Off Topic, Non-Tart Post

I am starting a new challenge, which I did post on my main blog, but it doesn’t get much traffic.

It’s a cross between a Perfect Genetics challenge and a 100 baby challenge.  The twist is that the father has to have white hair and skin, but a colorful eye.   The heiress will have the mom’s skin and hair, and the father eye.  An even bigger twist is that every father is around for only two pregnancies and only girls count towards the baby count and being an heiress.

Paint the Town

Why am I posting this here?  I need fathers!

Father Submissions – I have a list of colors and I need 5 fathers for each eye color.  If they use CC please link.  I am only accepting .sim files or even a library file.

TS3 2016-06-06 14-56-05-02

As an example, Jack Pearl is daddy #1.  The only color on him is the pink eyes.


10 thoughts on “Off Topic, Non-Tart Post

  1. I’m on it! Going to grab some of my WYDC kids and the Rourke spares…and may even spend some time is CAS and make something up. Question: when you say the fathers need “white skin and hair” does that mean a ‘normal’ non-berry skin colour, or actually on the white/black slider?

  2. This is really cool sounding! I look forward to reading it. If I were better at making Sims, I might make a daddy – but with my computer’s graphics they wouldn’t turn out pretty xP either way, I wish you luck and look forward to following along!

    • It’s really fun so far. I think not having boys count is going to have this drag on forever.

      Aww, don’t worry about looks. As long as they are pure white with a color eye, I can use him!

      • I think its gonna make it go on and on – but think of all the beautiful babies you’re gonna have!

        I might try to make one for a color you don’t have then. Maybe green or orange I believe? It’ll be a while before they show up, but I think it’d be fun! I guess I’ll go do that now haha

        Now this is a dumb question, I suppose, but if I do make a daddy or two, is there a way I can get it to you? Is uploading them as a .Sim file to mediafire okay?

      • Oh that’s perfectly fine. You can link it on the Submission page or if you want it private, you can email the link to

        I agree, this might take awhile. I will be using watermelons from now on to keep the boy count down.

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