Computer Update

After getting the new rig put together, I started having issues with the new graphics card.  Although, everything is going wonderfully now, my main issue is that this rig does not support a DVD drive.  I had it rigged with the side of the case off and tried installing Sims 3, which went well, but I could not get the superpatch to work.  There is no manual way to select which drive it goes to, so it kept trying to install on the SSD.

Either tomorrow or next Friday, I will be buying an external DVD drive and then I can give it a more in depth attempt at Sims 3.  I think my last try was about 10 minutes before getting annoyed and shutting everything down.

What have I been doing these past two months?  Well, I got Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition all downloaded and installed.  Final Fantasy 14 has been downloaded and installed (which is what I have been playing most of the time) and Sims 2 was the first thing downloaded.   Sims 4 is at 47% at this time.  Please note that I get 1kbps, so 1 gb of download time takes me about 4 hours.  Hence why it is taking so long (otherwise I would just download Sims 3 from Origin).

When I am not playing FFXIV, I am playing Sims 2.  You can join me over at Shademoor, if you are interested.


click to see bigger

So here is Senah, my main FFXIV character doing a Beast Tribe quest for the Sahagin.  I am seriously in love with my graphics card now that I got it working so good.  I have a slight heat issue, but nothing too worrisome (spikes up to 63c) and I keep monitors up to watch out for anything, plus I have alarms if it gets too hot.

If anyone knows how to get Sims 3 patched on a backup hard drive, I would really love to hear how to do it.  Otherwise, I might be done with Sims 3.


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