Chapter 8: The End!

Welcometo the finale of The Tart ISBI.  If not, I am doing this early enough that I can do more updates if needed.

Last time, we had birthdays and our first move outs.  LTW were completed and we are now waiting to see if Elijah tops his career.  The newest teens, Firefly’s triplets, are waiting to leave for boarding school as we speak.

TS3 2016-12-07 07-10-58-85

First we have to deal with another bed issue.  Pansy seems to think that the bed is occupied by Hazelnut, who is actually downstairs being told to take out the trash by Firefly.  A copy of the bed was made and this one was deleted.  I don’t count it as a used interaction to check if Pansy could sleep in the new edition, which she was able.

TS3 2016-12-07 07-14-07-15

Speaking of Hazelnut.  Her and Raspberry are having birthdays today.

TS3 2016-12-07 07-14-25-39

Hazelnut:  It was so funny!  Auntie Firefly tried to make me take out the trash.  Hahaha.
Firefly:  I wasn’t joking, missy!
Hazelnut did end up taking out the trash.

TS3 2016-12-07 07-18-29-57

Hazelnut:  That’ll teach them to tell me to clean up.
Raspberry:  Great, now we only have two laptops to fight over.  Jerk.

TS3 2016-12-07 07-21-02-02

While the two youngest get on the bus for school, our three teens are heading off to Prep School.  See you in a week or two, kids.

TS3 2016-12-07 07-30-01-16

LOL  She adds another baby want to her list.  You know, if I let one of you have a baby, I have to let you all.

Firefly:  We love babies!
No.  I’m too close to the end!

TS3 2016-12-07 07-32-50-60

Glow Bug:  Rainbow!  C’mere, Rainbow!

TS3 2016-12-07 07-34-47-04

Rainbow: Is someone really going to pay attention to me?

TS3 2016-12-07 07-36-10-85

TS3 2016-12-07 07-36-24-94

TS3 2016-12-07 07-37-27-07

I have been working my tail off (lol) to get her a young again potion.  I want her to live to the end and she was a day away from a maxed life bar.

TS3 2016-12-07 07-40-08-77

Do we see the first grandkid on the horizon?

TS3 2016-12-07 07-41-23-30

Hazelnut:  Dishwasher is broke!
Raspberry:  Again.

TS3 2016-12-07 07-41-57-38

Lightning had it fixed before the girls even did their spins.

TS3 2016-12-07 07-42-41-76

Raspberry went first and got her insane trait.

TS3 2016-12-07 07-47-59-05

Hazelnut: Get me out of this hair right now.

Hahaha.  She got her insane trait too.

I took her into CAS and she crashed my game.  Bitch.  The game hasn’t even been open 30 minutes, so of course I haven’t saved yet.  Dammit.

I replayed everything the same way, but afterwards I had to reset the town.

TS3 2016-12-07 08-38-15-09

TS3 2016-12-07 08-40-18-13

This brought Sycamore and Sugarplum home a day early, so they each had a birthday, got a job and moved out.

TS3 2016-12-07 08-50-33-76

Hazelnut did not crash my game this time.

TS3 2016-12-07 08-57-39-55

and neither did Raspberry.

TS3 2016-12-07 09-07-16-06

Bubble Gum ends up giving us the first fail of the chapter.  -5

TS3 2016-12-07 09-08-27-20

Pistachio got invited on a date (who never showed up). She saw her newly moved out brother and cousin there.

TS3 2016-12-07 09-09-59-99

She heartfarted both Claude and Chip, distant relatives.

TS3 2016-12-07 09-15-28-31

I don’t think she noticed, but her grandparents were there too.

TS3 2016-12-07 09-49-23-82

I have had the population capped at 35 (although there is easily double that in town) for several weeks.  I decided to allow pregnancies again.  Therefore, I threw together a $15,000 starter home with 2 bedrooms and a nursery.  Sadly, I forgot the lights.  Oops.  I put several down.

TS3 2016-12-07 09-51-10-63

Across the street I put down the more expensive option with only one bedroom ($35,000).  So that people can finally move around.

TS3 2016-12-07 09-57-20-46

Pansy pees on the goopy carbonara.  -5

TS3 2016-12-07 09-59-51-92

The first pregnancy outside of the active family in 5 weeks is now incubating.

TS3 2016-12-07 10-06-59-71

Raspberry heads outside at dawn to get a work out in.

TS3 2016-12-07 10-07-55-47

The honeymoon is over for Firefly and Orion who now are fighting constantly.

TS3 2016-12-07 10-09-14-58

Orion:  I’m so hungry.
Hazelnut:  You can eat me.
Omg.  No!  Hazelnut is now heartfarting her uncle.  It might be time to move him and Firefly out.

TS3 2016-12-07 10-20-57-61

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.  Firefly and Orion move out, but the triplets do stay.

Omg….and in true Tart fashion… My game is corrupt.

TS3 2016-12-07 10-39-49-02

Everyone went invisible and when I reset the lot, this happened.  Even Rainbow lost her color.  I don’t even know who that woman is.   LOL  I think it might be Glow Bug.  Further investigation shows that the WHOLE town has lost their genetics.  It also took 3 of my 4 saves and they had to be deleted.

*Five Days Later*

TS3 2016-12-08 20-37-46-69

Raspberry:  You are so lame.
Hazelnut:  Will you shut up and leave me to eat in peace?
Pansy:  You should’ve had the hot dogs.  Hot dogs are life.

TS3 2016-12-08 20-41-54-92

Hazelnut: Homework is garbage.  It’s probably what glitched the whole town and made us have our teen birthdays 25 bajillion times.
Raspberry:  Will you shut up.  Your face is garbage.

At this rate, this will never be done in time for the Finale tomorrow.  I have been working on the town genetics glitch most of the week and it is Dec. 11 at 5am and I am finally ready to play again.

In the house is Glow Bug and Pansy.  Lightning Bug and Elijah.  Firefly and Orion had started fighting and got annoying fast, so I had them move out.  Rainbow got her 500th young again potion and finally got one to stick.  Raspberry is the youngest child of GB.  Hazelnut is the youngest child of Lightning and Elijah.  The triplets are at boarding school and they belong to Firefly and Orion.

TS3 2016-12-11 07-01-56-09

Raspberry and Hazelnut are now sharing Ivy and Raisin’s old master bedroom.

Then the game crashed.  Again.

TS3 2016-12-11 07-44-19-73

So, the family moves across town and I notice something interesting.  The house (which is on that S-curve in the background) is invisible.

TS3 2016-12-11 07-45-05-83

We force some relatives to move houses and take over a big house.  One of Lucky Palms’ premades with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.  The game is already running faster.  I sent each one to a bed.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-03-26-07

TS3 2016-12-11 08-07-37-53

Both teens get right on to their homework to celebrate.

Their old houses was deleted and now there is no lag at all.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-09-56-06

Lightning finds the pool.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-10-20-20

Pansy runs off to break the computer, but did manage to get to logic level 5 first.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-21-54-09

Hazelnut:  You’re not as clever as you think, Aunt Pansy.  In fact, you’re pretty lame!
Pansy:  Don’t talk to me like that!

TS3 2016-12-11 08-22-50-43

Oh give me a break!  Eww!

TS3 2016-12-11 08-23-43-59

GB:  Woo!  I fixed the computer and I didn’t kill myself!

TS3 2016-12-11 08-25-00-98

Pansy:  So, how was your day?
Hazelnut:  Well, we haven’t crashed or glitched in five minutes, so I’m doing amazing!

TS3 2016-12-11 08-28-49-91

Flirting is happening again.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-29-51-61

Hazelnut plays angry guitar to the audience of no one.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-31-26-31

If there’s a hot tub around, you can bet your last dollar that Elijah has found it.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-33-14-88

Glow Bug spends time with Raspberry for the first time.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-35-32-57

Raspberry works on her first athletic point while Hazelnut just got her 4th guitar point.  (She had gotten one previously doing the same thing, but it got lost in a crash).

TS3 2016-12-11 08-38-21-21

I’m pretty sure this would be their 20th anniversary.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-39-37-61

Raspberry:  Dammit, I can’t go to school now, I have to pee!

TS3 2016-12-11 08-40-26-87

Hazelnut at least managed to get to the bathroom before the bus pulled up.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-41-38-34

With Pansy asleep, Elijah still skinny dipping and Glow Bug tanning herself, the day goes by pathetically.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-43-19-76

I’m not sure where the water jets are hitting Elijah, but I’m pretty sure we need to clean the hot tub before anyone else gets in.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-45-41-54

Elijah:  We need to show a united front so that neither one of us loses face time by being lame and boring.
Pansy: Yeah, us spouses need to stick together.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-47-24-16

Checking Elijah’s photos, we find one of him and Raspberry.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-54-00-72

Hazelnut heads over to the house one of the last teens in town.  She left to go Fix the Boiler, which means she was exhausted when she finally remembered to come home.  -5

TS3 2016-12-11 08-56-00-73

Raspberry managed to work for a day, shower and get to bed with about 3 minutes to spare.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-58-04-84

Instead of going to bed, Hazelnut goes out to skinny dip.

TS3 2016-12-11 08-58-54-91

It turns out that she was stressed.  As soon as that moodlet went away, she went to bed.

TS3 2016-12-11 09-00-29-23

Oh no!  I think Glow Bug and Lightning will be going over for a visit.

TS3 2016-12-11 09-06-02-62

It may be the middle of the night, but that doesn’t stop these two from having a wonderful time together.  Lightning chatted with Raisin and then grabbed a plasma juice and missed out on the fun.

TS3 2016-12-11 09-06-43-01

Ivy is on very good terms with all the generation 10 kids and they all get an inheritance.

TS3 2016-12-11 13-39-13-77

Lightning thought pillow fighting looked like fun and had his dad join him.

TS3 2016-12-11 13-44-39-66

Hazelnut:  STARVING!
Raspberry:  Thank God for the invention named fridge.

TS3 2016-12-11 13-47-50-23

More flirting!  Also, the first seasons themed day (Leisure Day) is happening for the first time in recent memory.  That old house must have been seriously glitched.

TS3 2016-12-11 13-58-10-53

They are finally able to go out and enjoy the town’s first Festival.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-00-10-61

Lightning:  OMG!  Did Raspberry really wear that in the family photo?
Pansy:  It wasn’t that bad!
Lightning:  It wasn’t color coordinated!
Glow Bug:  Well, this was fun, but I gotta go record a commercial.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-02-22-64

You do realize that this is supposed to be a fun outing, right?

TS3 2016-12-11 14-03-29-57

Ivy:  I’m so happy that my kid is a doctor.  NOW GET OVER HERE AND SAVE ME!  HALP!  I’M DYING!
Lightning:  Coming, mother.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-04-49-20

Raisin:  Please don’t let your mom die.  I can’t live without her!
Lightning:  Chill, dad.  She’s going to be fine.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-06-00-18

Ivy:  I don’t need a lobotomy!
Lightning:  No, but I think your hat is on too tight.  You might need a makeover.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-08-10-63

Lightning: I’m pretty sure this GIANT pill will fix you right up.
Ivy:  I feel a malpractice suit coming on.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-09-29-69

Well, it seems that Ivy is going to be okay!

TS3 2016-12-11 14-10-34-01

Elijah:  Too bad you’re so young.
Hazelnut:  Too bad your so gay.

Omg.  You two are grossing me out.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-11-59-75

Hazelnut:  Someone, catch me!

TS3 2016-12-11 14-12-48-89

Elijah must have heard me because he ignored her cries and skated on.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-13-57-53

Raspberry was off having her own issues and then off to play horseshoes.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-15-49-23

Raspberry:  I didn’t invite you to play.
Lightning:  Shut it and watch me kick your ass, little girl.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-17-39-22

TS3 2016-12-11 14-17-27-92

Raspberry:  This game is stupid!

TS3 2016-12-11 14-19-17-39

While Hazelnut and Pansy talk computers, Elijah is killing it at skating.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-20-33-34

I think Pansy pissed off Hazelnut.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-22-28-91

Glow Bug returns from her opportunity and heads over to play horseshoes with her dad.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-23-51-07

Pansy is off practicing soccer now that Hazelnut has left to go back home.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-24-58-74

I didn’t think Raspberry had a chance against him.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-25-03-35

She did get her 4th celebrity star though.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-25-08-04

Woo!  All in a days fun, I guess.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-26-11-27


TS3 2016-12-11 14-30-09-85

TS3 2016-12-11 14-30-20-25

The family took so long to make it over that they almost missed saying goodbye.

Ivy Berry Tart, generation 10 heiress, mother of five and grandmother of 11.  Only got a medium grave for some strange reason.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-32-39-54

Glow Bug sees Grim and down she goes.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-33-23-62

The vamps are getting hungry, so Elijah shows off his new moves for the last time so they can go home and eat.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-35-45-31

It’s been a very long time since they needed the moodlet manager.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-45-57-95

Wintergreen finally decides to start a family.

TS3 2016-12-11 14-47-11-64

You have to be kidding me.

TS3 2016-12-11 16-08-00-75

Why is there a puddle under you?
Raspberry:  I was swimming.

TS3 2016-12-11 16-08-38-01

Liar!  -5

TS3 2016-12-11 16-11-21-85

Both girls got zapped by the moodlet manager and sent off to prom.

TS3 2016-12-11 16-34-01-14

Nothing happened at prom and both girls got home before curfew.  Raspberry got prom queen, but since they are the only teens in town, no romance was to be had.

TS3 2016-12-11 17-13-44-52

Nothing is going on around here, so we skip a few days ahead and find Rainbow getting some love.

TS3 2016-12-11 17-33-35-99

Pansy needed to get pumped, so Lightning trained her until the opportunity got completed.

TS3 2016-12-11 17-34-47-83

Firefly and Orion are expecting their first grandchild.

TS3 2016-12-11 16-46-40-32

Elijah topped his career!  +5

TS3 2016-12-11 17-42-44-86

Tutti Frutti’s daughter, Alyson, had a baby boy with Crash Langurd.

TS3 2016-12-11 17-44-11-86

Crash is now trying to give Boysenberry a great-grandchild, by dating Dina.

TS3 2016-12-11 17-45-23-77

I am horrified to announce the engagement between Raisin and Ivy’s sister, Thistle.

TS3 2016-12-11 17-54-42-14

Persimmon is giving Lightning and Elijah their first grandchild.

TS3 2016-12-11 18-03-11-72TS3 2016-12-11 18-03-16-31TS3 2016-12-11 18-03-03-52

The triplets have graduated and are coming home.

TS3 2016-12-11 18-13-13-27

TS3 2016-12-11 18-25-38-61

TS3 2016-12-11 18-35-23-13

And just like that, the house is at its smallest in a very long time.

TS3 2016-12-11 18-46-33-60

With only two teens left to raise, the adults all find something fun to do to celebrate.

TS3 2016-12-11 18-44-13-90

But then this happened.

TS3 2016-12-11 18-53-31-35

Raisin left all five of his kids the same amount of money.

TS3 2016-12-11 18-57-29-24

Sugarplum and her girlfriend are now expecting.

Wintergreen now has a son.

TS3 2016-12-11 19-13-58-30

This is it, guys!  The final birthday of the ISBI.  Everyone in town was invited to the party.

TS3 2016-12-11 19-19-16-00

TS3 2016-12-11 19-22-34-08

TS3 2016-12-11 19-23-47-25

TS3 2016-12-11 19-27-49-85

TS3 2016-12-11 19-35-39-68

So many people actually showed up.  Luckily, no one was old enough to die, but we did have one girl go into labor.

TS3 2016-12-11 19-37-25-49

Almost 24 hrs later, they finally get enough sims to leave that they can move around without lag and Hazelnut tells her cousin Sugarplum to get out and take all the stragglers with her.

TS3 2016-12-11 19-42-24-66

I don’t think I have seen this moodlet before.  Glad the whole world had a great time!  Yes, Hazelnut had to throw the party.  All the adults were at work.

TS3 2016-12-11 20-10-25-62

(I got her colors wrong.  Thought she was Aqua, but found out too late that it was Violet).

TS3 2016-12-11 20-07-24-06

We have now had our last birthdays!

TS3 2016-12-11 20-46-38-52

Here is a picture of the family members still living at the end of the challenge.  You can click to enlarge the pic.

The family tree is also updated

Final Score:

Self-Wetting: (106) -530
Passing Out: (134) -670
Failing School: 0
Accidental butt dialing of the cops (aka, Service calls either accidental or game forced): -5
Accidental Deaths: (2) -20
Social Worker Visit: (1) -15
Cheat Penalty: (4) -40

Torch Holders: 9
Births: (53) +265
Twin Births: (9) +90
Triplet Births: (4) +60
Quads: (2) +40
Fulfilling LTW: (17) +680
Achieving Honor Roll: (22) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: (10) +100
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: (10) +100
Every 100,000 dollars ($2,800,000): +560
Having an NP Spouse reach the top of their career: (4) +20

Bad: -1250
Good: +1970
Total Score: +720

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Gen. 1

The Founders

Gen. 2

The kids of Generation 2

Gen. 3

The kids of Generation 3

Gen. 4

The kids of Generation 4

Gen. 5

The kids of Generation 5

Gen. 6

The kids of Generation 6

Gen. 7

Jade and Sapphire’s kids

Gen. 7.1

Sage and Christal’s kids (with Mochaccino’s wife).

The kids of Generation 7

Gen. 8

The kids of Generation 8

Gen. 9

The kids of Generation 9

Gen. 10

The kids of Generation 10

TS3 2016-12-12 01-13-25-07

The kids of Generation 11


9 thoughts on “Chapter 8: The End!

  1. I’m kind of heartbroken that is over but congrats on wrapping up the legacy! It was a wild ride and I’m gonna miss seeing the Tarts pop up on my feed. Once again, congrats on finishing it up!

  2. It wouldn’t be the Tarts without glitches and lag galore. Your game never disappoints, Jenn! Congratulations on getting through it all. The kids are all gorgeous, as always. I will have to grab some, determined to get Tart (or Vinson) blood into the Rourke line eventually! I think Raspberry and Pistachio are my faves.

    • Raspberry, Pistachio and Hazelnut really turned out well. Hazelnut really has a different look than the rest. The guys sure could have turned out better, but they can’t all be perfect. I am just happy that Caramel/Jade/PB hair never made an appearance!

      Thanks for reading and sticking with them with me.

  3. Ah! Wow. That’s crazy. Its over. Like really over. I am going to have to get some of the tarts downloaded. They are so pretty. I’ve already used Mocha, but surely my town population could use some tart-ness.

    Congrats on finishing!

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