Generation 10 Heir Poll

TS3 2016-09-30 21-38-58-14

Gelato is a neat freak who loves the water slide.

TS3 2016-09-30 21-47-06-81

Custard is a semi-evil guy.  He is addicted to posting inappropriate things on forums.

TS3 2016-09-30 21-53-21-03

Lightning Bug is the oldest triplet.  He has literally been a teen 15 minutes.  He spent his childhood addressing his royal subjects and setting booby traps on the computers.

TS3 2016-09-30 22-03-27-84

Glow Bug mostly just did nothing.  She was the one who set the booby traps on all sinks and seating areas.

TS3 2016-09-30 22-15-46-77

Firefly was the annoying one.  She was every fail in the past two chapters because she had to have constant bedtime stories.  Her claim to fame is peeing immediately on becoming a child and passing out four times.  I think if it wasn’t for the different skintones, that Glow Bug and Firefly might be identical.  They did grow into the same hair as toddlers, children and teens to top that idea off.

I never choose LTW, just roll a dice for the options at the YA birthday.  I don’t have a favorite, but I have a least favorite.  Either way, just remember that this is the LAST heir poll.  I am so excited I can’t freaking stand it!  I personally don’t care who wins, I just want to play!

I will be doing SimNaWriMo at Boolprop using Sims 2, so the heir poll will be open for an undetermined amount of time.

Note to self:  When doing an heir poll, don’t be a dumbass and forget the poll.


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