looks a lot like Eggplant.

TS3W 2016-05-22 00-46-38-17

Wow!  You guys really picked a winner this time.  She’s gorgeous.

Only one fail this time courtesy of Ivy.  Thanks again, dipstick.

Passing out (1): -125

Points: -200


One thought on “Chapter 8

  1. You’re right, Ivy is gorgeous! And doesn’t look like she’s a clone, either, so yay!

    LMAO, Skittles/Rudolph has brilliant markings! The white base really makes all the colours stand out.

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