Chapter 1

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-50-19-90

Welcome to Generation 8!!  I won’t make any promises, but I am hoping to be done with the whole shebang by 2020!   I emptied out Moonlight Falls and added two households of 28 sims from Roaring Heights.  Then saved the active house and moved it also.  Luckily it kept the family tree intact even without using Porter.

TS3W 2015-09-06 01-15-29-15

I wanted to show off this little guy first.  His name is Dmitri.  The first child of Generation 9 and Peanut Brittle’s first grandchild.  His parents are Glacier and his wife, Lara.

TS3W 2015-09-06 09-16-24-71

Oh and Cinnaburst married one of the sims added back when PB was first scouting spouses.  This means she has just a few days until she is an elder.   Ugh.

TS3W 2015-09-06 11-52-49-70

It has been 24 hours since Moonie took over, but that time was really spent just watching the town since no one in the house did a single thing.

Moon:  Are you just going to watch me?
Yep.  You’re new and shiny, which makes you interesting.

Recap:  Mooncake Tart won the heir poll by getting exactly half the total votes.
Traits:  Dislikes children, clumsy, artistic, and adventurous.
LTW:  Private Museum.
Likes:  Latin, Cookies and Lilac.

~~Of note~~  Her insane trait did not stick and she only has 4 traits.  I forgot and gave her savvy sculpture instead of insane.  I am going to dock her 10,000 happy points and change her adventurous trait to insane as soon as she has the points.  Also, she already spent 10,000 to change her ltw to Descendant of DaVinci.

TS3W 2015-09-06 11-54-35-09

Moon:  Can’t you go watch someone else?  You’re creeping me out.
No one is being remotely interesting.  Plus, you need to get used to it.

TS3W 2015-09-06 11-56-14-98

Moon:  Now you’re going to watch me eat?
No, actually.  I was just amused and horrified that there are three generations and a cat all wearing some form of green.

TS3W 2015-09-06 11-58-08-86

Moon:  Ugh, since you won’t leave me alone, I’m out of here.
Lifesaver:  Meow.

Moon is off to take a painting class, inventing class and a logic class.  After that she is going to get a job as a self-employed sculpturist, which should be amusing with her clumsy trait, if not a death sentence.

TS3W 2015-09-06 11-58-53-61

I guess we are stuck back at home then.  Peanut Brittle has taken up dumpster diving after work.  He is so bored now that he does laundry before bedtime.

TS3W 2015-09-06 11-59-42-09

I had just deleted a “write a sci fi novel” wish of Jade’s.  I was amused that she then runs off to refine her writing skill for like the next 7 hours.  Apple is asleep or painting.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-03-13-97

Moon: I see you found me.
I did.  I also found Glacier and Dmitri.  Why don’t you go say hi?
Moon:  No.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-04-11-28

Did I mention there is only old ladies in the dating pool?  I might need to turn on immigration soon.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-10-09-21

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-14-50-54

Speaking of dating pool.  The only eligible bachelors are brothers (who might be twins) who grew up a few years behind Moonie.  On top is Eggplant Shiraz-Twizz (his parents were bin immigrants eons ago) and his twin is ChocoMint.  Everyone else in town is either too old, married or too young.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-20-09-27

Also, Berry joins the family.  Poor Lifesaver is just about 9 days to elder and we need kitties.  Berry started out as Princess, a pink/teal blue pastel adorable cat from Calista.  According to her TOS, you are allowed to switch genders and colors as long as she still gets credit.  My boy decided that he needed to be red and blue.  Although, still adorable, I am afraid for how their kittens will turn out.  Peanut Butter’s (far right) age is almost maxed and I am so dreading her passing.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-21-48-61

Well, let’s leave them to get to know each other and hunt down Moon.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-23-30-21

Dancing?  Really?
Moon:  I’ll never stop dancing!
How about dishes?  Or starting your LTW?
Moon:  Too busy dancing!

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-26-22-93

Now that the family is $1,300,000 poorer, PB has found ways to improve their cash flow issues.  Yes, Moon took a break from dancing to buy up as much property as possible, leaving them with under $100,000.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-29-34-94

PB:  Hey, get out there and start producing babies!
Moon:  Ewww.  You know I hate kids, daddy.  I think I’ll just dance forever.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-36-13-54

Jade, no matter how much you drink, your hunger bar is never going to get filled.  Please, find some food.
Jade:  Whast’ wrong ywith drinhking dinnred?
Ugh, just find food before you die.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-36-48-42

Apple makes an appearance.  She got a promotion and decided to sketch at work instead of coming home.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-44-52-15

Apple then shows up and paints for a few hours.  She usually heads to bed around 7 or 8am until it’s time for work.  Jade never finishes her paintings (the abandoned one on the right), but at least she tries.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-48-02-71

Yay, they finally have the option we need.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-48-54-31

With positive results too.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-49-01-21

This is about the time we find out about the newest Glacier offspring.

TS3W 2015-09-06 12-50-19-90

A little game of chase.  Lifesaver is so happy to have a mate finally.  I love her grin.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-02-41-34

They spend all of their time together too.  Apple has gotten up early and started another painting before work.  I wonder if she will get level 10?

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-03-10-22

Okay, well that answers that question.  Chances are really low for that to  happen.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-03-28-30

Moon:  You do realize it’s noon, right?  Normal sims are asleep at this time.  Please do not call before 4pm ever again!

Moon is a night owl, people.  Her and Apple are usually heading to bed at the same time and sleep the day away while Jade and PB are at work.  Makes for a boring day.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-05-26-65

Since she was up, she got to go on an outing.

Moon:  I can’t reach him!  The two inches of space between us might as well be the Grand Canyon.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-06-07-92

She literally walked a 5 foot circumference and landed in the same damn spot.

Moon:  Hello, my name is Mooncake and I’m being forced to meet you.
Eggplant:  Hello, Moon.  My family was only allowed to live here because I am of marriageable age.  I now have a job as a Firefighter to thwart any attempts of romance on your part.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-08-18-54 TS3W 2015-09-06 13-08-23-96

Spouse option #1 is a good fit for Moon.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-09-18-30

Moon:  You must workout.
Eggplant:  How can you tell?
Moon:  Because your chest is almost as big as mine.
Eggplant:  …

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-10-00-63

Chatting and flirting go as planned, but they never made it past acquaintances.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-12-02-64

Moon:  Did he really just walk away right as I was going in for my first kiss?
Yep, he sure did.
Moon:  Asshole.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-13-29-87

I thought you said he was an asshole?
Moon:  That doesn’t mean I can’t take him on vacation.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-14-49-43

She then refreshes herself in the Motive Mobile and heads over to the house that has Spouse Option #2.  Of note, all of the spare cats live here.  There are like 5, I think.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-15-56-03

Blindingly stunning, yes.  Compatible signs, no.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-16-52-05

He also gets a major strike by not being interested in her first flirt.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-17-44-64

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-18-33-38

Things progress nicely after that and still she didn’t get past acquaintances.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-18-57-69

You can’t be serious.
Moon: After the day I had, you better believe I can.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-20-18-69

Yep, you guessed it.  Moon was trying to get her first kiss still and dude walked away.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-23-51-54

Moon has been gone for like 24 hours hunting down those guys.  A quick check at home shows that nothing of interest is going on.  Jade is swimming, Apple is at work and PB is dumpster diving.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-27-37-14

I was amused by this enlightened gem.  The guy in the pic is Keon, Jade’s half-brother through her dad and Pearl Dust…..

Eww!  That means Spearmint is step-dad to his own great uncle!  OMG  he’s also his mother’s cousin-in-law in a roundabout way.   I’m so grossed out right now.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-29-51-71

See this?  This is the result of a whole evening of Moon wooing Eggplant.  Right as she tried to talk herself into his bed, he runs off to a single.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-30-58-18

Thoroughly unhappy, Moon heads over to Choco’s her jammies.  Beignet, Oleander and I think Cinnaburst are on hand to see this.  Cinnaburst is married to the female in pink, Calliope.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-31-27-01

Eww, what is wrong with you people?!  Why in the hell are you having a baby with your brother’s mother?

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-32-02-84

Moon:  I can fix your sudden tiredness, trust me!

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-32-33-11

Moon:  Okay, maybe not, but let me try again.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-33-34-63

Oleander:  Boo!  My sister is a whore that flirts with men in front of people half naked!
Beignet:  Boooo!

Oh and it was Spearmint’s back we saw above.  Cinnaburst is behind Beignet.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-36-48-11

Moon finally felt ready to swoop in for the kill.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-42-50-73

Choco:  WTF?  How come just when everything was going perfect, you ruin it by kissing me?
Moon:  Because it should have been the natural progression of our feelings for each other…
Choco:  No, not when I have a major flirt going on with Beignet and she is standing right there!
Moon:  You’re cheating on me?  With her?!
Choco:  Of course not.  We aren’t even friends yet, idiot.

TS3W 2015-09-06 13-55-59-25

Moon made a hasty retreat home and soon after this popped up.

TS3W 2015-09-06 14-09-24-89

After a break of a day, she hunts down Eggplant at the neighborhood pool.  Things quickly progressed for them.

TS3W 2015-09-06 14-10-44-28

Wasabi:  Why is Moon hugging some dude at the pool?  Is this the same guy Oleander mentioned Moon being a tramp over?

Sigh..meddling siblings.

TS3W 2015-09-06 14-12-19-00

TS3W 2015-09-06 14-14-43-69

Well, she tried to kiss him, but it got rejected.  I missed the shot, but then ChocoMint showed up, so I had her play it safe.

Moon:  I hate cloudy days.
Eggplant:  Why are we talking about the weather?
I want to know why she is now talking with holograms shooting from her hands.
Keon:  My favorite color is pink.
Choco:  Do I look like I give a shit?

TS3W 2015-09-06 14-15-32-08

Choco:  Why does her thought bubble show gross food, but her hands are shooting out sculptures?
I don’t know.  I wish it would stop.

Then my screenshot program shut down or something.  Long story short, I don’t have the traveler mod in, so she talked Eggplant up to friends and asked him to move in.

TS3W 2015-09-06 14-46-16-17

Moon was in need of lth points, so off to France with Eggplant she goes.  Even though he is only moved in so he can travel with Moon, ISBI rules do apply to him as long as he is in the house.

TS3W 2015-09-06 14-48-27-17

Moon:  Cockblocked by EA.

I did go in and move the table back against the wall, but it was too late.

TS3W 2015-09-06 14-49-21-04

Eggplant was already getting up and dragging her to another room.  I have been worried about PB and Apple producing more kids or dying in bed, so I finally turned on Auto-woohoo, but for France only.

TS3W 2015-09-06 14-51-07-26

Eggplant:  Get back here honey.  I’m not done with you yet.
Moon:  You have a quick recovery time.

TS3W 2015-09-06 14-51-34-55

He actually only wanted to cuddle.  It was the sweetest thing ever.

TS3W 2015-09-06 14-52-26-41

Eggplant:  Hey, that bed is accessible finally!
Moon:  How many more times can he get it up?

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-11-56-97

They literally woohoo’d 5 times in a row and it was all instigated by him.  I finally had enough and they returned home within 12 hours of leaving.  When they got back, Eggplant moved back into his old house and the money he brought into the family was returned to him.  Apple was playing on the water slide, Jade was adding another abandoned painting to the world and PB was asleep.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-17-34-65

The next day, Moon caught up with ChocoMint somewhere, but he took off and left.  I think it was the gym.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-23-11-75

Well, what’s wrong with marrying your great-grandfather’s wife?

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-29-31-75

Not to be deterred, Moon follows ChocoMint home (he apparently moved out of the overcrowded house) and this time asks him to be a roommate since the option to move in would not show up.  The first thing she does to get him to return to the house was to tell him to clean up.

Eggplant:  That woman who lives with you, Jade, is so freaking hot!
Moon:  Eww, that’s my grandma.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-30-58-88

I guess watching him do dishes was quite the turn on.  I deleted the travel with Choco wish and replaced it with this because I couldn’t get the option to travel with a roommate and he still couldn’t move in.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-33-49-43

The kittens were born soon after.  I wanted to try again, so they went to a neighbors house.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-37-26-70

I caught Jade with the training dummy and I think she made it to level 2.  Apple is just about halfway to level 8 painting and she does still have that want to get to 8 locked.  She also got jealous of Mooncake and has a want to woohoo with PB, the first such want ever.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-40-29-97

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-43-16-09

Speaking of woohoo, Moon gets her wish out of the way and then she turns off the roommate system when Choco and Jade kept gravitating to each other.  It really was innocent chatting, but I could foresee it getting problematic.  ChocoMint is rendered homeless, but soon moves in with one of Moon’s siblings.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-43-00-31

How does one celebrate bagging two brothers in a very short amount of time?  By dancing of course.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-45-22-61

Jade started drinking after Choco moved out.  She kept drinking half the night.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-46-10-03

Dangerously exhausted, Jade plays with Peanut Butter instead of going to bed.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-47-33-77

I knew this was coming.  Jade is the first fail of the generation, but definitely not the last.  -5

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-52-21-11

Beignet:  You knocked up my sister?  Seriously?  I HATE YOU!
Eggplant:  We’ve been romantic interests for 20 minutes.  She had me first.  In fact, I’m about to get yelled at for cheating– Did you say knocked up?

Apparently, Beignet realized there was only two marriageable men in town too.  She got over Choco and proceeded to nab Eggplant too.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-52-51-57

Her quest to accuse Eggplant failed because Beignet cut in to smack him.  Moon did get to tell him about the baby, which gave all three a person person+, but then she kissed him which set off Beignet again.

TS3W 2015-09-06 15-54-41-05

Beignet:  Asshole!
Moon uses the moodlet manager on her and Eggplant and invited him home to watch the stars.

TS3W 2015-09-06 16-00-59-42

He ignored that request to play the violin and then ran off because it was late and almost time for him to work.  I used MC at one point to ban him from the firefighter career.  I have no clue what he chose next.

TS3W 2015-09-06 16-04-29-65

Moon finally sticks around the house long enough to get some work towards her LTW.  She does want a boy, but that wish came too late to do anything about it.  She has no wish for men right now though.

TS3W 2015-09-06 16-05-48-26

Aww.  A brother for Dmitri and a second grandchild for PB.

TS3W 2015-09-06 16-06-25-34

I guess we will leave off with the child hater nesting.  She has literally ran round and cleaned everything.

Passing out: -5


2 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. Lol, so much green. That’s okay, I like green 🙂

    Go for Eggplant, Moonie! We already have enough green in the gene pool without Minty in the mix. But it is too funny to watch her bag both the brothers in such a short space of time.

    Definitely think you need some new blood, poor Moonie and Beignet fighting over the same two boys. In theory, they could have one each, but then again, this is sim logic we’re talking about…

    • I am ready for some new coloring too. Hopefully Moonie chooses wisely! They could definitely just pick one each and be happy, but it just is not working out that way. Let’s cross our fingers that something finally gives around there and someone (or two) ends up happy.

      I might have to lift the population cap and allow more sims to move in. With PB getting 800 grandkids a day, the population soared really fast to the cap I set.

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