Chapter 3

Last time, all three heirs became exclusive with their significant others.  Two babies are on the way too!  Eggplant completed his LTW and topped his career and retired.  Cymoril gets a mate and Glow Bug tries to complete Pansy’s LTW.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-25-43-12

Although we left Glow Bug at home doing her maternity spin, she forgot to bring the family home from Custard’s party.  She quickly calls everyone home.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-30-51-27

GB has started alchemy for the simple fact that it will hopefully bring bugs.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-32-42-35

Firefly has Orion come for a visit.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-32-58-33

And finally wishes for him.  Slacker.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-35-36-35

Ivy:  Ho hum. How boring this house will be.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-35-55-09

LB:  BOO!  Boo on you for wanting into this madhouse.
Firefly:  Don’t listen to them honey.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-36-09-39

TS3 2016-10-31 21-36-20-88

They quickly tie the knot and Orion is the second spouse to move in.

*I had only planned on Glow Bug’s spouse to move in, but I couldn’t ignore Firefly or LB’s wishes*

TS3 2016-10-31 21-37-42-67

Firefly:  Me and Orion should be ruling this house ourselves and not sharing with the others.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-37-53-29

Blackberry:  Maybe you should remember that you are the end of a long legacy and to cherish the last moments this family will have together.
Firefly:  Fuck that.
Blackberry:  I foresee us being moved into the “Completed Challenge” Folder and forgotten about.  Like them Vinson’s no one hears about anymore.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-39-38-76

Firefly:  I’ll give you a million bucks to get you and your spawn to move out.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-43-13-93

LB: Or I can stay here with my spawn and then move in my soon-to-be husband.  Then I can make sure that the millions we do have don’t get used by you.
Firefly:  You asshole.  You wished that just get back at me.
LB:  You are not the center of my universe.  Back off.
Firefly:  I’m going to tell everyone that you wanted to see me naked last chapter.
LB:  The world already knows that I had a horrible drunken moment.  It will never happen again.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-45-36-82

Oblivious to the shenanigans of her siblings, Glow Bug decides she doesn’t want to kill off her wife and changes her LTW to Zoologist.  Her first catch is a Falcon.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-48-40-48

GB finally finds a butterfly, but it escapes her clutches.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-50-13-58

She consoles herself with a free moment with her new buddy.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-52-32-70

One of the easiest LTW in the Simverse.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-53-54-11

Glow Bug:  Well, aren’t you the cutest little thing.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-54-18-75

GB:  *lick..licklicklick*  Mmm. and tasty too!
Iguana thing:  HALP!

TS3 2016-10-31 21-55-13-53

WhattheEverLovingFuck?  No, Firefly!  No, you can’t date your grandpa!

TS3 2016-10-31 21-56-31-93

Pansy, is not having a good day.

TS3 2016-10-31 21-56-51-32

I use her one YA interaction to go out and gather up this butterfly.  The last butterfly.  The last thing needed for her LTW.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-11-33-31

Which is interrupted by Generation 11.
Moonie:  Pop out my first great-grandbaby and then ship that kid off to boarding school. We don’t want no stinkin’ kids around here.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-12-08-01

Aww the first born is a boy named Pomegranate.  He is artistic and insane.  He likes Country, Cheesesteak and Purple.

Back outside, Pansy’s LTW does not complete.  I tried a bunch of different things, but it just won’t go.  I have read forum after forum of how glitched this LTW is and after about an hour and 3 different attempts, we give up.  I went ahead and randomized Pansy’s traits (since I just now read that the creator said it was okay) and her LTW.

TS3 2016-11-01 17-02-39-18 TS3 2016-11-01 17-04-22-75

Her new traits and she wants to Live in the Lap of Luxury.

TS3 2016-11-01 17-06-29-18

I’m not waiting for babies to age up, so here is this cute little vamp.  He is mostly Elijah, but with LB’s skin color.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-30-36-10

Ivy and Raisin roll up identical wishes.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-26-00-90

Glow Bug takes a break from collecting to meet her new nephew.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-33-28-07

TS3 2016-10-31 22-33-48-15

Kitty aging reset to the max days, so that was fixed.  Then Hollyberry has a quick birthday.  Such a pretty girl.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-34-06-21

Pansy is a big help (pre-trait change) and puts the little guy to bed AND he’s tired.  Win!

TS3 2016-10-31 22-37-48-21

Word made it to Lightning Bug that Elijah was seen singing a duet with a strange man.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-38-19-64

Note how adorable he is.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-39-27-26

o.O  Baby three incoming!

TS3 2016-10-31 22-39-58-09

Lightning Bug hightails it across town and makes sure Elijah remembers who he belongs to.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-41-16-56

LB:  So, you want to take pictures?
Elijah:  Oh, there will be pictures.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-43-32-85

Elijah:  You wore me out!
LB:  I think we got pregnant.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-44-20-77

Elijah:  We better make it official.
LB:  Good idea.

TS3 2016-10-31 22-45-24-24

Why the hell would you even think this would be fun?

TS3 2016-10-31 23-01-03-88

Moonie:  Hello, great-grandson.
Pom:  *poop*
Moonie:  Whelp, I’m done here.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-01-52-95

Good thing Auntie Firefly was passing by.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-02-23-57

Almost time for another baby to completely make the house full.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-02-54-13

Raisin:  Unhand that boy!  It’s my turn.
Firefly:  No!  He’s mine!
Pom:  *is loved*

I can’t get over how adorable he is.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-04-14-98

Pansy:  FEED ME!
You know where the fridge is!
Pansy:  I’m still a vegetarian and I’m too hungry to cook.
Cymoril:  If she dies, I get her side of the bed.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-09-39-86

Elijah finally finds his son.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-12-53-44

Glow Bug:  I’m pregnant.
Firefly:  Me too.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-14-51-72

I went ahead and changed Elijah’s LTW to Atheltics since he was level 5 in that career.  It was perfect timing because Eggplant wanted to train someone.  He used his elder action to use it on Elijah.

Eggplant:  Hurry up and run boy, before my depends overflow.
Elijah:  Might as well do this before my body realizes I’m pregnant then.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-20-20-38

Hollyberry: I’m watching you, Falcon.
Falcon:  I’m watching you, watching me, Kitty.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-22-10-74

It’s Glow Bug’s freewill day, but she doesn’t really do anything.  She did make sure there was food for everyone though.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-22-47-17

Apparently, Orion and Firefly only got engaged earlier.  Oops.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-23-37-15

TS3 2016-10-31 23-23-49-64

TS3 2016-10-31 23-24-05-52

Firefly finally catches Orion at home and they quickly get married.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-25-43-03

We just cured you of that!  No.  Also, she wants a girl.  *crosses fingers*.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-26-12-54

Raisin finally gets some time with Pommy.  I think he just taught him to walk or something.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-26-41-71

Elijah:  Omg, what do we do?
Glow Bug:  Dammit, I want those damn pancakes.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-28-09-00

It’s another boy!

TS3 2016-10-31 23-30-55-60

He’s also another cute vampire baby.  Blueberry is an insane bookworm.  He likes Egyptian, Cheese Tofu Steak and Spiceberry.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-28-39-84

Meanwhile, Eggplant and Moonie are busting bedsprings everywhere they go.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-31-50-29

Pansy has no clue she just became a mom.
Pansy:  So that’s how you make a salad.  Good to know.
Glow Bug literally dropped the baby on the floor and ran for her pancakes.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-33-31-82

Glow Bug:  Well, you’re a grandpa again.
Raisin:  Cool, now go have three more.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-35-02-40

Really? In your  parents’ bed?  Gross.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-40-31-05

Busted!  You are so disgustingly busted!

Firefly:  I’m not doing anything!

TS3 2016-10-31 23-43-28-36

I thought it was so sweet that LB went upstairs, grabbed Pommy and came down to rock with him.  Too bad he never got rid of his stupid scowly face.  He then set him down and taught him to talk.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-44-34-04

Crash and cousin Paula!  Wooo!

TS3 2016-10-31 23-44-41-06


TS3 2016-10-31 23-44-57-06

Oh dammit!

TS3 2016-10-31 23-45-28-13

Moonie:  C’mere newest great-grandbaby.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-45-45-09

Moonie:  *tickletickletickle*
Blue:  *giggle*

TS3 2016-10-31 23-45-53-59

Moonie:  You didn’t see that.  Get out of here and never speak of this.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-46-25-57

Moonie:  Okay, boy, let’s teach you to talk.  It’s not like I have a choice in the matter.

I used Moonie’s elder action to do this.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-48-55-52

TS3 2016-10-31 23-49-12-74

Glow Bug gets to fulfill her hasytack woohoo wish.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-50-14-78

Custard calls up to chat with Ivy.

Ivy:  You better light a fire under your ass, Custard.  I have had a want for you to get married since the day you moved out.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-51-09-79

Lightning gives some love to baby Blue.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-52-19-70

Glow Bug:  So, about that woohoo earlier.
Pansy:  What about it?
Glow Bug:  I’m pregnant.
Pansy: *straightface*

TS3 2016-10-31 23-53-25-73

Orion is kind of boring.  I actually just remembered he was in the house.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-54-38-03

Eggplant and Firefly are on my hit list.  Both are slobs.  Both hit every all in one bathroom in the house and make puddles.  They don’t even have to use the bathroom, they do it just to make a mess.

Orion proves he is not above cleaning up after them, which is nice since Glow Bug has four other puddles to deal with.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-55-52-70

Elijah is not above changing diapers, even ones that don’t belong to his own child.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-57-03-09

Pansy:  How dare you challenge me in trivia about cooking.  You know I don’t eat anything!

TS3 2016-10-31 23-58-17-29

Aww. Cymoril becomes an elder.

TS3 2016-10-31 23-59-55-30

Which means we better get started on kitties!

TS3 2016-11-01 18-06-48-25

Oh shit, baby time!  I wasn’t keeping very good track.  This means Firefly will go at any time too.

TS3 2016-11-01 18-08-40-16

LOL!  I went to go check on the progress of kittens and found Firefly.

Cymoril:  That was down and dirty.  I need a bath.

And, we have a kitty incoming!

TS3 2016-11-01 18-12-16-00

Elijah wanted a girl and Lightning Bug wanted a baby.  They got a boy, but as you can see, Elijah is super happy no matter what the gender.

TS3 2016-11-01 18-16-45-98

Persimmon was born a family-oriented coward.  He likes Disco, PB&J and Aqua.  Looks like Lightning’s Hair and skin color with Elijah’s green eyes.

With two kids, they are now on birth control.  There are way too many sims in the house for them to have the girl they want.

TS3 2016-11-01 18-19-23-52

We certainly need to spend more time on LB’s LTW anyway.

TS3 2016-11-01 18-29-25-92

Grandpa Raisin snatched him before we had a chance to see him.

TS3 2016-11-01 18-30-34-23

Grape is yet another boy.  He is handy and perceptive.  He likes Classical, Autumn Salad and Green.

I think we will end this here, while I recuperate from having 17 sims in one house.

TS3 2016-11-01 18-26-41-04 TS3 2016-11-01 18-26-22-60 TS3 2016-11-01 18-25-47-94 TS3 2016-11-01 18-26-02-82

I thought I would show off who got what occult.

TH:  10 (x3)
Births: (4) 20
NTH topping career: (1) 5
Completed LTW: (1) 40

Pass Out: (1) –5

Score: +60


3 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. Grandparent genetics FTW! Love Blueberry’s green hair! But holy overstuffed house, 17 sims? You crazy. Maybe Moonie needs to have an ‘accident’ and go on her way 😉

    The kids are all so adorable, but they’re Tarts, so we knew they would be. I’m surprised there’s no purple hair yet, what with GB, Firefly and Orion’s genes in there. But variety is awesome.

    • I’m actually thinking Moonie and Eggplant need an accident at this point. If I lower the elder age anymore, things will look very shifty :D. They were both still 15 days from elder, and I had to age them up. They should die off pretty soon.
      I forgot this even posted. I guess I need to dig out from FFXIV and get to playing to stay on the schedule I put forth. It’s the downfall of scheduling a week in advance and my advanced age and memory loss like an old lady.
      I really like how all of the kids look so far. I was happy to see that Apple green show up again. I am quite happy to not have any purple, but was hoping to have one exit it since we started with Blackberry , who had a shade of purple that I thought would last as long as his eyes did.

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