Chapter 7

Welcome back!  This is posting almost back-to-back with the last chapter, so no big intro is going on here.

TS3 2016-12-06 03-26-39-44

We pick up almost immediately after Firefly’s birthday.  Glow Bug is fixing a broken laptop and I note that Hazelnut is playing chess.  I had no clue she did anything without her IF.

TS3 2016-12-06 03-29-39-06

Raspberry beats Hazelnut to the washer.  I forgot that the kids can do laundry!  I really started to wonder why I never found any lying around.

TS3 2016-12-06 03-30-19-37

Orion was pondering the painting that Raspberry painted.   What is her obsession with romance and marriage?

TS3 2016-12-06 03-35-26-51

Firefly is having a MLC.  Her first two wishes were for divorce and moving to a new home, both of which are not gonna happen.

TS3 2016-12-06 06-11-27-97

TS3 2016-12-06 06-10-19-93

Grape decided Art School sucked.  He was very disappointed when his parents enrolled him in military school as punishment for quitting.

TS3 2016-12-06 06-14-44-56
TS3 2016-12-06 06-14-47-71

Wooo!  +40.  I swear this is the best generation ever for points.  I hope he can top the career before the last kid ages up though.

TS3 2016-12-06 06-53-51-98

TS3 2016-12-06 06-53-59-87

TS3 2016-12-06 06-54-09-30

TS3 2016-12-06 06-54-36-00

The resident dancing machine came straight home to celebrate.  There’s just one little problem…

TS3 2016-12-06 06-54-39-21

The motive mobile doesn’t work on vampire hunger.  Go Eat!

TS3 2016-12-06 06-56-00-70

Elijah:  You know I’m not going to let myself starve.

You almost did!  He danced and flirted and then danced some more.  I thought he was going to die for a little bit.

TS3 2016-12-06 06-56-58-44 TS3 2016-12-06 06-57-11-13

TS3 2016-12-06 06-58-59-10

Aww, the first graduate!

TS3 2016-12-06 06-57-43-21

Pansy hits level 6 in her career and goes into the Symphonic branch.

TS3 2016-12-06 07-12-22-11

Pomegranate gets his name card made and moves out.

TS3 2016-12-06 07-18-59-83

Pom:  What do you mean I’m moving to the slums?
Blame the game, dude.

TS3 2016-12-06 07-20-51-01

Pom was horrified that even though he took $50k with him, he ended up in the slums.

TS3 2016-12-06 07-25-22-72

Pom didn’t let that keep him down.  The next morning, he moved.

TS3 2016-12-06 07-26-02-81

And he chose well!

TS3 2016-12-06 07-28-31-28

Ewww!  Considering I was watching Firefly and Raspberry pillow fight and Lightning Bug was just waking up, I’m not sure what the hell is going on.  My game crashed soon after, so let’s all hope we get this challenge completed real soon.

I just hope we don’t lose too much (probably not because the last crash happened after Firefly’s birthday, which luckily had already been saved).  (five minutes later….)  Whew.  Saved after Pom’s makeover, but before he moved out.  I wonder if he’ll be put into the slums and then move again (yes, he did get the same slum house).

TS3 2016-12-06 07-53-37-46

I just noticed this, but I am not counting points since he did it away from home.  I’m just happy he did well at school.

TS3 2016-12-06 07-58-55-99

Hazelnut killed two laptops in a matter of minutes.

I can’t believe it, but the town just hit Week 7, one of the longest places the family has stayed in a many generations.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-01-09-06

Pistachio ran past to go on the waterslide, where she proceeded to get hurt on it.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-03-46-02

Glow Bug decides to let Lightning fix the laptops when he gets out of the hospital.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-05-38-39

Cool.  He was almost going to become brooding.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-05-49-71

Glow Bug busted up the bathroom after her ordeal with the laptop.  She gained a handiness point after fixing it.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-07-25-36


Pom did move back into the nicer house the next day.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-10-12-59

Lightning came straight home and fixed one laptop.  He then had to take a break for food, but quickly got back to the 2nd one.  He is hoping to make it to the opportunity to record a commercial before the day ends.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-12-30-04

I was clicking through the family to see what everyone was doing and noticed that Pistachio can head off to her opportunity to see a free game.  In other news, Rainbow is looking for her BFF and Tiramisu is hoping that Uncle Lightning hurries up and fixes the laptop even though there are two others he can use.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-16-18-85

Aww, Paula and Crash broke up and then moved out.  (Tuitti Fruitti Fusion is not the same as Tuitti Frutti Tart.  I think she is one of the breeding program kids).

TS3 2016-12-06 08-18-21-23

I love clickable opportunities.  It was also cool that she got to watch Uncle Elijah’s team win.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-20-16-46

Grape ends up enjoying military school.  Too bad I never even noticed him leaving or what day he left on.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-22-12-77

I caught Echo (front) and Bodica running past.   They are Rainbow’s litter mates.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-23-31-84

I was heading back to see if anything interesting was going on and caught Coal hiding between the house and a vehicle.  I guess the three litter mates are having an outing together.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-26-04-54

I think Hazelnut is trying to break another laptop.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-26-55-94

I figured it was a good time to see what trouble the kids were getting up to.  Raspberry is sitting in a dark hallway with her IF.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-27-25-88

Bubble Gum and Lightning were playing video games together.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-27-41-55

and Tiramisu was upstairs playing with the blocks.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-29-41-10

Orion was found getting bit by the falcon.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-30-35-02

Firefly was learning to paint.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-31-19-24

Pansy was asleep in Ivy and Raisin’s old room.

Glow Bug and Elijah are both at work.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-32-18-15

Wow.  I don’t even know how long it has been since a Tart has played the blocks long enough to finish.  I’m pretty sure this was done over the course of the week, but who knows.  There are too many sims to really keep track of what each one are doing at all times of the day and night.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-36-31-01

Since his LTW is now done, Lightning heads to the hospital to get a job.  It will be nice to have him just admit himself after work instead of having to keep such a sharp eye on him every morning.  Now, I can just check when he leaves work.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-38-58-15

Elijah’s team actually did end up winning the game.  He came home and headed straight for the trampoline.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-40-12-54


TS3 2016-12-06 08-43-56-44

Hollyberry joins Cymoril in the basement.

TS3 2016-12-06 08-48-54-00

I noticed Lightning’s portrait getting yellower and yellower.  I found him still at the hospital hanging out with Raisin.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-00-02-30

TS3 2016-12-06 08-50-33-77

Blueberry came home alone after graduation.  He should have been carpooling with Persimmon if my notes are to be believed.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-05-43-05

Haha.  We follow him and see that he got sent to the same slum house as Pom.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-08-40-76

Pistachio slams her face into the table in shame after playing video games so long that she peed herself and almost starved.


TS3 2016-12-06 09-10-13-59

Not even five feet away, we find Elijah about to pass out after a night spent in the jacuzzi.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-13-18-59

Things are not looking up for Elijah.  He came inside, went to the bathroom and then decided to dance.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-14-26-29

Omg, not you too!  Why is everyone failing now?  We have lost two sims in the house.  This should not be happening.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-17-07-43

None of the kids ate breakfast and so Monday starts out with all five of them hungry.

Hazelnut:  I hate Monday’s.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-18-35-28

Elijah almost made it to his bed.  Unfortunately, he passed out at the top of the stairs, blocking Pansy from her bed.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-19-33-59

I then find out that Pansy has no intention of going to bed yet.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-21-39-97

Glow Bug cleans up after Pansy while I see if she makes it to bed after she eats.  Sadly, Glow Bug’s unused cake did not last until the next set of birthdays.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-24-27-46

Pansy then heads in to the bathroom, stinks the place up and then breaks the damn thing.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-25-40-40

Then she goes down.  -5

TS3 2016-12-06 09-27-35-42

WTF?  Stop that, Glow!

TS3 2016-12-06 09-27-41-39

Sigh.  Hopefully, Pansy can make it up to bed after GB has her fun.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-29-42-10

Thankfully, GB just got the pop up that it was almost time for work.  I sent her early.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-31-20-23

Oh shit. Pansy had to leave for work too.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-32-08-88

In other news, Elijah did make it to bed.  Too bad his carpool is waiting and he has no intention of waking up for it.  The timer on his sleeping says he will be sleeping for the next six hours.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-35-30-15

TS3 2016-12-06 09-35-33-12

TS3 2016-12-06 09-35-35-54

Holy shit.  +15

Bubble Gum and Raspberry will probably get theirs tomorrow, since they both have A’s too.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-40-11-87

Bubble Gum has a badging ceremony after school.  When he is done, Raspberry has her ballet recital.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-43-15-04

TS3 2016-12-06 09-43-18-88

Oh wow.  These two didn’t get pop ups, probably because of after school activities.  +10

TS3 2016-12-06 09-45-14-31

Everyone heads back in for the recital.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-46-24-40

This time, Elijah actually shows up and Glow Bug just got off work and rushed over.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-47-26-96

Lightning gets out of the hospital in time to watch.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-47-31-83

As does Pansy, who will probably pass out straight away.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-49-36-20

Oh you totally lucked out, girl.  Pansy went in to the school and popped right out. I figured she was going down, but she decided to head home and stole GB’s motive mobile from the school parking lot.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-50-44-26

I must have had my notes wrong because Persimmon graduated today instead of the previous one.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-55-23-59

After a long day at school, after school activities, and two long school programs, I wait to see who makes it to bed and who passes out.  So far, Raspberry is the only one actually heading to her bed.

TS3 2016-12-06 09-57-48-71

Pistachio heads to the couch for a nap, but pops up almost immediately.  Tiramisu is on the floor behind the chair on the left playing with his IF.  Bubble Gum and Raspberry make it to bed.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-00-15-51

Hazelnut is still at the school grumpily waiting for her dad to get off the damn phone and gossip with her.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-01-27-11

I’m not sure why she is upset, but I do believe she will pass out soon and upset me.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-02-39-43

Pistachio:  Hello!  I’m tired!  Tell me to go to bed!
Go to bed.
Pistachio:  No.  Click the button so I go to bed!
No can do.  You have been putting yourself to bed for days, you can do it one more time before being shipped off to boarding school.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-05-19-94

Firefly:  Calm down!  You will go wherever the heck I tell you to go. Now go to bed!

TS3 2016-12-06 10-06-51-34

Pistachio:  Make me!

TS3 2016-12-06 10-07-49-56

Back at school, Elijah apologizes for talking on the phone so long.  If he was an amazing dad, he would send her home to bed like a responsible adult.  But no.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-09-39-94

In all the confusion, I forgot about Persimmon, who is laughing at Charlie face planting off the water slide.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-10-49-67

Charlie: Yeah, keep laughing boy.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-11-43-31

Persimmon:  Get me out of here before she decides to haunt me!

TS3 2016-12-06 10-15-47-38

What a cutie.  With Pomegranate and now Persimmon gone, Hazelnut is the last child of Lightning and Elijah left in the house.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-22-15-06

Tiramisu still hasn’t gone to bed , but at least his homework is done.  I think he will be the only one to get his completed.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-23-19-64

Pistachio ends up being the only one who had dinner (at 2:40 am no less) and then cleans up dishes instead of going to bed.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-24-21-19

It’s 3:30 am now and these two are still at the school.

While everyone of consequence is asleep, I check MC for our next graduating kids.  Grape will be here later tonight, Sugarplum the next day and Sycamore the day after that.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-28-11-59

Glow Bug:  Want to play catch?
Pistachio:  Does it look like I want to?  Geez, just tell me to go to bed, dammit.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-29-19-13

Glow Bug:  Fine.  Go to bed!
Pistachio:  No!  I don’t want to.
GB:  Just be glad I can’t paddle your butt, young lady.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-30-43-13

Pistachio:  Fine, if you want me to go to bed, I’m sleeping right here.
GB:  Boo, Pistachio is a loser!

TS3 2016-12-06 10-32-09-33

What the hell is wrong with you kids?  Tiramisu decided food was more important than sleep.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-34-18-35

Hazelnut:  Daddy, I’m hungry and tired. Can I ride home with you?

TS3 2016-12-06 10-35-05-56

Elijah:  Nope, race you home!
Hazelnut:  I will make him pay for this!

TS3 2016-12-06 10-36-46-18

What the fuck are you doing?  You just ate!
Pistachio:  Hazelnut must be starving by now, I’ll make her a muffin.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-38-58-44

I interrupted Glow Bug on her way to bed to make sure the door to the room didn’t glitch.  It works fine.  I had already reset the bed ownership earlier in case that had glitched, so there should be no reason why Pistachio is refusing to sleep.  Of course, it’s now 5am and there isn’t time for her to sleep before the bus comes anyway.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-41-27-22

Hazelnut doesn’t even stop to eat.  She just heads straight up to bed.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-42-11-15

Now what are you doing?
Pistachio:  Hazelnut didn’t want my awesome muffin, so I’m putting it in the fridge for later.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-43-47-95

Never have I been so happy to see this pop up.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-44-25-19

Pistachio:  As my first act as Queen, I am abolishing the –5 points for passing out!

TS3 2016-12-06 10-46-17-17

Pistachio:  How dare the bus show up and interrupt my play time!
She literally left her royal court to put on the T-Rex costume, but the bus showed up just as she was about to put it on.

And that is how you become the most entertaining person in the house.  I might even let her sleep in school as a reward for only passing out one time.

TS3 2016-12-06 10-54-10-66

Firefly:  Why the hell aren’t you at school?
Pistachio:  Because I’m too tired!
Firefly:  You had all night to sleep.  I have had it with you!

TS3 2016-12-06 10-55-48-11

Firefly:  Get your butt to school right now!

LOL It’s field trip day, so no one is getting to sleep in class (except for Pistachio since she skipped school and missed the bus to the theater).

TS3 2016-12-06 11-00-49-29

Hazelnut barely made it through the day. –5  At least she didn’t pass out in public.

TS3 2016-12-06 11-04-06-84

Whoops, Pistachio never came home from school.

TS3 2016-12-06 11-05-06-71

She will get out of school, pass out and then have her cake.

TS3 2016-12-06 11-08-37-48

Bubble Gum finally gets his Insane trait.

TS3 2016-12-06 11-09-59-59

Uh oh.  I think Tiramisu will be going down soon.  He also got the Insane trait.

TS3 2016-12-06 11-13-06-53

I never saw if Pistachio passed out after school.  I imagine she did since it was in the queue.  -5

TS3 2016-12-06 11-15-53-99

TS3 2016-12-06 11-17-46-85

Another LTW completed!  +40

TS3 2016-12-06 11-16-45-84

Bubble Gum:  Hello, readers!  I’m standing in front of my brother to spare you the horror of watching him pass out.

TS3 2016-12-06 11-18-13-02

Tiramisu:  Don’t listen to him!  I’m 72% positive that I can make it up to bed.

TS3 2016-12-06 11-24-32-53

Pistachio also gets the Insane trait.

TS3 2016-12-06 11-26-07-65

…and Tiramisu is down! –5

TS3 2016-12-06 11-31-18-89

So, I locked Pistachio in her room.  She could not use the bed, so I turned it, which made it so that she couldn’t even get to it some how.

TS3 2016-12-06 11-32-24-03

Finally, I deleted the stupid thing and put in a new one.  The brat crawled right into bed.  I’m not sure what was wrong with it, but it’s fixed now.

It doesn’t really matter all that much because the triplets have been enrolled in prep school.

TS3 2016-12-06 11-37-31-45

TS3 2016-12-06 11-34-26-38

Can’t believe how quickly they are all aging up and moving out!

TS3 2016-12-06 11-43-24-82

Grape makes his escape soon after, although he looks pretty worried about adulting.

That’s all I have for this time!  It certainly was a long one too.  Next time, Sugarplum and Sycamore will be home, the triplets will leave and the youngest ones will become teens and probably head to boarding school too.  I feel confident that I will have only one more update before the end!  Isn’t that exciting!  See you next week, Dec. 12 for the end.

TH:  10 (x3)
Births: (8) 40
Triplet Birth: (1) 15
Honor Roll: (5) 30
NTH topping career: (2) 10
Completed LTW: (7) 280

Pass Out: (10) –50
Peeing Self: (3) -15
Accidental Death: (1) -10
Cheat Penalty: (1) –10 (resurrecting Firefly)

Score: +290


2 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. Pistachio is indeed very entertaining, even if they refuse to sleep. At least they’re doing stuff rather the the bedtime story loop of fail.

    So many pretty pretty sims. I’m going to marry a Tart into the family sometime, need the purdy genes!

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