Chapter 7

Here we are, yet again.  I’m excited for Generation 10 (and the end of this madness), so let’s move these kids along so we can get there soon.  It’s also exciting that with five kids already, no more will be born, so it’s just making it through to teen for the younger ones.   Oh also, the theme on the blog was annoying me, so have a drastic change.

TS3 2016-09-30 08-21-08-87

First things first, I found this in the mausoleum when I couldn’t find Jade in the world.  I was so sad that I missed it.  I wish I had kept her and PB in the house, but they were going to live FOREVER.


Wow, you guys.  Not only did I catch this on exactly 39,000 but when did 62 people want to read this crap?

TS3 2016-09-30 09-11-17-49

I literally just put out the graves and already Umber has come out to visit.   I also remember that my game crashed during saving, so we actually lose some time.

TS3 2016-09-30 09-12-56-33

Like all the way back to when Custard didn’t come home from school.  This time he did not go to the gym, but slept outside somewhere.

TS3 2016-09-30 09-14-41-46
TS3 2016-09-30 09-14-50-38

Things are not going well between Ivy and Raisin all of a sudden.  I missed what happened because I was down with Eggplant getting the graves out and putting in the rocking chairs.

TS3 2016-09-30 09-17-49-06

Moonie:  You’re a goddamn workaholic, aren’t you?

TS3 2016-09-30 09-18-08-37

Moonie:  Don’t even try to deny it!

TS3 2016-09-30 09-18-21-77

Raisin:  Oh really?

TS3 2016-09-30 09-22-45-65

Raisin:  Well you’re a horrible artist and all your art should be taken to the landfill.
Firefly:  Don’t mind me, I’m just starving, smelly and exhausted here.

TS3 2016-09-30 09-26-06-45

Moonie:  What about comic books?  Everyone loves those.
Raisin:  Right now, my most pressing concern is that my head is getting chopped off.

TS3 2016-09-30 10-35-03-72

Ivy:  Firefly, you smell like garbage, go bathe.
Raisin:  Yeah, let’s have her fail again.  That’ll impress people.

TS3 2016-09-30 10-37-23-47

Everybody is out tonight.  Next to Lightning is Jezebel, then Rosette (FP’s second spouse), Umber is on the other side of Eggplant and Caramel (FP’s first spouse) is at the end.  Heading up the stairs, barely seen is Sapphire.   Behind Caramel is Lifesaver and a few beds away, Jam is out sleeping too.

TS3 2016-09-30 10-40-42-11

Glow Bug:  I ain’t afraid of no ghost!
Sapphire:  BOO!

TS3 2016-09-30 10-44-00-40

Glow Bug:  Yeah, that was so scary.  I’m shaking in my jammies.

TS3 2016-09-30 10-45-36-27

Firefly:  I know we’re only acquaintances and I smell disgusting, but I really need a story.
Raisin:  Holy crap, girl.  Maybe mommy was right and you should go bathe.
Sapphire:  I’m not sure I can suffer through a whole book.

TS3 2016-09-30 10-52-24-23

In other news, Lightning is trying to fight off Lefty, who wants him dead.

TS3 2016-09-30 10-54-17-03

Some asshole put the kitten upstairs.  The poor thing is in the red and suffering.

TS3 2016-09-30 10-55-29-15

Kitten:  I was wayyy up there and now I’m wayy down here.  Spooky!
I used the power of teleport to get him downstairs since Ivy is asleep.

TS3 2016-09-30 10-57-10-67

Charlie, Fudge, Ingot and Berry have joined the crowd.  I now remember why I had the graves in the inventories.

TS3 2016-09-30 10-59-12-63

Glow Bug went running by.  I saw right before she started going that she was just about to pee herself.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-00-35-52

No one can stand Firefly’s stink, so she still hasn’t gotten a bedtime story.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-01-58-35

TS3 2016-09-30 11-02-40-22

Then there’s Lightning who goes to bed on his own at 4 am while green.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-06-50-94

Ghosts:  What, she brought us out of storage?  C’mon everyone, let’s lag the fuck outta this lot.
Which failed.  It’s running like a freaking dream.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-09-29-31

Firefly:  Man, they’re right.  I really do stink!

TS3 2016-09-30 11-12-30-52

Your mom is going to kill you for bringing that stench into her room.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-13-59-79

All that Firefly cares about is finally getting her story from Fudge.  Little does she know that it’s 6am, so she won’t sleep much before the bus comes.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-16-10-51

As expected, Firefly’s smell woke up Ivy.  I just hope Firefly now makes it somewhere to nap for a bit.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-17-53-31

She didn’t make it by the way.  Raisin’s responses to her walking by or even near him, convinced her she needed to bathe.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-19-17-94

Even on this replay, Custard never came home.  He had a clickable opportunity at the Science center and just stayed there.  Hopefully he goes to school so he can eat.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-21-07-36

Ivy:  Something has been stinking up the house.  I want you to take out the trash before the bus comes.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-22-26-73

Lightning:  No can do, mom.  I have homework.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-23-57-77

Gelato slept outside in his sleeping bag, so I lost track of him for awhile.  I found him on the waterslide.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-33-34-31

He takes his fun very seriously.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-38-42-66

Firefly:  I’m going to bed.
Lightning:  Cool, I’m going to do my homework in the bathroom and quite possibly while sitting in a puddle from the broken toilet.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-40-03-12

Lightning:  Nevermind.  You can have the puddle to nap in.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-51-29-31

I don’t even think so.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-52-31-11

Custard made it home in time for the bus!

TS3 2016-09-30 11-54-31-10

Even Firefly made it!  That means all the kids will finally be at school at the same time.

TS3 2016-09-30 11-59-22-90

Glow Bug apparently thought that just getting on the bus was good enough for her.

TS3 2016-09-30 12-00-51-54

Gelato took a cab home.

TS3 2016-09-30 12-02-28-80

Ivy is chatting with the cute papergirl, Peggy Eubanks.

TS3 2016-09-30 12-08-13-43

Even Moonie has decided that work was optional for her.

TS3 2016-09-30 12-11-21-93

Gelato gets away with skipping school somehow.

TS3 2016-09-30 12-13-06-78

Ivy:  Well lookie who remembered where he lives.
Custard:  Sorry, mom.  I was just super tired and I didn’t want to cost us points.

TS3 2016-09-30 12-15-24-32

Firefly:  I could really use a bedtime story, Custard.
Custard:  Maybe you should eat first?
Firefly:  Nah, I don’t get in trouble for being hungry.

TS3 2016-09-30 12-17-25-60

Kitten:  Dad, can you get your paw out of my eye?
Rudolph:  Just be glad I don’t have my claws out.

TS3 2016-09-30 12-18-45-22

Upstairs, Marigold was vomiting and Snowdrop was just passing by.  Eww.

TS3 2016-09-30 16-40-12-60

It really seems like a long time since there was a kid playing on the playground, but in reality, Gelato was just on it a few sims days ago.

TS3 2016-09-30 16-40-38-24

Firefly:  You’re doing homework again?  What a suck up!

TS3 2016-09-30 16-40-46-03

Custard:  Speaking of sucking, Glowsnot, you’re drinking that wrong.

TS3 2016-09-30 16-41-01-02

For the second night in a row, Gelato sleeps outside.

TS3 2016-09-30 16-41-33-29

TS3 2016-09-30 16-42-04-30

Eggplant and Moonie got the same clickable opportunity at the Theater, just at different times.  Moonie wasn’t able to finish hers, but was able to dance her heart out while Eggplant played guitar.

TS3 2016-09-30 16-54-02-59

Moonie:  You have been doing so good with school, that I’m letting you off the hook.
Custard:  You’re the best, grandma.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-07-36-98

Not to be outdone, the triplets all went to bed without issue.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-18-36-62

Eggplant did manage to come home.  He was pretty hungry too, so of course, he took the motive mobile and is all perky again.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-20-01-81

Custard:  Not only am I not in trouble anymore, I even clean on my own.
Gelato:  I clean up after all the pigs in this house, every single day.
Custard:  You’re delusional.  The voters want looks and semi-cleanliness.  Not your overly obsessive compulsion to clean.
Gelato:  Well, they don’t want an evil jerk like you.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-20-59-29

TS3 2016-09-30 17-22-06-21

Gelato then does laundry and feeds the cats.
Gelato:  I’m being helpful because Custard is dumbass loser.  That’s all.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-24-58-51

Racing games are serious business.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-28-59-09

Gelato finished up doing his thing and is now going to spend the night on the water slide.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-30-38-50

Custard has no intention of going to bed.  He chooses to rock his way to green, I guess.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-32-16-17

Custard:  Whelp, grandpa is pretending to be a zombie, therefore I must runaway and go to bed.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-33-28-66

Raisin:  Hey, did you notice that you got your own light for pictures?
Gelato:  Don’t care, get out the way!

TS3 2016-09-30 17-35-39-87

Between Gelato and Glow Bug, this house stays pretty damn clean.  I love neat sims.  I was surprised that he tore himself away from the water slide long enough to put clothes in the dryer though.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-37-45-18

These two actually get along pretty well.  Raisin talks computers with him and Eggplant boasts about his gamer skillz back.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-41-00-16

Raisin then heads downstairs after breaking one of the laptops.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-42-40-19

Meanwhile, Ivy is out picking up the sunshine things.  I got those flowers so the family would dance to them, but so far only Moonie has done it.  At least the sunshine things are worth money.  Not that they need money or anything.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-47-13-53

Custard went to try out the water slide, but he was so worried about the laptop that he faceplanted.

TS3 2016-09-30 17-49-32-37

TS3 2016-09-30 17-49-49-67

Well this is a new one.  Why the heck are they doing this to Ivy all of a sudden?  Glow Bug is a vampire too, so it can’t be the Plasma juice, can it?

TS3 2016-09-30 17-54-27-16

Glow Bug puts down her own Plasma juice to do this again.  Is it because she’s in her bathing suit?  Whatever it is, I’m getting annoyed really fast.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-30-33-38

The kids all watch Eggplant, who found the bass.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-31-16-63

I now know why no one went to school or work today (it’s Friday).

TS3 2016-09-30 18-35-54-52

And it was already true before she went in.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-36-52-48

Moonie complains about video games to one of our resident gamers.  Not a good idea.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-37-49-76

Glow Bug is off dancing.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-38-49-49

Firefly is on the swings!

TS3 2016-09-30 18-39-13-75

Lightning Bug just finished his homework and might have plans to go into politics?  *shrug*  Gelato just ate, while Moonie and Custard watch tv.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-39-48-81

Raisin is on the water slide again and Eggplant is asleep.  I have no clue why not a single one went to Ivy’s graduation.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-41-14-26

It’s time for Kitten’s (who still hs no name) birthday.   I found him snuggling with Rudolph and it was adorable.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-41-57-42

Someone has been using the alchemy station.  Ivy is always collecting stuff and now we have a falcon.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-49-47-95

Upon aging up, the game took naming Kitten into its own hands.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-50-43-56

And here he is.  I already have a mate for him, so as soon as we lose some house population, she can move in.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-53-42-87

Glow Bug:  Will you pipe down?  I’m trying to skill.
Lightning:  Peasants are not allowed to tell the King what to do.

TS3 2016-09-30 18-55-03-37

Raisin:  What about movies?  Everyone loves movies!
Moonie:  Movies are an acceptable form of entertainment.

TS3 2016-09-30 19-33-03-03

Random pic while I figure out why my sharpening is horrible on every pic.  That’s why every two or three pics is using different forms of editing.  Sorry.

TS3 2016-09-30 19-39-31-26

Moonie:  NO!  Don’t edit me again!

TS3 2016-09-30 19-39-37-01

That’s not why you’re crying.

TS3 2016-09-30 19-40-00-36

It’s a sad night in the house as we say good by to Snowdrop.  When I said we needed space, I did not mean someone had to die immediately.

TS3 2016-09-30 19-46-01-82

There was only room for a small amount of sims and cats in the basement, which is glitching big time during this.

TS3 2016-09-30 19-49-50-69

We interrupt mourning for this stupid interaction that everyone is doing to poor Ivy.

TS3 2016-09-30 19-51-43-56

I reset the lot and that still didn’t help.  Ivy finally remembers to feed the bird.

TS3 2016-09-30 19-56-52-70

Lightning and Glow Bug both went to sleep without any issue.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-03-15-05

Firefly continues to annoy the whole place.  It took her four hours to con someone (Caramel) into a bedtime story.  I guess it’s a good thing that it’s Saturday because going to bed at 7am would not go over well on a school day.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-05-48-93

Instead of going to bed, Firefly insisted on asking everyone for a second bedtime story.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-07-22-11

She eventually makes it to her bed, but only chooses to take a nap.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-09-16-41

I actually think the reset worked.  No one is “Eww”-ing Ivy anymore.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-11-35-04

Rudolph:  Here, chicken, chicken, chicken.  Bock bock.
Falcon:  I am not a chicken, dumbass.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-12-14-82

Rudolph:  Maybe not, but I bet you taste like one!  *attacks*

TS3 2016-09-30 20-11-58-48

I have had Pets since the day it came out and I have never, ever seen this happen.  I didn’t even think it would happen, or I would have sold the damn bird.

I don’t want to unpause my game.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-14-34-47

Omg.  Poor birdie!

TS3 2016-09-30 20-15-40-06

By the time I dared look again, he was happily alive and playing.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-14-45-82

Rudolph:  I have failed my species.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-17-38-82

I did find a pile of feathers hidden in the hallway though.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-19-23-82

Firefly, nap done, is off playing alone on the playground.

I know this is running extraordinarily long, but I really need to get the heir poll going and we will get to it during this update or die trying.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-24-10-61

Glow Bug made Ivy’s bed and then sat with her for a little while.  She ended up going downstairs and sitting in a chair for half the afternoon.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-26-56-36

Raisin:  That can’t be unseen!
Apparently someone booby trapped the computer.  I missed it because I was having Ivy fix the middle laptop.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-28-04-88

I should have known.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-29-16-81

These two are addicts, I swear.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-30-02-32

Firefly is not being annoying for once.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-34-35-83

Custard:  What the hell, mom!
Ivy:  Sorry, I wanted to throw an elixir at you and your brother.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-36-03-85

TS3 2016-09-30 20-36-12-39

Gelato:  Mother, what in the hell?
Ivy:  Funny, Custard said the exact same thing.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-36-25-92

Gelato: Oh, this is cool!

TS3 2016-09-30 20-35-49-29TS3 2016-09-30 20-37-08-64

She made two, so they both got one.

TS3 2016-09-30 20-38-14-40

Oh thank God.  It’s finally time!

TS3 2016-09-30 21-00-24-28

It was immediately time for cake under the watchful eyes of Blackberry and Tyrian.

TS3 2016-09-30 21-01-00-08TS3 2016-09-30 21-02-54-79TS3 2016-09-30 21-01-54-61

Omg, not a good trait for any of them.

TS3 2016-09-30 21-04-24-20

Custard:  Omg.  Look at them all.  What freaks!

TS3 2016-09-30 21-04-30-27

Ivy:  I can’t believe all my babies have grown up.   *wants another*


TS3 2016-09-30 21-04-48-40

Glow Bug

TS3 2016-09-30 21-05-07-94


TS3 2016-09-30 21-13-57-18


We can finally call it quits while I get everyone ready for the heir poll.   Why the rush?

TS3 2016-09-30 21-14-54-05

I can’t play til you guys vote!

Torch Holders: 9
Twin Birth (1): +10
Triplet Birth (1): +15
Honor Roll (1): +5
Completing LTW (1): +40
Pass out (7): –35 (+2)
Peeing Self (2): -10

Score: +25


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