Heir Poll Results

Well, I guess Moonie has plenty of time to complete her LTW now.


Ivy Berry will birth the last generation!


For the longest time Tamarind led the charge and I got worried I’d be stuck with the only sim of the bunch I can’t stand.  Thank you for not forcing me to suffer with him.  I am kind of bummed that Wintergreen didn’t win.  I have pretty much maintained a male/female alternating heirship and was hoping for a male (Boysenberry is my favorite).  But instead we get a a green eyed, green haired, green skinned female who doesn’t look like Jade or Apple.  (YAY!)    I think she must take after Eggplant.

Also, please leave a comment on this post or any upcoming ones with names for her children.  If we get a lot, I can have my kid pick a name out of a hat or something.  After 9 generations, I’m tapped out in names and I really don’t want to have to call someone “Boy” or “Girl” ever again.


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