Poll Results and Generation Information

This is it guys!  It’s the end!  I can’t believe we finally got here after so many years.

The burning question remains:  Who won the poll?

Well, I’m here to tell you just that.


So, here’s what’s going to happen:  I’m going to make everyone happy.

Glow Fly is the heiress, of course.  Lightning and Firefly are her partners in crime.  Those two will each get 10 interactions per day.  Saturday will be Firefly’s free day to be controllable and Lightning will get Sunday’s.  That means on the weekends, Glow Fly is uncontrollable.  All other ISBI rules still apply.

Before Generation 10 took over, Ivy made Potent Cure potions for everyone except Lightning Bug, who’s LTW is to Turn the Town.

TS3 2016-10-10 14-22-45-55

Glow Bug – Swimming in Cash
GB is gay according to Ivy’s inquiries.

TS3 2016-10-10 14-23-41-04

Firefly – Martial Arts Master
FF is straight

TS3 2016-10-10 14-38-25-08

Lightning Bug – Turn the Town
LB is bi.

We will have the first chapter soonish.

Generations 1-9 have all been resaved cc free and are posted at Sims Asylum, where you will need to register to download them.  Generation 10 will be posted up this week.

Also, the Family Tree has had a revamp with all new portraits.


5 thoughts on “Poll Results and Generation Information

    • It was seriously a three way tie for days. I had my kid use his phone to vote. He clicked a random one. Since it was really a three-way tie again, I had to keep them all. I’m worried about how many sims I end up with in the house.

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