Chapter 4


TS3 2016-06-28 07-21-21-04

Welcome back!  Last time, there was a lot of magic going on and not much else.

TS3 2016-06-28 01-07-31-74

Ivy:  Well, ceiling light, I’m pregnant and SHE missed my spin.


TS3 2016-06-28 01-13-11-31

A quick check around the house finds Raisin playing video games.

TS3 2016-06-28 01-14-21-47

Eggplant is rocking and I realized none of the graves are set up.  Gotta get that done.

TS3 2016-06-28 01-14-48-22

Moonie is naus—What the hell are you doing?
Moonie:  I don’t feel so well.
I swear to all that is holy, if you’re pregnant, I’ll hurt you.

TS3 2016-06-28 01-15-19-68

Whew.  You are so lucky, woman.
*double checks to make sure she is on birth control*

TS3 2016-06-28 01-19-01-45

Gelato had gone for a joy ride not only in a car, but also on the rocking horse.

TS3 2016-06-28 01-20-30-52

Snowdrop was being creepy sleeping with her eyes open.

TS3 2016-06-28 01-21-31-18

Rudolph was scratching and I take a moment to notice his underside is purple.  I had not noticed that before!

TS3 2016-06-28 01-22-44-81

Custard, our adorably evil loner was just standing in the middle of the house, so I had to wait for him to do something.  He ends up going to rock, but away from his grandpa.

*I think both boys are still wearing their joy ride outfits from earlier that evening when Ivy was performing at the park.

TS3 2016-06-28 01-41-50-452

Oh and we can’t forget our newest addition!

Marigold Cohen is from the 11th (cat) generation of the Cohen Legacy by Catlover800.

TS3 2016-06-28 04-02-41-60

Marigold immediately has a birthday.

Rudolph:  I hope I don’t have to share my salmon with her.

TS3 2016-06-28 04-05-07-43

All grown up.

TS3 2016-06-28 04-09-23-81

Custard was not happy when Ivy sat next to him on the rockers.

TS3 2016-06-28 04-14-59-60

Raisin:  Son, I hope you know that speeding while joyriding will get you busted.
Gelato:  Oh c’mon, dad.  It’s a couch!   It doesn’t actually go anywhere.

TS3 2016-06-28 04-18-07-43

Moonie:  Now, Gelato, I want you to hurry up and become a teenager so I can like you.
Custard:  My name isn’t Gelato, Granny.
Ivy:  I wonder what real food tastes like?

TS3 2016-06-28 04-23-38-65

I had to replace the fridge and found this little guy in the family inventory!   I named him Houdini and he’s my very first Cranston Boonitz the Magic Gnome.  He also showed me that my half wall wasn’t painted.  Ugh.

TS3 2016-06-28 04-28-45-27

Ivy is back to the grind of maxing alchemy.  Everyone else is at work or school.

TS3 2016-06-28 04-30-20-94

Marigold is playful, one of the first cats to have this trait.  It’s cute watching her play.  Snowdrop was still asleep and Rudolph was off doing Rudolph things.

TS3 2016-06-28 05-12-57-59

Raisin:  You better head on up to bed, son.
Gelato:  Maybe.  Maybe not.

TS3 2016-06-28 05-16-39-68

Custard:  Hey, look mom!  I’m doing my homework.
Ivy:  Good job, Custard.   I’m off to cameo in a play, no one, but no one had better fail at anything while I’m gone.
Gelato: I wonder if Granny will read me a bedtime story?

TS3 2016-06-28 05-19-28-82

Moonie:  No, damn you!  I will not read you a story!

TS3 2016-06-28 05-21-16-79

Gelato:  Fine, I bet Grandpa will.
Moonie:  Don’t look at me.  We all know I hate these little brats.

TS3 2016-06-28 05-23-11-47

Gelato:  Granny was mean and wouldn’t read me to sleep.  You will though, right Grandpa?

TS3 2016-06-28 05-24-57-89

Eggplant:  How about a logic book tonight?  That way you can use those skill points to logically deduce how asking your grandmother for anything is a dumb idea.
Gelato:  Did he just call me dumb?
Custard:  Man, I am a shoo-in for heir at this point.

TS3 2016-06-28 05-27-58-90

Eggplant:  After this book, you should be able to use your powers of reasoning to know that sleeping in your brother’s bed is a bad idea.

TS3 2016-06-28 05-35-36-48

Gelato:  Well, since no one is feeding me, I guess I’ll go up to bed.
Why are you even down here?  You got your damn story.
Gelato:  Starving.

TS3 2016-06-28 05-41-14-29

Gelato:  Who cares that I’m exhausted and starving?  I’m playing in the sand.

TS3 2016-06-28 05-45-28-72

Custard:  Haha!  I got this in the bag.  Keep on being stupid, Gel.

TS3 2016-06-28 05-50-26-92

Gelato immediately comes back inside to get food.   He is officially the only one awake (not counting Ivy).

TS3 2016-06-28 05-52-06-02

Custard is a loner, which means he doesn’t need bedtime stories.  Yay.

TS3 2016-06-28 05-54-54-91

Gelato:  I may pass out at any second, but at least I did dishes first.

TS3 2016-06-28 05-56-06-88

You don’t like kids, yet you play in the sand like one.
Moonie:  Go away.  I’m trying to have fun here.

TS3 2016-06-28 05-54-10-78

Ivy was back in the rocker instead of going to bed.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-06-09-52

Ivy:  Didn’t you already get a story?
Gelato:  Yes, then I decided to play and eat.  Therefore, I need another one.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-11-22-73

Ivy:  I’m not even going to bother explaining this to you.  I think this is just too advanced.
Ivy does get a logic skill point and we watch the sun rise through the window.  Yep, it’s almost time for school.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-13-09-16

Oh and this started happening.  Gelato, a child, is showing as a toddler.  Glitched kid much.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-14-56-89

I swear to God, if you leave that bed, I will end you.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-16-19-19

You asshole.  -5

TS3 2016-06-28 06-17-34-19


TS3 2016-06-28 06-18-47-16

Eggplant:  *sobhiccupfart*  Don’t make me read him another one.  I just want to play the guitar in peace.
I’m so sorry, maybe the carpool will come and save you.
Eggplant:  It doesn’t come for two hours *wahhhh*.

Me and my kid are literally dying by this point.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-23-18-87

Haha.  Eggplant says hell with that kid and grabs up the guitar anyway.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-24-40-81

Gelato:  Screw you all, I’m going to bed.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-25-23-97


TS3 2016-06-28 06-27-57-57

Carpool is here!
Eggplant:  I’m busy, go away.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-30-50-42

Carpool is here, time for work!
Raisin:  Not for me.  I’m gaming.

Gelato is still asleep.  No school for him apparently.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-40-28-60

Bus Driver:  No brother today?
Custard:  Does it look like it, moron?

TS3 2016-06-28 06-42-08-60

I saw this little guy going into school.  He is Chip Tart-Taffy, the second son of Thistle and Antwan.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-44-41-68

Ivy could care less that her dad, husband and son all stayed home today.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-47-46-37

Eggplant:  I’m not happy about this.

I am.  Haha.  Both Eggplant and Raisin were still queued to go to work, so they left after they stopped what they were doing.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-48-53-73

Even Gelato was queued up, but I don’t think he will wake up before the end of the day.  Plus it was a field trip day, so he was screwed anyway.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-52-40-62

I was still pissed at the kid, so I said yes.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-54-32-30

That moment when your great-grandma wants to date your husband.

TS3 2016-06-28 06-58-28-75

Custard had a great time on the field trip to the Science Lab, came home and ate, then went upstairs to bed.

TS3 2016-06-28 07-01-05-65

Just before falling asleep, he remembered to put his souvenir next to ducky on the end table.

TS3 2016-06-28 07-02-49-54

No one cooked today, so Gelato had some canned soup after getting scolded.  He did not get grounded and I did not see him get a time out, so he might have gotten off lucky.

TS3 2016-06-28 07-04-57-72

Gelato:  You’re going to yell at me again, aren’t you?
You better believe it, boy.

TS3 2016-06-28 07-06-37-16

Gelato:  I can make it!

He made it with 3 minutes to spare.

TS3 2016-06-28 07-18-38-12

Hurry up, Ivy!  Pop that baby out!

TS3 2016-06-28 07-21-21-04

Woo!  Finally getting some kittehs!

TS3 2016-06-28 07-27-50-05


TS3 2016-06-28 07-33-56-31

Lightning Bug – Daredevil and Light sleeper, locked in.  Raisin’s hair, Eggplants skin and a vampire.

TS3 2016-06-28 07-40-22-11

Glow Bug – Neat, Perfectionist, both locked in.   Eggplant’s hair, Raisin’s eyes, and Ivy’s skin (different shade on the rainbow scale), also a vampire.

TS3 2016-06-28 07-47-50-12

Firefly – Friendly, disciplined, both locked in.  Eggplant’s hair, Raisin’s eyes and a different shade on Ivy’s rainbow slider.  She is an Imaginary Friend.

TS3 2016-06-28 07-57-21-11

Why so scowly?
Custard:  I heard you.
I didn’t say a word!
Custard:  Lies!  I heard you scream, “THEY ARE SO CUTE!”
I would never say that where you could hear.
Custard:  Just leave and let me get my homework done.

TS3 2016-06-28 08-01-31-70

Gelato:  Woohoo!  Good job on screwing up Custard’s life, mommy!
Ivy:  Anything I can do to help you, toddler-boy-child.

Welp, I think we will leave off here.  At this point, all five are in the running for heir.  The boys grow up…interesting.  The two girls actually had my jaw drop.  I’m pretty excited to see how they all grow.


Torch Holders: 9
Twin Birth (1): +10
Triplet Birth (1): +15
Pass out (3): -15

Score: +10


TS3 2016-06-28 08-09-00-20

Gelato:  What the hell did you do to me, woman?
You have shitty hair, but at least you’re not showing as a toddler anymore.

I was worried that using Debugenabler to “Fix Invisible Sims” would reset his genetics, so we saved beforehand.  He seems intact, so it’s a good place as any to stop for this week.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Those kids are so darn adorable. My favorite looks wise so far has to be Firefly.
    Can I just ask how you got the option whether or not to scold Gelato? Is it a mod?

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