Generation 7 Heir Poll

With all the trouble I have been having, I feel it is time to just call Generation 6 quits.  This has been a cursed generation for over a year now it seems.  They do not even have a house right now.  They are just standing around an empty lot after attempting to rebuild the family for a couple of weeks.

Sage and Christal’s offering

TS3W 2015-01-20 09-55-12-62

TS3W 2015-01-20 09-54-16-06

Mochaccino Tart
5th trait will be insane unless something else is locked in.
Occult: Fairy/witch hybrid

Jade and Sapphire’s offspring.

TS3W 2015-01-20 10-03-07-31 TS3W 2015-01-20 10-03-14-75

Cinnamon Tart
Anyone else see Fruit Parfait when they look at her?  She is almost her clone.
Occult: Fairy

The Quads of Jade and Sapphire

TS3W 2015-01-20 10-13-00-22

TS3W 2015-01-20 10-13-04-87

Peanut Brittle
I think he has a really good mix of Jade and Sapphire
Occult:  Fairy

TS3W 2015-01-20 10-21-28-11

TS3W 2015-01-20 10-21-37-88

Holly Berry aka “Jade Jr.”
Genetics: Nickname explains it all
Occult:  Fairy

TS3W 2015-01-20 10-33-22-07

TS3W 2015-01-20 10-32-15-19

Chai Tea
I can’t tell if I see more Jade or more Sapphire.
Occult:  Human

TS3W 2015-01-20 10-44-33-80

TS3W 2015-01-20 10-44-18-62

Candy Cane
Technically should be heiress since she had Insane locked in at teen birthday, but whatever.
Occult:  Fairy

I now pass these guys off to you.  Their future is now in your hands.  While the poll is up, I will be continuing to try and save the family and hopefully be posting updates.  The quads have just aged up, Cinnamon and Mochaccino have 8 days until YA.  Sadly, if I had known I was going to have to do this, I would not have moved out Marzipan and Banana so they could be included too.


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