Chapter 8

Welcome back!  Part 2 of the Heir Poll has just closed, but you won’t know who won for a little bit yet.  Sit back and get comfy because I am hoping to bop out a ton of stuff and get this generation over today.

Redo:  I got halfway through this update and Live Writer crashed.  Sadly, I had not saved, so yay for re-writing.


Lightning:  I’m going to win aren’t I?  See how adorable I am Open-mouthed smile

TS3-2016-10-03-21-11-40-84.jpgGelato:  It’s not fair!  I thought I was going to win.

Lightning:  Haha, you sucked in that poll, loser.


Firefly:  I’m totally going to win the poll!

Glow Bug:  I would wish you good luck, but I already know that I’m going to win.

Moonie: No, I would not like to buy a faux Mona Lisa.  Thanks, bye.


Raisin:  What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?

Custard:  *sneak sneak sneak*

Raisin:  What ever could that be?


Firefly:  I really don’t see how you could win.  Everyone loves me.


GB:  You wish everyone loved you, right?  Cuz, it’s me they love!

Moonie:  Raisin, what are you doing?

Raisin:  Trying to figure out what shape that cloud is.


Raisin:  *stands patiently*

Custard:  How can he not know I’m here?


Custard:  Ooogity Boogity BOOOOO!

Raisin:  Holy shit.  Where did he come from?


Custard:  *smirk* I’m just that good!

Or that invisible in this family.

Raisin:  It’s the Big One!


Firefly dances to Eggplant’s bass while Lightning just stands watching.

Summer Gnome:  Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.


Ivy comes in to watch and Firefly is still dancing.


Lightning:  This shit is riveting.

Really?  It looks to me like you might die of boredom.  Come to think of it, I might die of boredom too.


Raisin:  It’s just you and me again, water slide.

Custard:  Let’s see what other trouble I can get into.


GB is off cleaning.


Ivy wanted to woohoo, so off she goes with Raisin.


Firefly has since moved on to chess.

Firefly:  Which way does the horsie go?

Don’t look at me, my brain cannot comprehend that game.


Goddamn vampire glow.  Why can’t you do something useful like your siblings?

Glow Fly:  Cuz, it’s cartoon time!


Lightning and Custard finish their homework and head to watch Eggplant again.

Eggplant:  Boy, you are going to be in so much trouble!

Lightning:  I can’t wait until mom kills you.


Ivy:  Bad mother not, I can’t wait to kick your ass out of here.


Glow Bug must have taken me seriously.  Now she is up doing laundry.


She’s blinding me even with all the lights in the room turned off.


Then I remembered that I was running only base game compatible mods.  Welcome back, No Vampire Glow!  I missed you!

This is where my Live Writer crashed.  So, the cool intro I wrote up is gone, but this reminded me that I started a new legacy that is already almost done with the first generation.  It’s not ready to be viewed, but it will be soon.  I’m hoping to have the Tart’s done by Halloween.  You can find the blog location here.  It just has some basics on the attached pages.


Glow Bug:  Screw laundry, I’m doing my homework.


Raisin:  I’m going to the bank and rolling around naked in all our money.


With the dishwasher dead, the sinks had to be used.  Glow Bug had one of them trapped for a super long time.


Lightning:  I will KILL her!


Raisin doesn’t have much time left as a YA, so I let him use his one action.


Oh and it’s birthday time!

Gelato:  I can no longer live in a house with a broken dishwasher.

Man:  I am Dax Burnette, the butler ordered.  I do not like that I have a teen bedroom with teens in it.

Raisin:  We’re getting rid of them now.  You will have a room to yourself shortly.


FP, Sapphire and Charlie all came out to see the twins grow up.


The moment when your great-great grandmother wants your autograph.


The birthday boys are off to get jobs.



Custard got a job as a criminal and Gelato joined the military.


Ivy did not kick the twins out.  She bought them a house.


Probably so she can spy on them.


Eggplant’s way of keeping the triplets out of trouble.


Ivy:  I do not pay you to sit around and read books!

Dax:  Everything is done, Madam.


It’s kind of crazy, but other than a full laundry bucket, the place sparkles.


Someone once asked why my sims and cats were mixed up on the portrait panel.  I had no idea why and tried to fix it, but nothing worked.  It fixed itself when I no longer had an overstuffed house.

Also, I just noticed that my pet aging reset to default.  Since it is the last generation, I’m going to leave it alone.  That means that Marigold and Cymoril will probably see the end of the ISBI, but Rudolph is a bit iffy as he is an elder already.  At least now there is no rush to get Cymoril a mate out of the sim bin.


Moonie:  Glow Bug, why can’t you do your homework like your brother and sister?

GB:  Urm, because I did mine hours ago?

Moonie:  Good girl.


Who the hell are you?

Man:  I am Jarret Seaman, your butler.

Then who was that Dax guy?

Jarret:  An imposter!


It’s just Ivy and the butler today.  I’ll probably just triple speed until everyone gets home since she doesn’t really need to do anything.

TS3 2016-10-07 21-44-21-85

What?!  That’s so sad.  They’ve been together since he moved out of the house.

TS3 2016-10-07 21-44-26-94

This is great.  Ivy has a want for him to get married.


Oh wow, the butler dude is a witch.

TS3 2016-10-07 21-49-54-70 TS3 2016-10-07 21-50-03-55

There is seriously nothing else to report for the day.



The teens all found ways to not fail after school.


Firefly then woke up and did her homework.


Ivy:  Do your homework, Slacker!

Glow Bug:  But, I’m tired.

Ivy:  Don’t care.  Your siblings are already done with theirs and are almost on the honor roll.


Raisin:  So, you’re the one who started it all?

Plum: Yeah.

Raisin:  Cool.


It’s ghost night.


I deghostified them just see everyone again.  They are all so adorable.  Peach, Fudge, FP, Umber and Blackberry.  Too bad they return to the grave because when they come back to visit they aren’t visible anymore.

TS3 2016-10-07 22-25-27-78

Yuck.  I hate that trait.


Plum:  This round of musical rocking chairs goes to ME!  FP You’re a loser.

Everyone:  BOOO!  FP is a loser!

FP:  I hate you all. I’m out of here.

TS3 2016-10-07 22-26-31-58

Speaking of losers.


The bromance continues.

Raisin:  You are quite exceptional with that thing.

Eggplant:  Yes, it’s in my soul.  I live for music.

TS3 2016-10-07 22-34-07-54

The first points of any kind!  Good job, Lightning!



The nerds, enjoying games.  As usual.


Ivy and Eggplant having a major ping pong competition.


Every conversation between these two ends badly.  Then they woohoo to make up the relationship loss.


Rudolph:  Goodbye cruel world.

Ivy:  Nooo!


Rudolph:  Yes, for I must go and meet my family in the underworld.  Adieu!.


Cymoril:  Don’t leave me father!


Everyone showed up to say goodbye.


They all cared for like three seconds.  Tops.

Jarret:  Well, the laundry won’t do itself.

Ivy:  Look at my honor boy.   GB, do your homework like your brother and sister.

GB:  Nah, I got a new smut book to read.  Cya.


Lightning:  What garbage!  You’ll never get on the honor roll.

GB:  Mom said I can’t read anymore until my homework is done.  Bitch.




Raisin has his adult birthday, complete with cake.

Raisin:  Thank God, I thought I was going to starve to death.


Ivy:  I don’t know why my husband wanted you.

Jarret:  Because I’m awesome?

Ivy:  *shrug*  You’re dismissed.  We did fine without you for years, we will do better after you’re gone.

TS3 2016-10-07 22-55-58-19

TS3 2016-10-07 22-56-09-28

TS3 2016-10-07 22-56-18-74

TS3 2016-10-07 22-56-25-97

Eggplant gets another promotion, Custard finds new love and the girls give us more positive points.



Gelato:  Thanks for coming to my party. mom.

Ivy: Why are you living in the slums?

Gelato:  Custard stole all the money and kicked me out.

Ivy:  I’ll make him pay!

*family funds Custard to exactly the same amount as Gelato*


Gelato:  You did that for me?  I love you, mom.


Really?  In your grandson’s bed?

Moonie:  It makes it special.

TS3 2016-10-07 23-09-31-64 TS3 2016-10-07 23-09-21-83

I don’t even know what to say here.


You’re already on the honor roll.

Firefly:  It’s habit now.  I can’t wait to never do it again.


Your sister is doing her homework.

GB and LB:  We’re done already.

You people are boring.

TS3 2016-10-07 23-24-03-97

Will he top his career?  It’s anybody’s guess now, but he made it to level 9.







TS3 2016-10-07 23-27-53-51TS3 2016-10-07 23-28-02-83TS3 2016-10-07 23-28-09-85TS3 2016-10-07 23-28-14-30TS3 2016-10-07 23-28-38-86

Then Glow Fly found the Rhythm-a-con thingy and made the best faces.


Lightning:  Who does she think she is?

Firefly:  IRK!  We can be cute too?  Look at us.

Yes, look at you be boring.


LB:  I am so tired of this shit.

Firefly:  Me too!


Beer Pong!

Ivy: It’s just juice


There is no way that’s only juice.

Ivy lost every round and Raisin was declared the champion.  Then he helped his wasted wife to bed where he nailed her.  She did not remember in the morning.


Firefly:  See, I can do something interesting.


Lightning:  Quit trying to impress people.

Glow Bug:  I don’t have to impress anyone.  We all know how the next few years are going to play out.


Lightning had a want to learn the athletic skill, so I used his teen interaction to help him out.


Glow Bug wanted to sparkle, so Ivy made her a vampiric sunscreen elixir.  GB used her teen interaction to use it since Ivy ran off to drink plasma or something.


Party at Custard’s house!


Omg.  Seriously?  You two are so gross.


GB:  You are so lucky to be out of that house.  It’s all cleaning and homework there.

Custard:  Yes, my life is perfect.  I love it.

GB:  What ever you’re drinking, make mine a double.

TS3 2016-10-07 23-40-28-85TS3 2016-10-07 23-40-44-73TS3 2016-10-07 23-41-18-47

The party was actually really lame, so Ivy went around interrogating her kids.

Way to be completely different from each other.

Makes me want to have Glow Bug and Firefly get relationships and have Lightning lure them away and have affairs with them.


Yes!  I mean, No!   I really thought the Stepford Tarts had moved in.


TS3 2016-10-07 23-45-13-91

Aww, more kids for Tutti Frutti

TS3 2016-10-07 23-47-09-28

Yay!  Finally!

TS3 2016-10-07 23-50-35-65

First grandkid is on the way!


Prom night, which is why I didn’t have their birthday when they got the pop up.

TS3 2016-10-08 00-12-14-25
TS3 2016-10-08 00-12-16-86
TS3 2016-10-08 00-12-19-14
TS3 2016-10-08 00-12-21-29
TS3 2016-10-08 00-12-23-46
TS3 2016-10-08 00-12-26-03
TS3 2016-10-08 00-12-28-35
TS3 2016-10-08 00-12-30-39
TS3 2016-10-08 00-12-32-46
TS3 2016-10-08 00-12-38-34
TS3 2016-10-08 00-12-43-51
TS3 2016-10-08 00-13-43-00
TS3 2016-10-08 00-13-46-81
TS3 2016-10-08 00-13-50-11
TS3 2016-10-08 00-13-51-74
TS3 2016-10-08 00-13-53-20
TS3 2016-10-08 00-13-55-62
TS3 2016-10-08 00-13-57-29
TS3 2016-10-08 00-13-59-68
TS3 2016-10-08 00-14-01-17
TS3 2016-10-08 00-14-03-04
TS3 2016-10-08 00-14-05-57

In other words, just another boring prom!  No one found love, but then I think they are related to all the teens they know.

TS3 2016-10-08 00-14-10-34

Custard seems to be the most interesting so far.  He can get all the girls, but he can’t keep them.



That’s it guys!  Generation 10 is here and ..and  I’m so excited!

Lightning:  Me too!

Holy crap they were so boring.  If I didn’t love my computer so much, I’d almost wish I didn’t upgrade it.  I have no clue why they weren’t more entertaining.

Generation 9 Scoring:

Torch Holders: 9
Twin Birth (1): +10
Triplet Birth (1): +15
Honor Roll (4): +20
Completing LTW (1): +40
Pass out (7): –35
Peeing Self (3): -15

Score: +35

*yawn* Generation 9 goes down in history as the most boring ever.

Score after 9 Generations:
Self-Wetting: (100) -500
Passing Out: (123) -615
Failing School: 0
Accidental butt dialing of the cops (aka, Service calls either accidental or game forced): -5
Accidental Deaths: (1) -10
Social Worker Visit: (1) -15
Cheat Penalty: (3) -30

Torch Holders: 9
Births: (45) +225
Twin Births: (9) +90
Triplet Births: (3) +45
Quads: (2) +40
Fulfilling LTW: (10) +400
Achieving Honor Roll: (17) +85
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: (9) +90
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: (9) +90
Every 100,000 dollars ($2,120,000): +420
Having an NP Spouse reach the top of their career: (1) +10

Bad: -1175
Good: +1495
Total Score: +320


5 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. LOL at Moonie and Eggplant defiling all the beds. I love autonomous woohoo.

    And your simself with PB! As if you didn’t get enough of him when he was in the house and travelling all the time.

    • Omg I know. He’s so close to being an elder too. I swear my simself should be one at any time also. I hope they don’t breed. Although Claude, I think that’s his name, didn’t turn out too bad.

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