My Absence

Although it feels like an eternity to me, it probably doesn’t seem like it to you.  I have been without my computer for almost three weeks.  My power supply took a shit and as soon as I got ready to replace it, my fridge took a shit that same week and then our BBQ grill did too.  We lived for a week without the fridge just fine, ended up buying a small fridge just to keep drinks cold while we shopped around for a fridge we just couldn’t afford.

Why can’t shit break when you’re wallet is full?  We ended up getting financing from a furniture place and got a fridge this past weekend.  Which will set us back a buttload of money.  I get $300 every two weeks in child support for my oldest kid, who is a father of two himself.  The drawbacks of his dad being $50,000 behind.

Which brings me to the funniest thing ever.  Less than 12 hours after getting the fridge, I got a giant lump sum of child support.


Instead of paying the horrifying $$$$ for the fridge, I went ahead and decided to do a giant computer upgrade (it’s been almost exactly 2 years since the last one), replaced hubby’s grill and I’m waiting for a new phone to show up since mine is refusing to charge and when it does work, it overheats.

Now I’m poor again and back to budgeting, but at least I can play sometime this week after I figure out how to get my old hard drive into this new setup without reformatting it.

(The hard drive on the far right is going to my kid since mine works perfectly fine).  This all came in a bundle, so I did get stuck with that and a case I don’t need.)

I am hoping that by loading Windows and my drivers on the SSD means my hard drive will just pop right in as a backup with minor issues.  If not, I will have to transfer everything off of it and onto my external, which is going to add a super long time until I can play.

So, there is my reason for my absence and I can’t wait to get back to my Sims in the next week (or less hopefully).






2 thoughts on “My Absence

    • Me too. I will finally be up and running tomorrow or Wednesday. I can’t wait to stop cleaning, which is what I have been doing with all this non-computer time.

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