Chapter 3

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Last time: Moonie and Eggplant came running to Strangetown after finding out that Ivy was pregnant.  Twins boys were later born.  There was also a lot of magic.

TS3 2016-06-14 08-41-38-30

They started off with the wrong photoshop action….eep.  Anyway, it was Ivy’s intention to get the whole house recolored.

TS3 2016-06-14 07-08-41-42

In protest, Moonie and Eggplant did the nasty in Ivy and Raisin’s bed.

TS3 2016-06-17 07-10-23-91

Which left Ivy no choice but to use her parents’ bed.

*New default skins, still not sure about them

TS3 2016-06-17 07-14-54-39

Eggplant:  I left love juice all over your bed.
Eggplant:  Enjoy the wet spot I left in yours then.

TS3 2016-06-17 07-16-05-29

Moonie and Eggplant go at it again, but at least in their own bed.

Moonie:  Next time we should probably wash the bedding first.

TS3 2016-06-17 07-16-51-84

Third child for SimMe and Boysenberry and 8th grandchild for Moonie and Eggplant.

TS3 2016-06-17 07-45-14-94

Ivy heads to the park to play for tips.  Grandpa PB is walking stage right, but never stops to watch.

TS3 2016-06-17 07-48-20-51

Ivy:  When will I be done with this boring crap and get to the good stuff?
When the risk of your death is lower, that’s when.

TS3 2016-06-17 07-47-14-15

Ivy:  This is me pretending to have fun.
Oh hush, you are having fun.

TS3 2016-06-17 07-57-26-64

Everyone is awake back home.  I thought they were gonna go at it again, but it turns out they are just chatting.

TS3 2016-06-17 07-58-23-60


Poor Custard has been sitting here for an hour waiting.

TS3 2016-06-17 07-59-20-47

I used Gelato’s child action to have him join Custard so he would stop yelling.

TS3 2016-06-17 09-16-51-16

Gelato:  This is stupid!   And I’m hungry!

TS3 2016-06-17 09-17-15-49

Custard:  It’s fun!  So, shut up and teeter.  Grandpa is making breakfast right now anyway.

TS3 2016-06-17 09-50-31-08

Raisin:  Oh dear, I hope you didn’t sleep on  my wet spot.  I was leaving it for Eggplant.

Moving on.

TS3 2016-06-17 09-52-46-98

Kitty check finds Snowdrop sleeping.

TS3 2016-06-17 09-52-43-12

And Rudolph scratching.  It’s past time to find him a mate too.  Might be time to visit Catlover.

*I just went and grabbed a mate, she’s so cuuuute!

TS3 2016-06-17 10-11-27-95

I never use interactions, so two in one day is unheard of.  I wanted to see the new “Call to Meal” mod in action.  And it’s awesome!   Also, I never did finish recoloring the house.  My bad.

TS3 2016-06-17 10-14-34-98

In other news, I evicted non-family member townies and made it so they would fill in roles around town.  Then they all disappeared and I couldn’t select them with MC to force them to quit jobs, so I added everyone of them to a single house until the roles were filled.  I found them on a family outing to the pool.  (this is only like half of them).

TS3 2016-06-17 10-18-55-91

Eggplant:  Please remember that my wife hates kids and don’t make any more.

TS3 2016-06-17 10-20-35-26

Gelato:  Do you really hate us Grandma?

TS3 2016-06-17 10-21-55-55

Raisin:  Of course Grandma doesn’t hate you!

TS3 2016-06-17 10-23-05-43

Moonie:  No, no.  I don’t hate you, I will just like you better when you’re older.

TS3 2016-06-17 10-26-11-68

Back at the park, Ivy is still performing for tips without an audience.

TS3 2016-06-17 10-26-59-25

We only stopped by because she got Level 8.

TS3 2016-06-17 10-28-45-07

Oh and we are just in time for her to runaway.

TS3 2016-06-17 10-29-21-45

Because someone has morning sickness.  I guess I’ll cut her some slack and send her home.

TS3 2016-06-20 16-17-15-02

Ivy:  Dad, can’t you do a skill that you haven’t already maxed?
Eggplant:  Ivy, can’t you fix the coloring in this house?  I’m sick of purple.

TS3 2016-06-20 17-27-26-66

2 real time hours later…

Ivy:  Happy now?
Eggplant:  Ecstatic.

TS3 2016-06-20 17-28-18-95

The cutest little simboy in the world plays in the sand.

TS3 2016-06-20 17-29-05-34

The not so favorite twin is being bucked off by a fake horsie and is scared to death.

TS3 2016-06-20 17-29-52-65

Raisin:  Oooh, new curtains!

TS3 2016-06-20 17-32-42-31

Yes, and even Rudolph has to go look at them.

TS3 2016-06-20 17-30-41-25

Moonie:  KITTY!  HAI!

TS3 2016-06-20 17-31-05-05

Snowdrop:  Creepy sim is creepy!

TS3 2016-06-20 17-47-41-72

Raisin: Woohoo!  Family outing!
Everyone else is not so happy.

Also, I put down the Starlight Shores Festival Lot, but it won’t put out the fun stuff anymore.  I might replace it after Ivy’s show.

Tonight’s Performance:

TS3 2016-06-20 17-52-20-67

TS3 2016-06-20 17-52-39-23

TS3 2016-06-20 17-53-26-44

TS3 2016-06-20 17-54-26-60

TS3 2016-06-20 17-55-21-15

TS3 2016-06-20 17-55-55-39

Ivy:  Remember how we practiced it at home.  The latch is on your left.

TS3 2016-06-20 17-56-28-11

TS3 2016-06-20 17-56-46-40

TS3 2016-06-20 17-56-51-52

TS3 2016-06-20 17-57-06-14

Raisin:  I did it!

TS3 2016-06-20 17-57-20-09

Ivy:  You’re so getting laid tonight.

TS3 2016-06-20 18-00-47-40

TS3 2016-06-20 18-00-01-73

The boys stuck around going on joyrides.  Custard took off right as I was about to get a pic of them both and he ended up at the picnic in front of the show.

TS3 2016-06-20 18-03-51-98

TS3 2016-06-20 18-04-01-46

TS3 2016-06-20 18-04-20-20

TS3 2016-06-20 18-04-42-51

Ivy and Eggplant have been practicing this trick all week.

TS3 2016-06-20 18-04-54-30

TS3 2016-06-20 18-05-01-15

TS3 2016-06-20 18-05-08-35

TS3 2016-06-20 18-05-28-33

TS3 2016-06-20 18-05-39-66

TS3 2016-06-20 18-08-25-34

TS3 2016-06-20 18-08-34-04

Too bad this didn’t get her a bunch of job experience though.  I think the journey to level 9 is going to be a pain.

TS3 2016-06-20 18-10-16-80

TS3 2016-06-20 18-10-49-07

TS3 2016-06-20 18-11-04-10

Pascal Curious happy to have Ivy perform the next night.


And then this happened (it’s been a few days, so I sort of forgot), which means she is going to miss her next performance.

Game started acting up, so we will end it here.   It probably had to do with me letting the game sit for several hours and taking a nap after reading a few chapters of the first Harry Potter.  It’s way past time to re-read that.

No score changes from last time.

Torch Holders: 9
Twin Birth (1): +10
Pass out (2): -10

Score: 0


3 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. I freaking love that Call to Meal mod – *so* helpful in an ISBI, so they don’t route fail all over the place.

    Custard is *so* adorable, I doubt the new baby is going to be able to compete.

    • I do believe I got the mod link off of your resource page…so thanks for having it! OMG. It’s amazing!

      Isn’t he adorable? I think (it’s really early yet), but he’s our gen 10 heir unless she pops out something more amazing.

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