Chapter 1

Welcome to the official start of Generation 10!  If you recall, Glow Bug barely won the vote, so her siblings will be hanging out with limited actions per day.

TS3 2016-10-10 18-21-40-18

The game loads up and they immediately run off for graduation.

TS3 2016-10-10 18-22-44-51 TS3 2016-10-10 18-22-48-81
TS3 2016-10-10 18-22-51-38

All three had made it on the honor roll, but Lightning got on and stayed on for several days, which I think is why he got Valedictorian.

TS3 2016-10-10 18-23-01-63

Raisin: Yes, all the kids are grown!

TS3 2016-10-10 18-23-13-93

I managed to miss everyone’s diploma toss, so have a pic of Glow Bug in all her prettiness.

TS3 2016-10-10 18-26-02-62

We are then led right to our latest birthdays.

TS3 2016-10-10 18-27-20-42

TS3 2016-10-10 18-28-00-82

Talk about adorableness!

TS3 2016-10-11 01-16-35-14

The only single, gay female in town is Sierra something or other.  She’s cute, but I’m not sure if I like her enough to marry her in.

TS3 2016-10-11 01-19-16-80

Firefly and Eggplant glitched and had to be saved to bin, deleted and readded to the household (they stopped aging), so when they moved in, that accidentally completed GB’s LTW of swimming in cash.

I minused out her LTH points equal to what she earned, the money the two sims brought in and picked her another TLW.  The next one was Gold Digger, which should make this pic make sense now.

GB:  I think you should marry me and die.

TS3 2016-10-11 01-25-51-25

Raisin is really showing that he might complete his LTW.

TS3 2016-10-11 01-26-56-40

Free time is spent being boring.

TS3 2016-10-12 16-41-25-94

New inserts to town!

This is Pansy Pop and Orion Opal Frost from Sim-Ray.

TS3 2016-10-12 16-41-55-94

Crash Langurd, from Dysfunkshinal Legacy who loses his alienness, just to be a butt.  I used MC to give make him an alien again, but his eyes stay normal.  I will eventually put contacts on him that I downloaded just for this reason (it happened in my Vinson 2.0 too).

TS3 2016-10-12 16-42-06-79

Rounded out with Elijah Holly from the Holly ISBI.  I didn’t actually figure out what skin he was using, since it was not linked (it says he has the same as Cai Holly, but no link is listed for her), so I just gave him the whitest one I could find.

Whoever becomes a spouse/love interest is entirely up to the sims themselves.

TS3 2016-10-12 19-26-48-16

Lightning:  I hear there is new blood in town!

Firefly:  I’d much rather buy a chair worth $1,000.

GB:  Oh shut it and let’s go.

Moonie:  I remember when I was on a spouse hunt all those many, many year ago.

TS3 2016-10-12 19-28-06-73

Glow Bug:  I don’t find you attractive at all!

Orion:  It might be because you’re gay.

Glow Bug:  Oh, yeah.  Oops.

TS3 2016-10-12 19-29-23-52

Lighning:  You are simply adorable!

TS3 2016-10-12 19-29-46-92

Firefly:  Hi, I hope you don’t have an issue with personal space because I insist on invading yours.

TS3 2016-10-12 19-33-44-43

I have everyone switch around and chat with each sim.

TS3 2016-10-12 19-34-10-06

Ooh, nice.

TS3 2016-10-12 19-35-23-91

I missed it by a smidge, but Firefly just did a lunatic embrace.  I lol’d.

TS3 2016-10-12 19-35-45-39

GB has no interest in Crash, so she went off to talk to herself.

TS3 2016-10-12 19-36-17-97

Lightning hit it off with Elijah, but there are some issues to deal with.

TS3 2016-10-12 19-47-43-92

When Elijah and Lightning are not keeping each other occupied, Crash and Elijah flirt pretty hard.  Then I have Lightning butt in and take Elijah back.

TS3 2016-10-12 19-36-44-86 TS3 2016-10-12 19-37-49-69
TS3 2016-10-12 19-38-47-46 TS3 2016-10-12 19-42-54-82

Only Glow Bug has a different idea of how to spend her evening.

TS3 2016-10-12 19-59-20-00

Firefly:  Maybe if you move in with me, we can work on your wardrobe some more.

Orion:  I hope that’s not the only reason you would want to live together.

The lunatic embrace and subsequent flirting got them pretty friendly and then woohooer took over from there and they ended up in bed.

TS3 2016-10-12 20-00-07-96

Well, hell.

TS3 2016-10-12 20-00-17-33

A few chats and GB finds out if Pansy is rich or not.  Since I have no plans on killing anyone off, I’m thinking this should complete at old age death.  I may just change her LTW.  Stupid full moon and lunatic embrace.  I’m glad GB didn’t get slapped for it.

TS3 2016-10-12 20-01-22-72

GB and Pansy are slow to warm up to each other.  GB hopes some pillow fighting works in her favor.

TS3 2016-10-12 20-02-40-64

Elijah has just become Lightning’s boyfriend and he is also the first one toward his LTW.
Drink from sim 1/20.  I am still debating having him turn Elijah though.

TS3 2016-10-14 17-11-10-85

Back home, both Raisin and Eggplant got called back to the police station, leaving Ivy and Moonie to be boring in the rocking chairs.

*sigh* just loaded the game, got this one shot of Moonie and Ivy and it crashed.  Repeatedly.

I guess we will end our update here while I try and figure out what’s wrong.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. OMG, I can’t believe you used Elijah. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone use my sims in their game so that’s awesome!
    I also can’t believe I was stupid enough not to link his skin *facepalm*
    I’ll get on that and fix it shortly.

    • Omg, he’s so adorable, I just love him. Haha, not a big deal, I’ll change it when I see the link.
      I feel bad that he is going from one ISBI to another though.

      • He is definitely the best born of that generation tbh ❤
        It's totally fine if you want to keep his skin as what you have since his skin is actually a girl only skin anyway. I've fixed it on the download page if you do want to change it though.
        Lol, I'm sure he'll love being in another ISBI 😀

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