Chapter 1

TS3W 2016-05-29 00-29-28-59

It’s here, the start of Generation 9!  I wanted to take a moment to thank all the readers, the 60+ followers and the 35,000 views.  Thank you for sticking with this over the past 4 years and handful of months, through the hiatuses, bad pictures, bad writing and horrible game glitches, crashes and all around bad time some of the generations have endured while I tried to fix my game.

I’m not creative enough to do specials or elaborate productions to show my thanks, so how about we just get the last two generations done sometime this decade?

I also wanted to thank Randi for the Spirit Animal Award nomination.  I will direct everyone to here because I’m too lazy to make up another post (or come up with 10 more nominees).

TS3W 2016-05-23 00-08-55-51

Ivy:  So are you here to congratulate me on finally starting generation 9?
Plum:  No, I’m here to warn you.  RUN WHILE YOU CAN!

TS3W 2016-05-23 00-09-28-64

Ivy:  Ew.  Glad someone is taking it upon themselves to give mom and dad that fifth grandkid.

TS3W 2016-05-23 00-20-54-86

Ivy:  So, why did I want to become a magician again?
I have no clue.

TS3W 2016-05-23 00-39-22-00

Ivy practiced for tips in her own yard and had to listen to the Paparazzi boo her to death.

TS3W 2016-05-23 09-59-33-22

Ivy:  Mom, Dad, I have an announcement to make.

TS3W 2016-05-23 10-00-39-11

Moonie:  Where are we moving to?
Ivy:  Not we, mom, just me.  There is just nowhere for a budding magician to work here.

TS3W 2016-05-23 10-03-19-15

Eggplant: Yes, my baby girl is moving to your town.  I would like a house prepared for her.  Thank you.


Full disclosure?  Fine, fine.

TS3W 2016-05-30 10-02-06-99

Ivy Berry was in Starburst Shores for 18 hrs.  Then I found another world that I wanted to try, so she moved.

Where to, you ask?  Anyway, it was like 10 pictures and she got her first gig, but I deleted them accidentally on purpose.


Welcome to Strangetown
I have done a walkthrough of the town, which took me a couple of days to do and is several posts long.  Then I wanted to play it badly.

The new Tart home is the tiny yellow house down at the bottom left diagonal to the hospital to the right and stadium to the left, except it’s not yellow/brown anymore.

Generation 9 rules:

This is the third and last generation that is required to have fertility treatment.  As you are probably aware, all of my generations have had it, so for this last time, we are switching it up!

  • Risky is now replacing woohoo (default setting).
  • I will not be directing anyone to woohoo, but if they head off to do it, I can’t stop them or cancel out any interaction.
  • Autonomous woohoo and TFB has been turned on.
  • Time between woohoo’s (default 60 minutes), is now 300 minutes.
  • Teens can woohoo and become pregnant.
  • The liking gate for autonomous (default 40) is now 20.
  • Quad chances, which have been at default 0.0001% for many generations, is now set for 0.004%.
  • TFB:  Default 75% success.  Now: 45% success, adults. and 35% teen.
  • Autonomous risky default: 10% success.  Now it is 25%.  Teen: 35%
  • I’m sure I’ll think of something else to add here later.

TS3W 2016-05-30 10-34-53-55

Ivy:  Do these new rules affect horsies?
No, why?
Ivy:  Great!  *neigh*

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-09-57-30

The little yellow house an vaguely pointed out is now aqua, Ivy’s favorite color.

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-11-46-59

The inside got a change too.  Now, she did not bring the family fortune.  She got the house free and $50,000 from moving out (deducted from the family funds of Moonie), that way when she either rejoins the family or they join her here, there is no discrepancy.  Also, as a vampire, there is no rush to marry her off since she will live forever anyway.

Changes to the world:  A lot of additions were made so that she could get gigs, all Showtime venues were added.  There are also several buildings that got registers and the old abandoned casino got gambling items placed.  I’m sure we will visit them all.  The biggest change (that I hated to do) was deleted the town center park and added the one from Showtime so that we could have a Festival lot.

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-17-09-57

Ivy’s ultimate goal is to buy this house, priced somewhere close to $400k.

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-37-12-19

Jenny:  Are you sure this is safe?
Ivy:  Erm, pretty sure.

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-37-46-23

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-38-10-19

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-38-28-76

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-38-50-46

Johnny was pretty worried about his mom getting killed, but Ivy actually pulled off the Swords of Destiny trick.

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-41-09-70

She tried to perform magic for tips, but no one showed up to watch.

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-44-01-31

Ivy:  I got this in the bag!

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-44-34-91

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-45-00-37

Since she did manage to get to Level 3 in Starburst Shores (and even got a gig, but left town prior to the day), she heads to the Coffee shop to audition.  She failed this time around.  Dejected, Ivy heads across the street to her house.

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-46-47-58

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-47-33-41

TS3W 2016-05-30 12-48-40-78

Penelope Redd saw her tip jar and ran over to watch.  She was partway through her first trick and Penelope gave her a $37 tip.  SP produced all the Paparazzi during this time and they literally spawned right on the lot.

Jessie:  Today, we all watched Ivy Berry Tart fail hardcore at performing any type of tricks.  What a loser!
Ivy:  Why won’t this shit go right?!

TS3W 2016-05-30 15-08-24-62

The more she tries, the more she fails.

TS3W 2016-05-30 15-10-07-98

By 10 pm, she got a new level and decides to run over to re-audition before the proprietor leave for the night.  Then I found out that she can’t.  So, off to another place to try and failed.

TS3W 2016-05-30 15-14-15-03

TS3W 2016-05-30 15-21-49-46

No matter where she went, the answer was always, “Come back when you got skillz, bimbo.”

TS3W 2016-05-30 15-23-45-40

She does get her revenge though.

TS3W 2016-05-30 15-29-42-41

Back home, she resorts to rummaging in her own garbage can.

TS3W 2016-05-30 15-47-55-46

On Monday, she tried again and still got turned down for a gig.

TS3W 2016-05-30 15-52-52-76

TS3W 2016-05-30 15-55-02-92

TS3W 2016-05-30 15-55-29-31

The rest of the day and into the evening was earning tips from the locals.

TS3W 2016-05-30 16-01-35-18

Circe Beaker then shows up to watch, but seconds after giving her tip, she head off to barf.

TS3W 2016-05-30 16-01-47-05

Everyone was grossed out, especially Ivy.  She pockets her tip earnings and heads home.

TS3W 2016-05-30 16-02-51-54

I pretty much ignored her needs for most of her performing, so she was pretty well on her way to a bad night.

TS3W 2016-05-30 16-03-38-55

Food, shower and sleep.  In that order.

TS3W 2016-05-30 16-08-25-40

Tuesday dawns and Ivy heads straight to the Coffee Shop.  (I’ve been deleting the stupid proprietors nightly).

Ivy:  If you don’t give me a gig, I’m going to move you in, marry you and make your life a living hell.

TS3W 2016-05-30 16-09-02-33

Ivy:  I thought so.

TS3W 2016-05-30 16-42-20-06

Contrary to her outerwear, it’s summer and time to get a photo for the wall.

TS3W 2016-05-30 16-43-48-65

She thought it would be funny to audition for another gig.

TS3W 2016-05-30 16-44-09-05

Ivy:  Seriously?
Jessie:  Of course.  You’re insanely amazing!

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-18-12-83

I sent Ivy to do an opportunity at the grocery store and then scouted around town for a place for her to perform for tips.  I found this hottie at the police station.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-23-33-64

By the time she was done at the store and made it over to him, it was getting late.  She hit him with the moodlet manager.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-24-15-01


TS3W 2016-05-30 17-24-36-22

She wanted to use her hypnotic gaze on him, so I had her do it.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-25-49-76

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-26-32-24

She makes the craziest faces while reading his mind for his traits.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-28-53-94

Then he made his escape and Ivy had to hunt him down at his home.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-30-55-07

Well, now we know his name and that Ivy really likes him.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-32-42-56

Ivy:  There’s a party in my pants and you’re the only guest.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-41-24-19

Well now, that’s an interesting want.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-43-47-97

She immediately followed that up with this.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-47-11-61

It took all night (he’s wearing his “career” outfit), but she finally got her kiss.

(I may have reset him a couple of times so he wouldn’t leave for work).

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-47-24-35

Ever hear of taking your time?  There’s no rush!

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-48-23-65

And this did it for her.  They are now in love.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-49-06-42

Oh thank God.  No bad traits for Raisin!

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-49-37-23

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-50-44-89

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-51-00-49

The poor man is seriously late for work, but Ivy was determined to have a boyfriend, fiance, husband before the day was through.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-51-22-60

Ivy:  Am I doing the right thing?  Is it too soon?
Now, you panic?  Too late, Ivy.  Sorry.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-52-30-69

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-52-42-71

We have to hurry up with the private wedding because it is almost time for her gig.  (Yes, she has been at his house romancing him from 2am to 1pm).

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-53-20-20

Ivy:  But he lived in a cheap trailer!  How dare he be rich!
Omg.  I did make it so that sims would immigrate with money, but only because there are very few cheap houses in this world.

TS3W 2016-05-30 17-57-12-94

Back home, we learn more about Raisin.   Then I about had a conniption.

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-03-27-07

I saw the option and had to check it out (does not count as his interaction).   *facepalm*   I guess now I know why Ivy could never get the option to turn him into a vampire to show up.  I finally had to delete the want.

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-14-31-83

It turns out that his career outfit should be for Law Enforcement, so we fixed it.

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-16-40-56

Ivy:  Honey, I need a favor.
Raisin:  Anything for you!

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-17-28-50

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-17-38-36

Ivy:  Thanks, baby.  I just needed a snack to get me through my gig.

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-19-08-90

Ivy: I hope you’re all ready for this!

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-20-31-46

Raisin, Tank, New Immigrant:  OOOOH!  It’s the Box of Mystery!!

I had her bring Raisin thinking he would be the only one to watch.

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-21-36-00

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-21-56-83

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-22-14-29

Ivy:  Omg he lived!  I mean.  Piece of cake!

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-23-07-00

Yay, level 5 for Ivy.

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-24-19-36

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-24-27-28

It appears that they loved the show!  I had her head straight home since she kept getting the, “Omg the sun is going to kill me” moodlet.

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-25-21-37

I got Raisin a chess set since he has a lot of logic skill wants.  I then had Ivy ask him to play, but she got back up and left.

TS3W 2016-05-30 18-26-08-36

It seems someone wanted to celebrate.

TS3W 2016-05-30 19-05-36-10

I then had to go in and fix it so that his police hat only showed up for his career outfit, then went ahead and redid his clothing too.  The woohoo failed to produce a pregnancy this time, so I guess they will have to try again at some point.

TS3W 2016-05-30 19-05-44-02

Isn’t he a sweetie.  I am so happy that her first show was a success.  Not a single person booed.

I hope tomorrow’s show is wonderful too, but you’ll just have to come back next chapter to find out if it was.


Torch Holders: 9
No points yet.


One thought on “Chapter 1

  1. Strangetown looks like fun! It is so much easier and less laggy to play in a new town without all the ancestors.

    Raisin looks like a great choice for heir; maybe you could get some vamp/IF hybrid babies! LMAO, imagine a sim in IF form drinking from a human.

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