The point of this challenge is to try to manage an entire household through several generations while only having one character under your control.  Other household members must stay completely autonomous.  So, I am only able to control the Torch-Holder and the following Heir’s.

You can have ONE COMMAND per life stage for each NTH (non-torch-holder) sim. If you choose not to use that one command, it does not pass over to the next stage. You don’t use it – You lose it.
If your NTH grows up and can choose a trait, choose one! You’ve earned it!
If you get an opportunity for a NTH, you may take it. If they have to gather something or such, they have to do it themselves (or you may put things in their inventory), you can’t make them, but you are allowed to click on the button to make them complete the opportunity, as they can’t do that on their own.
For me, the torch passes when the heir becomes YA.

Point List.

*Life-Time Wish Achievements (One tally per LTW achieved.)
*Social Worker Visits. (One tally per child taken at SW visit.)
*Accidental Deaths.
*Number of Special Tombstones(non-old age) vs. Total Death Count. Ex: 8/15
*Pass-Outs (except fainting when someone sees a ghost)
*Reach top of a career. (One tally each time your sims do this, even if it’s the same sim doing it!)
*100,000. (One tally for every 100,000 simoleons in your net-worth. Check build/buy mode for this number.)
*Probably other things I can’t think of right now.

Whenever any of these things happen, add a point/tally to that category. So, your tally board should look something like this:

Torch-Holders: 5
LTWs Achieved: 2
Self-Wettings: 0
Social Worker Visits: 1

Backwards ISBI


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