Chapter 5

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers.  Have a wonderful day to everyone who lives elsewhere!

Last time, we lost Moonie, Eggplant and Marigold.  Pomegranate and Blueberry aged up.  The first girl was born along with four kittens, three of which immediately went to a neighbor..  Ivy Berry and Raisin moved out and took two cats with them.

TS3 2016-11-19 18-53-41-35

Glow Bug is married to Pansy.  Together they have newly aged up Blueberry and the only girl of Generation 10, Sugarplum.

TS3 2016-11-19 18-59-20-08

Lightning Bug is married to Elijah Holly.  Together they have Pomegranate and Persimmon.

TS3 2016-11-19 18-50-19-50

The game crashed a couple of times on load up. I bet it’s because I had no clue that Firefly was in labor when I left last time.  Oops.

TS3 2016-11-19 20-08-53-73

Firefly is married to Orion Opal Frost.  Together they have (green) Grape and (newest born) Sycamore (friendly and insane).

We definitely have six adorable little kids for Generation 10.

TS3 2016-11-19 20-34-30-92

Last, but not least, we have the final cat in that was born in the family.  Her name is Rainbow.

TS3 2016-11-19 18-44-57-67

Never been to school, yet Blueberry has done more homework than Pomegranate has.

TS3 2016-11-19 19-02-14-54

Less toddlers is always a big plus!

TS3 2016-11-19 20-08-01-57

Aww, first notification on Ivy and Raisin.

TS3 2016-11-19 21-34-52-74

Last chapter, there was mention of Curt, Crash’s little boy.  I gave him alien contacts because he is 100% an alien baby, but had human eyes.  He’s also freaking adorable.

TS3 2016-11-19 21-54-55-96

Still besties a chapter later.  I love how they don’t care who the kid belongs too, they will cart them around the house and hold them hostage like they belong together.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-00-32-73

TS3 2016-11-19 22-02-37-01

Persimmon has his child birthday and gains a trait that I didn’t write down.  Oops.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-06-28-43

It’s a miracle!

TS3 2016-11-19 22-17-24-64

One that does not last the whole night.  Luckily Pansy was only too happy to get the toddlers up and fed.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-18-07-04

I swear, it’s a birthday a day around here.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-18-50-82

He had a spot open and I’m weak.  I locked it in for him.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-23-58-82

Firefly is being a dumbass.  She is tired, so she grabs Sycamore and instead of feeding him, puts him back in the crib.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-25-27-74

She then abandons her youngest boy to help her oldest son, Grape, with his birthday.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-26-45-48

The cuteness continues into childhood.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-28-01-19

Firefly then heads back upstairs to Sycamore.  I do think she feeds him this time.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-28-35-00

No.  No, she doesn’t.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-28-47-91

Orion:  You know that feeding him will stop the screaming, right?
Firefly:  I’ll get around to it eventually.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-29-29-46

Lightning then walks in, hits Orion and then started chasing him.  I forgot that Lightning now has a childish trait and they were off to play tag.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-30-19-77

Sycamore got fed after all, but no one showed up to put him to bed. –5

TS3 2016-11-19 22-32-47-15

Oh shit.  It’s the beginning of the end for this save.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-40-30-22

I finally had to start deleting rocking chairs.  No one would go to bed and the ghosts would fight with the kids for a spot.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-47-13-30

Sycamore is freaking adorable.  He is also showing off that he can walk.

TS3 2016-11-19 22-59-36-76

Orion and Firefly are faithful now.  It’s so cute.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-02-04-97

Party at Custard’s house again.  Lightning and one of the townies from Sugar Valley, Cino Twist, heartfarted.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-02-45-15

It is really time to get Lightning back into his LTW.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-06-39-53

A new family in town is full of fairies.  Lightning enjoys them for a snack.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-08-24-78

TS3 2016-11-19 23-08-34-03

The toddlers got tired, so Glow Bug carted Sycamore home, then went back to grab Sugarplum.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-09-33-73

The camera autofocused back to the party, but I cancelled it thinking it was something lame.  While Sugarplum was falling asleep, I heard the death music and zoomed back over to see what the fuck happened.  As you can see, no one else cares.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-10-10-76

Firefly!  No!  I was horrified to see that it was Firefly who died.  Her portrait was green and I saw her swimming happily.  She was not fatigued in the slightest.  Still no one notices.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-11-18-59

Finally Custard and one of the boys noticed, but inside and over to the left, life goes on.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-12-44-63

Glow Bug quickly calls everyone home.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-17-00-26

Lightning buys a magic lamp since he wants to resurrect his sister.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-18-17-40

I’m so sorry I let you die, Firefly.  I missed you for the whole hour you were gone.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-20-25-09

Omg.  Pomegranate!  -5

TS3 2016-11-19 23-21-26-38
TS3 2016-11-19 23-21-30-75

More birthdays incoming!

TS3 2016-11-19 23-23-12-00

Woo, it’s a school day and the house becomes manageable for a few hours.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-28-35-97

Orion sure looks smug.

Orion:  I got what I wanted.
Firefly:  I don’t recognize him as my husband, but he sure is amazing.

Sigh.  Firefly lost her job, her LTW and her family.  I let them get funky to reestablish a relationship.  They will get married again eventually too.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-34-27-74

Double birthday time!

TS3 2016-11-19 23-37-10-51

Pomegranate: Artistic, Mean Spirited, Insane and Loves the Outdoors.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-38-11-31

Sugarplum: Clumsy, Night Owl, and Insane.

She looks just like Glow Bug.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-38-51-54

How much you want to bet she doesn’t make it.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-39-49-12

Dammit.  -5

TS3 2016-11-19 23-41-49-21

Omg.  You have to be kidding me.  -5

TS3 2016-11-19 23-44-04-68

Freaking Elijah was caught doing vampire things to poor Orion.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-45-04-11

What are you doing?
Lightning:  Sending Pom to boarding school.  All teens are being sent away.
Says who?
Lightning:  Says all the adults who have to raise these kids.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-48-44-01

Firefly:  Hey, stranger, I’m pregnant.
Orion:  Woo.
Firefly:  I hear kids music and I got fertility treatment.
Orion:  Multiples?  Seriously?
Firefly:  Yeah, LTW got changed to something undoable, so it got changed again.  I need five kids.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-50-29-60

The stream of birthdays continue.  It’s Sycamore’s birthday too.  I was just distracted and didn’t nab his notification.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-52-00-41

and Pomegranate leaves for boarding school.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-52-43-37

Yes!!  Thank you, Lightning!

TS3 2016-11-19 23-53-13-58

WOOOO!!!!  +40

TS3 2016-11-19 23-53-36-91

It may not be a completed LTW, but maxing his athletic skill is pretty damn amazing too.

TS3 2016-11-19 23-57-09-68

I sort of regret this, but look how happy she seems.

TS3 2016-11-20 00-20-28-06

Double birthday time!

TS3 2016-11-20 00-24-16-10

Blueberry: Bookworm, Hopeless Romantic, Insane, Loves the Outdoors.

TS3 2016-11-20 00-25-03-20

Sycamore: Computer Whiz, Hopeless Romantic, Insane.

TS3 2016-11-20 00-27-24-91 TS3 2016-11-20 00-27-31-03

People do go to work…sometimes.

TS3 2016-11-20 00-28-23-00

Now that I have a no bedtime story mod (since the start of Chapter 4), the kids spend more time chatting and befriending their parents, aunts and uncles.  It’s a really nice change.

TS3 2016-11-20 00-29-48-34

Rainbow still exists!  She is just pretty bored without another cat around.  I also have to spend a lot of time with her social.

TS3 2016-11-20 00-34-32-70

Will the parade of birthdays ever end?

TS3 2016-11-20 00-39-30-30

You didn’t think Firefly would be allowed a third pregnancy without the others being jealous, did you?

TS3 2016-11-20 00-41-12-02

Blueberry finds Eggplant’s old guitar and plays until he leaves for boarding school.

TS3 2016-11-20 00-44-38-01

Glow Bug catches the cocaktoo and that turtle behind her.

TS3 2016-11-20 00-44-48-17

Yes!  +40.

TS3 2016-11-20 00-45-33-24

Omg.  Poor Elijah!  I forgot that I took out the male pregnancy clothing when I figured these two were done with kids.  I’m so sorry!

TS3 2016-11-20 00-49-21-07

TS3 2016-11-20 00-52-09-53

Persimmon: Coward, Artistic, Insane, Family Oriented.

TS3 2016-11-20 00-54-57-48

Orion turns into a vampire!  No more Elijah getting him with his Hypnotic Gaze, lol.

TS3 2016-11-20 00-59-16-95

Omg.  Stop!

TS3 2016-11-20 01-02-26-91

I changed my mind! No more babies!

TS3 2016-11-20 01-06-59-81

TS3 2016-11-20 01-09-46-65

TS3 2016-11-20 01-13-29-04

Aww, they are so cute though.  Triplets for Firefly (+15).  Two boys and a girl.
Top: Pistachio (girl): Loves the Heat, Natural Cook.
Middle: Tiramisu Blitz: Neat, Good.
Bottom: Bubble Gum: Friendly, Easily Impressed.

All three’s traits were locked in.  All three are vampire/imaginary friends, but only Pistachio has the vampire glow.  Grape and Sycamore are only imaginary friends.

TS3 2016-11-20 01-15-17-67

Speaking of Grape!  I noticed this while sending him to his cake!  +5

TS3 2016-11-20 01-15-53-14

TS3 2016-11-20 01-26-25-87

With so many things going on, poor Grape never got a teen pic!  He is: Neat, Perceptive, Insane, and Handy though.  I even failed to get a pic of Glow Bug’s baby.  Oops.

TS3 2016-11-20 01-26-38-55

It’s because of potty training, I swear.

No, it’s because I lose track of everyone in this mess of a house.

TS3 2016-11-20 01-27-45-44

The bobbing head of Elijah is seen in labor.

TS3 2016-11-20 01-28-27-66

Also, more potty training is going on.  Also, the all in one bathroom is broken.  Again.

TS3 2016-11-20 01-39-56-38

Omg.  She’s so freaking cute!  Hazelnut: Neat, Computer Whiz.

Her big brother Pomegranate is an Imaginary Friend.  Persimmon is an Imaginary Friend/Vampire and she is a Vampire.

TS3 2016-11-20 01-41-43-97

Ohh, I do have a pic of Raspberry Blitz!  She is Friendly and Clumsy.

Big brother Blueberry is an Imaginary Friend, Sugarplum and Raspberry are both the only humans of all 11 kids.

TS3 2016-11-21 21-55-18-55

It wasn’t fair that she failed to get a pic, so I opened up the game for this reason.  Grape has already left for boarding school, so no pic of him.  He’s a cute one though.

(I think she and Hazelnut are my favorites)

TS3 2016-11-20 01-42-43-64

Dammit, Sugarplum!  -5

The top of these stairs are a killer.

TS3 2016-11-20 01-43-19-27

Orion spends a lot of time with the kids.  He’s so helpful and sweet.

TS3 2016-11-20 01-44-15-72

The chaos is real.

TS3 2016-11-20 01-44-40-36

But Orion never lets a baby go hungry.  These two do a lot of the overnight work.

TS3 2016-11-20 01-57-04-76


TS3 2016-11-20 01-59-34-61

I have learned to avoid the nursery unless one dips into the yellow.  The screaming is driving me nuts.

TS3 2016-11-20 02-00-46-68

I took out my Icarus Scolding mod, and put in a version from TFM.  Sycamore got busted booby trapping a laptop and then a sink.

TS3 2016-11-20 02-05-06-96

TS3 2016-11-20 02-06-01-80

Me and Lightning needed a break from the house.  He found some old co-workers to snack on and then turn.  He previously had a job in the military, but I had him quit when I realized we needed more people around for toddlers.

Drank from:  11/20
Turned: 2/5 (just waiting out the days until they turn)

Elijah is level 7 in his athletics career.  I’m thinking he just might complete his LTW too.

TS3 2016-11-20 02-11-48-20

Orion hardly ever goes to work.  He and Firefly got married again and he got another 8 days off of work.  His LTW is Master Magician, so it’s not doable anyway.  He has a job in law enforcement and has made it to level 2.

TS3 2016-11-21 22-05-08-46

Sugarplum holds court for the last time.  Rainbow needs attention, as usual and Sycamore will have his birthday tomorrow.

TS3 2016-11-21 22-07-50-40

TS3 2016-11-21 22-09-28-61

Sugarplum disappoints me.  She is officially a Glow Bug clone.  I was really hoping something would be different between the two by this point.  She had Childish locked in.

TS3 2016-11-21 22-11-57-16

I also notice an aging glitch for her.  It’s supposed to be 10 days as a teen and Sugarplum seems to have grown up two days into her teen life.  Toddlers and kids are only 5 days, but I haven’t noticed a glitch for them.  I fixed Sugarplum’s issue in MC.

This seems a good place to stop.  We will lead off with Sycamore’s teen birthday next time.  The triplets have three days left and the other two have four days, which is better than having five at one time.

I can’t believe there is only two weeks left to finish this.  I also want to say thanks to all the readers.  I hit 41,000 views last week, and it’s very overwhelming how you all have stuck around for so many years.

TH:  10 (x3)
Births: (8) 40
Triplet Birth: (1) 15
Honor Roll: (1) 5
NTH topping career: (2) 10
Completed LTW: (4) 160

Pass Out: (4) –20
Peeing Self: (2) -10
Accidental Death: (1) -10
Cheat Penalty: (1) –10 (resurrecting Firefly)

Score: +180


3 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. You are so crazy with the billion kids. Don’t know how you handle it. I agree with you about Hazelnut and Raspberry being the cutest, though I also love Bubble Gum. Poor eldest kids can rarely compete with the adorable toddlers.

    • Very crazy! But it’s the last generation and I think they should go out with a bang. Although, I’m not going to let Lightning have another one. He keeps getting the wishes and it’s annoying.

      Bubble Gum is the most decent of the boys. I think Hazelnut as a child is cuter than Raspberry for now. I can’t wait to see them as teens.

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