Chapter 2


Last time, Peanut Brittle took over, went adventuring and had no luck with the ladies.  On the other hand, after moving to Island Paradise, everyone was able to go to work again.


At the end of the last chapter, PB made his escape to China.  His adventure this time did include getting Pangu’s axe, but I have so much trouble in that tomb that I sort of didn’t take pictures.


Oh it’s Shen Su!  *waves*  If you read my wishacy, he is the father of Xue Lavender.  Ahem.  I have no earthly clue what adventure portion of the trip this was.  I was sort of distracted.

“By what?” you ask.


Well, first we have a wall yelling session.


Then he walked right into the house of some tired art haters to use the moodlet manager.


Shen:  It’s Peanut Brittle *squeee*   He is so hot!
PB:  Yes, I am very hot.  Oh, and you’re pretty sexy yourself.


PB:  Hey, guess what?
Shen:  What?
PB:  I really, really want to kiss you.


Shen:  You ruined a very intimate moment by not making sure I was completely in the mood or even a friend first! How dare you!
PB:  *is confused*


Shot down by the third sim he has ever tried to kiss, PB heads far, far away to check the adventure board.


Guess who has no clue what is going on?  I really should have continued to either play/update together or at the very least taken notes.  Anyway.  Door.


Which eventually led us to the portion of the trip that I have never completed.  Ever.  Assassin Beetles, I hate you.   We need three.  We found one.  The story of my life.


PB’s life takes on a boring turn now guys.  We excavate.


Shower in our hideous outerwear.
PB:  Speaking of.  Am I ever going to get my makeover?
I’ll get back to you on that.  I still see no color when I look at you.
PB:  ….


He then buys up all the gems, metals and relics from the dude.
PB:  You’re so hot.
Dude:  You buying or what weirdo?


He eats with chopsticks like a pro.  I however usually end up watching the damn things fly at other people’s heads.  I must not be coordinated enough for them.  I can’t even use the cheat ones that have the contraption that is supposed to make you look like you actually know what you’re doing.


PB:  Hello Gorgeous!
Girl:  Did you get me those beetles or not?
PB:  Fine.  I got them.
Two decades later.


PB:  Blah blah blah adventure.
Guy:  Blah blah blah.  You’re hot.
PB:  I really want to kiss you.
Guy:  Me too.  Blah blah blah adventure stuff.


PB:  Blah blah blah….um….
Guy:  Take you time.  I get paid by the hour.


Girl:  *stares*  Is that a relic in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
PB:  A little of both.  Duh!


PB:  ..And then she asked if she could touch my relic!  I was so shocked!
Girl:  *wishes the weirdo would just leave*


Temple of Heaven, part 2.



PB:  That was easy!
I forgot this place was done in 3 or 4 parts.  *sigh*


He returns whatever was in the hole and I am not sure what happened.  He either ran out of time or had no adventures left.


My personal rule in all my adventures:  If there are no adventures for 24 hours, it’s time to go home.

So home it is.


I missed the up close with sparklies, but Jelly becomes an elder.


I did get an up close pic.  She got a bit grey around the eyes.


Eep!  I hate that you cannot build a basement inside a foundation…well you can’t put stairs anyway.  I forgot to lock the fence so Paparazzi chick found her way in.  I locked it up afterwards and she got stuck inside.  SP reset her.


Van:  So, have you decided that us fairies should stick together?
PB:  I am exploring my options.
Van:  Explore faster.


What the heck did you do?
PB:  I explored my options.
I’m going to kick you.
PB:  Good luck.


These poor girls.  I really need to put more beds in their house.  I think Apple Pie might be the bot fan.  Not positive though.


PB:  I guess getting you to move in is the only way to get rid of this woohoo want, right?
Van:  Yes, I’m a very good girl.
She really is.


Van:  Later girls, I got a rich millionaire!


That means Starburst moves in!  Then we found out that both are males.  Hmph.  I guess that means Peanut Butter will go into CAS for his gender reassignment next time I play.


My game is not actually open at the moment (although it is attempting to load), so I will get Van’s info for you later.  Her first act is to make sure Ingot has some fun while Peanut Brittle chats with Peanut Butter.  Starburst plays.  He is so cute.



Jelly, of course, is out doing what she does best.  I got a snake skin, lizard and a bug out of her inventory.


I wouldn’t let PB kiss the Special Merchant, but I did let them have a pic together.  The green statue animal thingy’s are his first completed collection.  He found them all in the shop.


PB:  No, Cassia!  We already played “Hide the Jellyfish.”


Van:  How come you never give me flowers?
PB:  Because I’m not trying to woo you anymore.  I already got you.
Van:  *pouts*


Yes, Jade and Sapphire are still around.  They just don’t do anything!  They go to work, come home, eat and sleep.


You would think with all the people in the house the cats would be okay.  Well, they’re not.  They are all lonely and whiny right now.


Jez!  PB joins her in a workout, but she disappears soon after.


Vanilla only sleeps in the twin bed.
Van:  I don’t see a ring on this finger!


Plum:  Plum never got a car like this. In fact, she only got a blank lot and passel of kids.  Then she glitched up the whole world and it sucked.  Then she died.  Now she can only come out and wish she could have a car like this.
Plum, you’re talking about yourself in the third person.  Stop!


Sapphire:  I need a vacation.
But you’ve only been working for like a week.
Sapphire:  A week is a long time.  I liked it better when I couldn’t go.


Sapphire:  I could really go for a hotdog right now.
Jade:  Well, there has been some out for like 5 hours.  Eat one!


Jade:  I heard you were famous back in the day for eating weiners.
Sapphire:  No, not even.
Paparazzi:  Peanut Butter!  I love you!


Even Jelly needs love sometimes.
PB:  I still need a makeover.
I know, I know.  Geez.


PB: My timer ran out.
I know.  Gimme a sec.


Why do you both show up in your undies, but the others don’t?  It’s annoying!
Anyway, with a 15 day trip, I decided to bring the family.


Oh hai!  We wasted our time!  I apparently missed the pop up where Peanut Brittle got Visa level 3 last time.  So, here is their new vacation home.  I grabbed one in the marketplace so if anyone wanders off, they can go swim or whatnot.


PB: Shen, we cannot be together now.  I finally found someone who doesn’t cry and scream when I try and kiss them.

Shen calls.  All. The. Time.


Van:  Hi, PB!
PB:  Hi, Van!
Sapphire:  Hi, bed!


PB:  I hope Van is okay while I go on my adventures.
She’ll be fine.  I think.
PB:  You’ll check on her?
Yes, I will.  Now go open that door.


PB:  *opens door*


PB need not worry right now.  Van and Jade were pillow fighting.  I’m not sure how long it has been going on for though.


I gave everyone the tablet in the hopes that they would skill or read books.
Sapphire:  Or just play social games.
That too!


I then rush back to make sure PB wasn’t dead.  Luckily, he was okay, so we got back to work.


And he eventually got what he came for.


Hahaha. Where’s your car?
PB:  I think one of the mom’s stole it.


On to the next adventure.  I swear this tomb is a killer.  Be careful, PB!
PB:  I will try to stay alive.



Back at the house, everyone is doing good.  Van and Sapphire in the pink a little because of the fairy tricks.  Van and Jade are past friends though.

Vanilla Dust Honeydew
Charismatic, Nurturing, Friendly, Easily Impressed, Bookworm
LTW:  World Renowned Surgeon – Currently level 1.
Likes:   Pop, Goopy Carbonara and White.


Ugh.  This one is actually easy, but there is so much going back and forth and here and there.


Oh shit!  Dive! Dive!
One dive to put out the fire and one dive to get rid of the singed look.
PB:  You almost let me die!
How was I supposed to know you’d be stupid enough to walk around while I checked on the family?
PB: …


PB eventually gets to the treasure.  Alive.


What are you two up to?
PB:  I’m not the only one who need a makeover.
Yes, I see that.  …. …..
PB:  What’s that noise?
That’s the sound of me yelling NOOO!


Goddammit, Jade.  I turned risky on for the other two, not you two!
Jade:  *hears a jingle*
Jenn:  *deletes pregnancy*
Jade:  Bitch!


I thought everyone would like to leave the house for a bit.  Sapphire ignored the grouping and stayed home though.

Jade:  Did my child just blunder?
Yep.  He tried to splash Van and she got pissed and left.


They tried a visit to the academy?  Scholar’s Garden?  Eh, it was one of them.  Jade messed around with the training dummy and even got a skill point.


Van was captured back up in the group.  She chose to tell a boulder how hungry she was.  For like two hours.


Sapphire was even brought along this time.  Although, she spent the outing in timeout.
Sapphire:  I’ve been a bad, bad girl!


PB convinces Van to play chess for a little bit.

Oh and we are approaching the 24 hour without an adventure mark.


Jade:  I require food!  Feed me!


PB:  Okay everyone, go home and find food!


Sapphire:  I’m hungry!
Vanilla:  I’m tired.  Now move.
Sapphire: No.


Vanilla:  Hey!  Look up there!
Sapphire:  Is it food?
No, but whatever it was, it pissed off Sapphire.


PB:  There was a plate of spaghetti here a second ago!


Sapphire: Oh, you must mean this very tasty last plate that I just grabbed!
PB:  Grr!


PB:  You WILL give me an adventure right now!


Lefty:  Kill it!  Make firewood!  You know you want to!


PB:  Here, Ma.  I got something for you.
Jade:  Thanks, boy!


PB:  Your adventure board sucks!  I want to go home!


Jade:  Hi, I’m Peanut Brittle.  I am the heir.
Peanut Brittle:  Get out of me, mom.  You cannot be the TH again.
Jade:  I will not relinquish your body!  It is mine now.
PB:  MOM!  Get out of me!


PB:  WTF!?  Disengage!  I’ll save you!


Vanilla:  Hungry!
PB:  The salad is very tasty.
Van:  I want pancakes!


Van:  I’m sooo hungry and tired.
Sapphire:  Salad is on the counter and it’s awesome.
Van: I want pancakes!
Sapphire:   You burnt them.


Van:  My stomach is going to eat me if I don’t find some food!
Jade:  Counter.  Salad.
Van:  No.


Sapphire:  You call those pancakes?  Eww.  I better do dishes before you shove those in the dishwasher and kill it.


Jade:  My name is Vanilla and I’d rather eat putrid pancakes than a tasty salad.  Boohoohoo!
Vanilla:  This is what I have to look forward to for the next 108 days?
108?  HAHAHAH!  That’s when she becomes a full adult.  God knows how long she’ll be an adult and elder for.
Van:  Can I leave now?
Sapphire:  I would KILL for a waterslide.
Peanut Brittle:  *off screen* I want to read a baby book.


And this is what I found.

And the household (my real one) comes running because I yelled NO! So loudly.

Do I count PB’s fire butt as a penalty?  Other than that, no fails this time again.   Oh and I’m not sure why, but Peanut Brittle only has to wait 12 hours before his next trip, but the family has two days.  Is that a reward that I bought?  *shrug*


5 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. Oh what a twist! Cassia is now pregnant and what will become of Vanilla? Lol! Great update, I love all the adventuring! I don’t think I’ve ever been successful in getting that axe.

    • All I can say is WOW when it comes the antics of Peanut Brittle! I am so scared what people are going to say for Chapter 3, which is being played/written write now.

      That axe! I have managed to get it two or three times, but the worst is Egypt, where he is now. He just landed. I do love adventuring too, but Morgucorp (or whatever it is) is just sooo long. I wanted to France, but he had a high point want for Egypt.

  2. I know what you mean about finding it hard to figure out an outfit scheme for some sims – Cosette Rourke is doing the same thing to me right now. I’m just using her fave colour for a base colour, but can’t get a look I like. Hopefully PB inspires you soonish.

    LMAO, Jade is the gen 6 heir, right? Must be those Tart genes, they act like tarts! Wearing undies around everywhere, flirting with everyone with a pulse…

    PB’s adventures look fun, can’t wait until I can install my newly purchased WA! (which will hopefully be this weekend when I’m on my own laptop)

    Ooh, Van is Nurturing. Hopefully that means she’ll be good with the babies (when they arrive).

    PMSL, Sapphire has indeed been a bad girl. 6 grown kids isn’t enough for you? Good thing Jenn has MC to fix that up.

    Haha, I figured Cassia was pregnant after PB explored his options, but I do like Van, so maybe they can just raise the baby for her?

    • PB is an ass. He now wears brown. Haha. They are all a bunch of trampy Tarts. I swear. I have turned off risky.

      My goal was to only have two kids this generation and that’s already done for.

      Van is a doll. I just love her. I’m working Chapter 4 now, and I am so exhausted from his adventures. I think he might be up for a long break from it so I can recover.

      I’m hoping that Jade and Sapphire will just be happy with grandkids. They live so long though, that I am worried I will have them around until Gen. 10. Haha.

      Yes, PB is raising the baby.

      Good luck with WA. It is one of my favorite EP’s.

      I need to check PB’s favorite color. I have no clue what it is…Irish Green..nah. I’m not even going there after what is going on in game. haha.

  3. Vanilla is kind of a little princess isn’t she? I knew I liked that Apple Pie one better. I like Van too, I do… Ha Cassia is having a nooboo!

    You cracked me up so much when Sapphire was starving and stole PB’s spaghetti. I LOL’d.

    I love me some Tarts, can’t wait for more!

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