Gen. 5 Resources

If you want to have your sim come to visit the Tart’s,  just leave a link to them below!  I do prefer .sim files, but I will consider sims3packs if you are 100% sure they are cc free.

Instead of adding a link every time a sim not of my own creation is seen, I am going to make a  list and add it with a pic of the used sim and a link to where I begged, borrowed or snagged him/her/them from.

First off.  A very big thanks to Kittenvampire!

Passion Fire Sunstar casual

She made Passion Fire Sunstar

Serenity Sugarpuff casual

Serenity Sugarpuff.

They can both be found here.


Apple Family – Uploaded household to the officials.  I can be prodded to put them on Mediafire, if asked.

Then I decided to get in the swing of things.  I made the Apple family and their cat, Granny Smith.  Contrary to the lighting, there is no Pink anywhere.  It’s just bad lighting on my part.


I then made the Punch family.  They are brother and sister with their dog. – They refuse to upload.  I’ll link them later on.

No world is complete without some Chiffon’s running around. This time we have Generation 3.

I raided Sraina’s Download page.  I grabbed Lemon Date, Honey Peach and Sugar Date.  Late addition of Pineapple Marmalade too.

Tessa’s Sims – Links to all her sims.  You must be registered.  Hers are non-berries, but I have permission to colorize them a bit.

Screenshot-66  Screenshot-67

Marcus Galloway – Human.  He is forever going to be a werewolf, thanks to Nellas.  Hair was colored, skin was changed, eye color changed.  I changed his athletic gear, since all werewolves should love pandas.  His color scheme is of a dark berry.  He is rockin’ blue and black.

Athos Family – Vampires, two brothers and a little sister..  They use a skin I do not have, so no before pictures as they are skinless.  I am calling them dark berries also.  They are using a lot of black.


Zander – I changed his hair.  His colorizing utilized the teal in his hair, since we already used blue on Marcus.


Yussef – Utilized the red after I lightened it just a little bit.  I really am enjoying the reverse hot and cold effect of these two.  The “good” brother is red, the “bad boy” brother is blue.

Screenshot-70 Screenshot-71

Xahria – is a doll.  She got a whole new wardrobe based off her purple highlights.  She is modeling her Formal and jammies.  The Hello Kitty pants weren’t recolorable, so we left everything pink.

Garrai Sisters –


Talamh – I felt no need to do anything. She is gorgeous as is.  I put white highlights in her hair though and added tad bit of makeup.


Uisce – Makeup only.


Tine – Makeup only.


Gaoth – Had to give her name back.  Poor thing was nameless.

Minion’’s Sims – Links to all of his sims.  You must be registered.

Screenshot-63  Screenshot-62

Before                                                                         After

Ember Flambergia – My edits were to switch her red skin over to the rainbow slider of EA in the pink/red position.  That is all.  I changed her lipstick too.  I did not have her hair, so I gave her a reasonable facsimile.  All outfits were recolored, except the Formal, which was changed out completely.  I do not download or install any non-default skins, so she has whatever I have going on.  The Game insisted she was human even though you can clearly see her wings.  I added back her fairy status and used her blue for the wings.

Screenshot-64  Screenshot-65

Evelyn Luciae is going to be Ember’s roommate.  I had no plans to change anything, but her skirt is the same as Ember’s, so I gave her another one of about the same length.  Her formal bottom was a CC item that I did not have.  So, I had to change the whole look.  The only other thing I had to do was the Outerwear for sims that were made before seasons.  Lipstick change, but used the same exact coloring.  Again, she was listed as human even though she had wings.  I had to guess at the color.  Oh and I gave her new eyebrows.

Generation 4/5 of the Sample Legacy by Susan

Honey Peach, Lemon Date, Sugar Date and Pineapple Marmalade by SRaina of Sweetest of Dreams

I will be adding to this page as I get them ready.


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